Does ecosprin cause acidity?

A: You may sometimes experience acidity or heartburn while taking Ecosprin 75 tablet. Not everyone gets this side effect. Q: Is Ecosprin-75 medicine a blood thinner? A: Yes, Ecosprin 75 tablet is a blood thinner medicine.Brand: Contains: Offer Price: You Save: 

Are there any side effects to taking ecosprin? Ecosprin is a Tablet manufactured by USV Ltd. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of Headache, migraine, fever, sore throat, neuralgia. It has some side effects such as Dizziness, Shortness of breath, Gastrointestinal discomfort, Gastric erosion.

How does the ecosprin 75 mg tablet work? It works by slowing down blood clotting and hence prevents the formation of blood clots within blood vessels. Before initiating treatment with the Ecosprin 75 tablet inform your doctor about your complete medical and medication history.

Can you take aspirin and ecosprin at the same time? Aspirin in low doses stops these platelets from forming a clot so that blood can flow without any obstruction in the arteries. Swallow Ecosprin 75 mg Tablet as a whole with a glass of water. Take it as advised by your doctor and try to take it at the same time.

When to use ecosprin for heart attack prevention? For the prevention of heart attack, stroke, heart conditions like stable or unstable angina (chest pain) due to a blood clot. Used for acute heart attack and blood clot formation after heart surgery. Used in patients with a history of stroke due to blood clots or risk of vascular thrombosis (blood clot obstructing blood flow in a vein).

What are the side effects of ecosprin in India?

What are the side effects of ecosprin in India? Ecosprin is one of the widely used drugs in India. Used predominantly for the prevention of heart problems like stroke and cardiac arrest. It is used majorly due to its blood thinning (anticoagulant) property. Gastric irritation or bleeding at repetitive high doses is the major side effect.

Is it safe to take ecosprin with alcohol? No, the use of Ecosprin in mental disorders is not effective. There isn’t any research available on the side effects of taking Ecosprin with food. No research has been done on this till date. Therefore, it is not known what the effect of taking Ecosprin with alcohol will be. Can i take Ecosprin for stomach pain?

How does ecosprin 75 mg work in the body? Ecosprin 75 MG Tablet is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which works by blocking an enzyme in the body called cyclooxygenase enzyme.

When is the best time to take ecosprin? The tablet should not be crushed or chewed but should be swallowed as a whole. It is advisable to take Ecosprin at a fixed time preferably at night. It is recommended for a patient to go through the leaflet inside the package thoroughly to have a better understanding of the drug.