Does ed medication make you bigger?

Are you one of the millions of men in the world who have been plagued with erectile dysfunction (ED)? Fear not, for modern medicine has come up with a solution to this problem. These days, it seems like every second ad on TV or social media is about erectile dysfunction medication – and rightfully so! Men across the globe are now able to enjoy longer-lasting erections and better sex lives because of these miracle pills.

But wait…does ED medication actually make you bigger down there? The question lingers in the minds of many. We’re here to reveal all!

What Is Erectile Dysfunction Medication?

Before we delve into whether or not ED medications can actually enhance your size, let us first understand what exactly they are.

Erectile dysfunction drugs work by relaxing blood vessels inside your penis temporarily which increases blood flow causing an erection. Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil HCL 20mg(Snafi/Levitra/Staxyn) are some common examples prescribed by physicians to combat erectile dysfunction.

These meds don’t create instant arousal – they simply increase blood flow when sexual stimulation occurs which results in natural looking engorgement down there.

So Does It Actually Increase Your Size?

We know that’s really why you clicked on this article but unfortunately, it’s once again time for another myth buster (cue sad music). Drugs meant for treating ED will NOT enlarge your penis beyond its existing length as well as width when flaccid nor erect.

In fact, most clinical studies state clearly that no such link exists between taking these medications and experiencing an increase in penis size after even prolonged use.

It is important to separate facts from fiction especially when it comes something as sensitive amongst males culturally attached to their manhoods (ouch). Don’t fall trap into herbal natural remedies promising miraculous size gains. Even modern contraceptive methods such as condoms might have remedies of their own to prevent STDs, emergencies etc but will not enhance your lengthwise or girth dimensions.

The Science Behind It All

While ED medications don’t increase the size of your penis, they do help you achieve erections especially if this natural process had previously been challenging or impossible for you (we’ve all heard the saying, “Use it or lose it”!).

So how is that useful to our readers looking for a growth spurt?

Well….increased blood flow creates an impression with slightly enlarged appearances however that is more about looks than true growth/seizing substantial difference.Penile pumps which suction grip time for post workout mechanical extension could temporary add marginal increases in size at most whilst inducing severe pain and bruising (please allow us to spare from too grim details).

At least now we know why every Erectile Dysfunction ad on TV shows a happy couple dancing cheek-to-cheek under glowing lights- yes happiness extends beyond numerical measurements!

Insider’s Tip

If you are really curious about “penis enhancement” options leaning less towards gimmicks,following good general health practices can indeed benefit male reproductive organs over a period.Lengthening/width exercises aimed at increasing blood circulation mention no use of any supplements but rather body circuits through controlled motions/routines as well. We highly recommend proceeding with ample caution when taking it upon yourselves hardcore training programs.We’re just stating this because.. well, guys tend to get carried away while trying things they read in Internet forums!


To sum up: No, erectile dysfunction drugs do NOT make your penis bigger permanently. That being said,(everyone keep calm) these meds WILL help encourage blood flow into those important regions noninvasively helping relieve some stress from various ailments . If increasing your erect size is what brings satisfaction then continue keeping great hygiene,eating healthy foods,staying hydrated and engaging in regular exercise routines.

Always remember that the size of your penis is not what will ultimately give you pleasure; but rather it’s your emotional connection and intimacy with your partner that leads to true
happiness. After all, what’s behind the zipper, matters way more than what lies outside!

So go ahead, take those ED meds if you need them – but don’t expect any miraculous growth spurts! Keep enjoying life as you deserve.

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