Does corn have gluten in it?

Corn is a staple food that many people around the world consume daily, but there’s confusion about whether corn has gluten or not. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye that can cause inflammation of the digestive system for some individuals.

Let’s get to the bottom of this issue so we can all sleep better at night and avoid waking up with ‘gluten sweats’.

The Short Answer

Nope! Corn doesn’t contain any gluten whatsoever (cue happy dance). It’s naturally gluten-free – you can eat it without worrying about gastrointestinal problems.

But hold on now, don’t gobble down an entire bag of corn chips just yet. Let’s go deeper into why and how corn becomes non-glutenous.

Understanding Gluten

Hold on to your seats ladies & gentlemen as I explain what exactly gluten is puts on white lab coat.

Gluten (not glutton) consists of gliadin and glutenin proteins which combine together to form a network that gives dough its elasticity. This springy feel contributes to baked goods’ texture — like pizza dough and bread three inches thick with molten cheese oozing out one side!

The problem with these hard-working proteins occurs when they reach our stomachs because they’re difficult for some individuals to digest completely – this includes people who suffer from celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis or are simply sensitive due to intolerances; leading us nicely onto our next point…

Why Is Gluten So Bad?

For most folks (puffs chest) consuming regular amounts of gluten doesn’t present any problems whilst others react differently. However, more severe responses occur among certain groups like those unable to tolerate wheat-based products entirely (reaches for water).

Celiac disease: A serious autoimmune disorder where even small quantities of ingested anything containing wheat will be problematic over time.. It’s no joke, Peeps!

Gluten sensitivity: A slightly less severe condition that presents similar symptoms without causing any permanent damage to the intestinal tract (phew!).

Well known gluten related symptoms include acute pain/intestinal bloating caused by gas & strict diet changes – which some might argue is too high a price to pay for a pizza or side of garlic bread.

Is it Coeliac Disease?

Perhaps you’re not sure if you have celiac disease? Symptoms range from weight loss and diarrhea to abdominal pain; even feeling like your insides are being wrung out. If this continues over time you may find yourself in front of a specialist sooner rather than later. However there’s no need to panic just yet because there’s always the gluten-free lifestyle (not recommended as an option).

Coeliacs must eliminate all wheat, barley or rye based products – this can be difficult but fear not my friends because we’re actually here today talk about corn!

Corn tortillas with all their glorious cheesy fillings should now lead us quite nicely onto our next segment….

‘Nacho’ Average Corn

Technically speaking corn does start off containing some structures found in glutinous plants. However the bran, endosperm and germ —remnants left behind once kernels are milled—generally aren’t considered problematic for those suffering from intolerances.

In other words corn is naturally TOTALLY GLUTEN FREE making it an excellent alternative option when cutting down on regular pastas, breads and pizzas…If only cheese flavored popcorn were nutritious enough…

There’s still hope though folks. With endless possibilities including popping methods using various oils such as coconut oil combined with cheddar powder will give you one heck of guilt free snack filled evening

So What Does This All Mean?

We’ve established that:

  • Gluten consists of gliadin and glutenin proteins found largely in baked goods
  • Celiac sufferers cannot consume these proteins
  • Corn doesn’t contain any gluten thus Celiac sufferers can consume gargantuan ears of corn without issue

So when it comes to meal times you’re not going to end up stricken with pain because you added a few spoonfuls of sweetcorn into your salad.

We hope this explanation has clarified any questions and cleared the air regarding whether corn contains gluten or not.

As usual if anybody needs us we’ll be down in the stock room frantically sieving through popcorn kernels (it’s research, honest). And let’s face it – knowing our team they’ve also got an imaginary conductor’s baton too…

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