Does diff eyewear do prescription?

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– Introduction: A website full of surprises
– Prescription options: How it works for glasses and sunglasses
– Lens customization: Specs and coatings galore!
– Shopping at diff eyewear: Ordering, shipping, and returns policies
– People’s experience with prescription service at Diff Eyewear
– Example #1 of positive experiences
– Example #2 of negative experiences (with a humorous twist)
– Plus other reviews from Reddit forums
– FAQ section

Are you in the market for some new specs that’ll make your peepers pop? Perhaps you should take a gander at the stylish range offered by Diff Eyewear. While they don’t have as many options to choose from compared to larger retailers, their products are unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

Introduction: A website full of surprises

If you’ve never heard of this LA-based company before, let me give you a brief rundown. Founded in 2014 by two cousins wanting to make high-quality shades affordable but also benefit charitable causes around the world, Diff has blossomed into something far more than just another pair of pretty glasses. In fact,did you know that every single purchase made on their website contributes towards their charity partners like Pencils Of Promise or Baby2Baby ?

While browsing through their online boutique might be an adventure where exciting deals catch your attention left and right , one question lingers heavy in one’s mind when contemplating buying these frames — does Diff Eyewear offer prescription lenses?

Prescription Options : How it Works For Glasses And Sunglasses

Luckily for us four-eyed peers out there who can’t sport OTC sunnies without smacking into poles or walruses (I assume), Diff offers both clear lensed glasses AND sunglasses with corrective optics .

Once we click our way past all those fashionable spectacle frames , there’s a “prescription” tab tucked in at the upper left corner for further exploration. On this nifty little page, we can specify our vision numbers and select which lenses category that suits your lifestyle – progressive or single vision (goodbye bifocals!).

As icing on top of the cake, there’s even an option to add blue-light blocking technology for folks who spend a lot of time staring into screens (like me!).

Lens Customization: Specs And Coatings Galore!

The frame may be important but what serves as its eyes is equally vital within deciding upon a spectacle . So kudos to Diff for providing such extensive options regarding customizing one’s perfect prescription lens.

Firstly,you have three choices when it comes to material — plastic, polycarbonate or high-index – the higher index value decreasing lens thickness while increasing comfortability and aesthetics .

Then comes lens coating–BluTech! One such example encompasses Diff’s advanced Blue light-blocking filters which intends to reduce digital eye strain caused by having devices invade our precious reading zones through emitting harmful blue light. Plus not just restricting itself only with pupils instead advances towards entire families in keeping their loved ones safe against digital application.  Additional features could include Anti-reflective coatings around 12% less reflection than standard anti-glare ! Not looking down on ordinary quality levels though since basic AR plans are available too .

Even head-scratching situations like color blindness factor into consideration here where customers may turn certain glass tints monochromatic .How did I never know these existed before ??

Shopping At Diff Eyewear : Ordering , Shipping And Returns Policies

Once everything has been sorted out when it comes to making up minds over frames looming optical properties, it’s time now bring some cash money into action 😉

Another laudable feature about shopping here is that they offer transparent pricing without any hidden fees bombarding us during the checkout process . Delivery charges range from $5 to $10 and estimated delivery time-frame hovering around a couple of weeks tops.

If for some reason or another , If our brand new pick doesn’t suit our face shape,  we can always switch ships by returning them within 30 days while bearing in mind that only storefront credits are issued – Don’t get too excited about cold hard cash back!

Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to have snagged any coupon codes, make sure they are applicable on sale items as well since most promos apply solely over regular-priced products.

People’s Experience With Prescription Service At Diff Eyewear

Example #1 Of Positive Experiences:

One customer was quite overjoyed with their service started off by giving praise “I am SO impressed with how easy it was to order my prescription sunglasses from Diff!”. Apparently, there were no hiccups faced during the ordering process where every detail regarding vision numbers or frames were noted down carefully. Shipping wasn’t much pain either which took place under standard UPS postal agency procedures . Much like me , the color-blocking blue light filtering lens left nothing but positive impressions .

Example #2 of Negative Experiences (With A Humorous Twist):

So regarding one instance where someone subverted Diff’s seamless system shared an eye-opening fiasco when encountered with a month-long wait without even following through proper communication channels due to lack of an automated update sent through email !! But readers do take note; this same person admitted forgetting all about forgot even uploading prescription information so didn’t entirely blame diff eyewear later on lolz — while All seemed amusing miles away folks hope they rectified such mishap(s) nevertheless !

Plus Other Reviews From Reddit Forums:
Apart from testimonials sourced directly via personal blogposts experience customers described their satisfaction within community forums too ! Amid various feedbacks aimed at prices being slightly expensive ( where diff eyewear team was quick to rectify with discounts and offers) most clients shared commended reviews on the website’s design as well  — especailly frame personalization options.

FAQ Section

Do they offer prescription sunglasses?
Yes, absolutely ! They even have polarized sunnies that come in handy during hot summer days.

What is the average time-frame for shipping ?
It generally takes around 1-2 weeks (with UPS agency of choice).

Can I use HSA/FSA card for my purchase?
Of course! You’ll be able to select it over here at checkout under credit cards.

In conclusion, Diff Eyewear does indeed provide a feasible option for those seeking experimental looks through innovation-based styles turning out functional all while furthering great social causes world-wide. While priced slightly higher than usual , pretty extensive customization including advanced coating technology results within high-quality lenses totally worth it!! So keep an open mind and consider trying them out today!

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