Does costochondritis ever go away?

Are you tired of feeling like you have a constant bear hug from Satan himself? Is every breath you take sending sharp, burning pain throughout your chest cavity? Do you feel like punching anyone who suggests it’s just anxiety or heartburn? Fear not! You may be suffering from costochondritis, and although it can seem never-ending, there is hope for relief.

What is Costochondritis?

Costo-what-now? It sounds like some new trendy coffee drink at Starbucks. Unfortunately, it’s far less delicious than that double-shot iced latte. In simple terms, costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage in the ribcage that attaches to the breastbone (sternum).


While a definitive cause has not been established yet by medical professionals due to its idiopathic nature (ugh), there are common triggers such as:
– Excessive coughing/sneezing
– Heavy lifting or repetitive upper body movements
– Blunt force trauma to your chest by willfully engaging in hand-to-hand combat with bears or other people


If one day out-of-the-blue you suddenly start experiencing:
– Sharp/stabbing pain around the sternum area (underneath boobs/chest muscles)
– Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
Then I’m sorry my friend but welcome to the exclusive club known as Costo-sufferers Circle!


We love going to see doctors don’t we folks?! For diagnosis purposes they might order some tests which are:
– Chest X-Ray – no this isn’t an opportunity for likes on social media.
-A blood test – aside from verifying if we’re actually human,
Also most likely now adding insult to injury through hospital bills.

Can Costochodrits disappear on its own?

I know what everyone wants “How quickly can I leave this party and cure my pain”. The burning question that no one has the precise answer for; whether it will disappear on its own or stick around like an unwelcome houseguest.


If you want to wait around for costo to sponteneously correct itself, dedication and self care is key.
1. Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen, aspirin)
2.Make sure not lifting anything heavy
3.Avoidance of any sudden upper body movements including laughter (sorry y’all)
This some would classify as changing your lifestyle but hey, seriousness aside, sometimes all we need is a good cryotherapy session with our ice packs.

Treatment options available

There are several treatment options available which provide relief from costochondritis pain:
– Physical therapy – face your fears/shame, everybody walks in with difficulties so wear comfortable clothing for those range-of-motion exercises.
– Moist heat – In case you were wondering what else felt amazing after sore muscles post workout besides massages.
– Acupuncture/Massage Therapy/Chiropractic treatment — Try breaking out of conventional treatments when possible in order to find the best relief that suits personal preferences.

How long does it take for Costochondritis symptoms go away?

Bad news: Apparently there’s no such thing called universal blueprint when it comes regarding duration/curses expiration date of costochondritis . Good News: There are ways we could speed up recovery progress through effective holistic practices including following recommended physical therapist plan also maintaining low inflammation by incorporating anti-inflam foods/drop smoking habits etc,.

Worst-case scenario

In worst-case scenarios where Costo may continue triggering persistent severe chest pains leading chronic severity than ‘it just works’ philosophy won’t hold much ground due at those moments stronger medicated prescriptions might be needed – however should only be taken within professional doctor recommendations/regulations ranges.


Costochondritis could be a seamless ongoing situation for some causing unbearable levels of pain while with regard to others it will amount to just moderate mild pains. While there isn’t one straight answer as whether Costo will disappear forever permanently, remaining optimistic and consistent about personal recovery practices outlined earlier in the article most often leads to being able re-enter confidently showbiz with your energetic moves once again.

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