Does fapping make you gain weight?

We all have heard different myths about masturbation, and one of the most controversial ones is whether fapping can make you gain weight. So now, you must be wondering if there’s any truth to this or just a misconception? Well, let’s dive deep into this topic and find out for real once and for all!

What Is Fapping?

Before we answer the main question at hand, do you know what fapping means? It is also referred to as masturbation or solo sex. And it’s no surprise; everyone agrees that self-gratification has always been a taboo subject in society.

However, its effects on health are an even more contentious issue. Some say how it helps reduce stress hormones such as cortisol while others suggest that it harms our bodies in some way or another.

The Relationship Between Fap and Calories

One question that comes to mind when discussing sexual activities’ effect on body mass index (BMI) is calories. Every activity we engage in requires energy expenditure from our bodies separately.

Accordingly, consuming food provides us with calories required by our body organs to carry out its biological processes correctly.

So does masturbating impact calorie expenditure ultimately impacting weight gain somehow?

The simple answer: NO!

Masturbating demands minimal energy compared to other physical activities like jogging or swimming; hence it could never lead to significant calorie loss resulting in weight loss dividends experienced over time due compulsive behavior patterns such as binge eating chocolate chip cookies whilst finding new ways stare blankly at your ceiling mid-orgasm.

So gonna hold back throwing away those brownies now still sounds appealing… until later! Thank me later 😉

Myth Busted By Sceince Or Is It A Trick Question

Here’s where things get interesting because according to science/whatever anecdotal evidence I happen come across during my extensive research (insert sassy tone) Masturbation doesn’t lead to significant energy expenditure, but it also doesn’t affect appetite (Low-key high-five for science right there!). Hence fapping isn’t a trick question when body weight is on the agenda. I’m ready to get down with how you guys can defend your golden me-time later, so stick around!

So How Do People Gain Weight Through Fapping?

The problem arises not from finger gestures towards genitals themselves but instead the delicacies associated post-masturbation.

It all depends on what food we indulge in afterward or are simply available after faptime ends In all honesty going straight for pizza and popping open Netflix sounds ideal many pornographic scenarios however eating too much of an unhealthy meal daily over time could lead to weight gain tendencies – whether that be semen sweetened soda or cliche Chinese takeout order just remember moderation is key!

At times people might mistake hunger signals as libido-signals leading them building up extra calories out of their sedentary behavior patterns by wrongly connecting two concepts’ wanting food vs. want sex!’

That’s where self-control comes into play; learning to draw those boundaries where benefits give way to harms.

A Closer Look- The Hormonal Influence On Our Bodies

It is essential first before plunging forward (pun intended) understand hormones related physiological mechanics since they represent primary drivers influencing our bodies directly impact metabolic paths relating fap-related weight loss/gains

Three main hormones involved intimately while discussing sexual activities’ effects include testosterone, dopamine and oxytocin,

Testosterone Levels

Testosterone directly relates degrees orgasm experienced whilst jerking off that bring about healthy and biological favors especially concerning how it regulates muscle mass reduction — helping sustain lean tissue .

When consuming larger amounts than necessary caloric intake interfering with metabolism at any point lowers below crucial level To maintain homeostatic balance stabilizes hormonal equilibrium appropriately rather effectively . Remember blood glucose cortisol shifts following certain sensory inputs during orgasm that can overtly signal elevated testosterone levels staying on top of things!

Dopamine Levels

Consumption dopamine production begins soon after masturbation resulting from hormonal feedback pathways routinely boosts mood enhances emotional pleasure; additional arousal initiates following around 48 hours post completion orgasm with symptoms comparable to those experienced addiction withdrawal . It’s essential, though, not overindulge maintain hormones’ delicate balance rather than exacerbating an already sticky habit.

Oxytocin: The Cuddling Hormone

Dubbed by many as the [cuddling hormone], oxytocin helps good amount snuggling towards your pillows curing you recuperate physically and emotionally Speaking of immediate benefits, how about we get drawn to this topic in a “touchy” (pun definitely intended) context?

From personal experience (always working objectively), it does appear wise cuddle-post madturbationa-la-“Oprah,” However joking aside research suggests fap-induced oxytocin releases play suggestive roles minimizing pain perceptions reducing circulating cortisol levels possessing self-soothing abilities calming anxiety generating positive feelings climax. All while simultaneously validating why no one wants leave their bed for four hours+.

Mental Health Vs Weight Gain Relations – Mind Playing tricks Or Tricking Your Mind?

How mental health affects eating habits deserves attention over here too; let me tell you it runs deep:]

Starting point- people often crave what they yearn emotionally yet lack nutrients bioavailability triggering unhealthy eating patterns leading to binge & compulsive behaviors stack up junk food adding up calories leading consequential long term effects

Additionally Emotional deprivation could have closely associated high libido leads body releasing hunger signals when people mistake feels physical appetite emotively volatile hence indirectly affecting weight changes through daily dietary variables.

Hence these third factors explain how gaining excess fat doesn’t come directly or promptly visiting our plates twisted psychology involved covering other gears continuously turning side-by-side during each phase work hand-in-hand leading to proper or improper weight change trajectory.


We can safely say that fapping alone does not lead to weight gain; however, other factors come into play, such as a lack of self-control and emotional eating habits. The hormonal effects of masturbation are beneficial for mental health but should be monitored to ensure they do not impact daily routines negatively.

Above all things in life moderation is necessary(Metiérda style), including solo sex. Still, remember this: take out meals sound delicious right now also staring blankly upwards post-orgasm sounds dope AF sometimes, so with anything you partake in don’t forget nothing’s worth it if you’re currently packing on some extra pounds

Scientifically-proven theory involving testosterone quantification per orgasm frequency at the source provided by medical research institutes confirms significantly positive hormonal correlation ONLY when reaching peak levels exceeding average recommendations.

Just kidding (not really).

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