Does dairy free help weight loss?

Are you trying to shed a few pounds but just can’t seem to reach your weight loss goals? The answer could be as simple as cutting out dairy from your diet. That’s right, dairy free might just be the way forward for efficient and healthy weight loss.

Understanding Dairy

Before we dive into why going dairy-free may help with shedding those extra kilos, let’s take a quick look at what exactly constitutes as dairy.

In general terms, dairy comprises milk and any other products which contain it, such as cheese and yoghurt. This includes both cow’s milk and that of other animals (goats or sheep). However, recent nutritional changes have seen an increase in alternatives such as soy-based or nut-based options for people who are lactose intolerant, vegan or simply want a change in their diets.

The Relationship Between Dairy And Fat

The relationship between consuming dairy and gaining fat is no secret. Consuming high-fat items like heavy cream will add up calories quickly – the saturated fat protein also follows suit by piling on extra layers around your waistline – not funny at all! Furthermore trans fats often found in certain types of chocolate cookies would block insulin receptors giving rise to significant increases in blood sugar levels causing subsequent gain in body mass making it difficult if not impossible to attain actual desired body proportions despite excersice regimen put alongside controlled eating habits.

Research has shown that consumption of high-fat-Dairy (HFD) has been associated with increased adiposity; where greater HFD intake is linked with higher risk for obesity-related conditions like diabetes type II.(^1) Therefore keep butter beyond your toast spread least you kiss goodbye sustained gym sessions spent burning off unnecessary calories due primarily because of consuming overly filling servings dripping rich cheesy fettucini Alfredo yums

Ditching full-fat cheese sticks after lunch time over yogurt could indeed work magic including to your belly. Fingers crossed

Lactose Intolerance And Dairy Digestion

If you’re intolerant then this could be one more reason why ditching dairy would prove useful for losing weight. It is actually estimated that up to 65% of adults produce substantially less lactase (the enzyme needed to digest lactose) than necessary whereby consequent milk consumption often leads to gastrointestinal troubles like lethal bloating, severe abdominal pain, and even diarrhea.(^2)

Such symptoms lead many people with lactose intolerance consuming far less dairy foods; hence skipping both the good and bad Fats fats in cheese or whip cream etc – this actually doesn’t entirely contribute as much positively especially when it comes down to providing essential nutrients, ultimately leading them towards low-fat alternative or simply going totally dairy-free.

The Protein Factor

The casein protein found in various forms of dairy make curds form during food digestion which can delay stomach-emptying time while simultaneously decreasing appetite making sharp counter-effect leading dieters back on the cheat day wagon where a satiated physical state intends overeating frequently eventually rendering bust progress made. Furthermore, these proteins are known for their high-content linked with increasing muscle mass.. So if someone’s fitness goals are strictly related gaining muscular bulk they might have no issue relying on ample sources predominantly include supplements sourced from animal milks.

However since we’re talking primarily about shedding excess pounds esp visceral adiposity , cutting out some percentage of well ingested calories will eventually assist that slow but sure loss journey .

Also vegans rejoice! If beans and legumes aren’t satisfying enough then soy-based products such as tofu contain anti-inflammatory phyto-estrogens called Isoflavones help consumers lose some fat simultaneously maintaining lean mass particularly common point reference outside mainstream diets popping the vegan scene – whoop!

Essential Nutrients In Dairy Alternatives

Many dairy-free alternatives do provide a signficant amount of essential nutrients originally found in milk. These include calcium, which is necessary to keep your bones healthy and prevent the onset of osteoporosis; also Vitamin D – this builds stronger immune system thereby reducing frequency and severe symptoms of infections such as colds flu etc associating eating whole food groups having high proficiencies for both these vitamins et all .

Foods like almonds actually end up building enough hair protein whilst simultaneously providing none-dairy alternative source Calcium (props to almonds).


So there you have it – going dairy-free can be beneficial when aiming to lose weight. However, It’s important to make sure that you’re still obtaining ample levels of essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D (specifically from fortified sources), potassium magnesium omega-3 fats.

While losing weight isn’t an easy feat especially if you’re quite used-to consuming some/all form(s)of dairy at once respectively- ditching them may not only let go off few extra pounds but would also help accomplish more balanced diet leaving room for optimum digestion through healthier food replacements while letting go off significantly tougher glycemic indices assocaited with HFD/high-carb diets.



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