Does conditioner kill head lice eggs?

Let’s face it, nobody wants to deal with head lice. Itchy scalp, constant scratching, and the thought of tiny bugs living in your hair is just not a pleasant experience. So naturally, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. But what about their eggs? Can conditioner kill head lice eggs? In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the science behind conditioners and lice, how they work, and whether or not they can kill those pesky nits.

What are Head Lice?

Before talking about conditioners and their potential effect on head lice eggs, let’s first discuss what exactly these little critters are. Head lice are tiny parasitic insects that live on human scalps and feed on blood from the scalp. They are wingless and cannot jump or fly between heads but can crawl very quickly across hair strands.

How Do You Get Head Lice?

Head lice spread via direct contact with an infested person’s hair (head-to-head contact), sharing personal items such as brushes/combs/hair accessories/clothing/towels/hats/macaroni art project (just kidding – don’t share macaroni). Contrary to popular belief,

Anyone Can Get Head Lice

Nobody is safe when it comes to getting head-lice! Anybody with hair can get them regardless of age/gender/hygiene/socio-economic status/religion/political preference // insert unique characteristic //

What Are Nits?

Nits are basically the baby form of head-lice; think larvae stage for other insects / babies for mammals // etc.. Pregnant female adult-louse will lay white-ish coloured oval-shaped shells that adhere at an angle onto hairs near the scalp surface using cement-like secretion synthesized from her digestive tract . After around 7 days upon hatching, these turn into baby lice, which is significantly smaller than the adults and require several meals of blood to develop. They grow incredibly quickly and some species can mature in as little as five days.

How Do Conditioners Work?

Conditioners are used after shampooing to help detangle hair, reduce knots & dryness . By coating each individual strand with various chemicals like silicones/oils/emollients , a conditioner forms a protective layer around the hair that helps it remain healthy .

What Is The Chemical Structure Of Conditioner?

Conditioner has numerous polymers which help it bind onto hairs; just like how Velcro sticks together!

But does this coating effect kill head lice eggs?

Can Conditioner Kill Head Lice Eggs?

While there are no official studies that have demonstrated that conditioners specifically target or kill nits on their own, many anecdotal stories suggest that if you use certain types of conditioners such as tea tree oil-infused ones (which contain anti-microbial properties), you may find success because they may suffocate the baby-louse inside since they cannot breath through normal airway pathways // insert scientific terms here //


You Still Need To Comprehensively Remove Nits

It’s important to note however using simply a conditioner will not be sufficient in removing head-lice completely. In fact:

Using Just A Single Treatment Isn’t Enough Either

With most lice treatments – despite having labels claiming ‘ONE TREATMENT WILL BE ENOUGH’, it usually isn’t 🙁 Unfortunately at least two treatment applications should be carried out within 9–14 days in order to remove both adult-louse/nit remnants from scalp before/after hatching stage.

So what else can you do alongside using conditioner?

Other Recommended Treatments for Head-Lice Removal

There are many treatments available aside from conditioning (however delightful silky strands feel). While none of these treatments will guarantee the removal of all nits, they have been shown to significantly decrease head lice and can be used in combination with conditioner:

Over-The-Counter Products

Over-the-counter products are often effective in killing both adult louse/nit on scalp; however some may leave chemical residue on skin. Do be aware -these chemicals are factually pretty potent/strong smelling / benzyl alcohol usually stands out// so follow instructions precisely.

Home Remedies & Natural Alternatives

There are many home remedies you can try such as coconut oil &greek-yoghurt-honey-infused-mixture-wash or dark-demons-repellent rinse ; natural remedies aren’t scientifically proved and some may be harmful if done improperly but if interested , don’t hesitate! Give it a go!

Wet Combing

Wet Combing is an ancient, tried-and-tested technique for removing head lice. Unfortunately it’s tedious/effective, yet labour-intensive process involving combing through damp hair very slowly with regular intervals. Special combs designed specifically which remove even 70% of viable nits.

Conclusion: Does Conditioner Kill Head Lice Eggs?

At the end of the day, while there isn’t any official information that specified conditioners kill head lice eggs outrightly (insert redundant word here?), they may play a role alongside other methods to help suffocate baby-louses within/ make hair tangle-free after shampoo-ing . Ultimately though –not enough alone !

Remember! Proper removal requires several approaches combined ,taking every step necessary to eradicate these pests entirely from your scalp (and prevent them returning!). So gather up those combs/oils/potions/candles/Monopoly game pieces/item-you-find-funny and get ready for an all-out assault against heinous vermin!!

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