Does chronic kidney disease cause uti?

If you’re here to find out if chronic kidney disease (CKD) causes urinary tract infections (UTIs), then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into this question with a little bit of humor, science, and personal experience.

CKD Basics

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand what CKD is. According to the National Kidney Foundation,CKD is defined as a gradual loss of kidney function over time. This means that your kidneys may not be able to remove waste from your body properly.

But let me tell you something – living with CKD is like having an annoying roommate who won’t leave. You never know when they’ll wake you up at night by turning on all the lights or decide to use all of your shampoo in one shower.

UTI Madness

On top of dealing with CKD, some people also have the pleasure of experiencing UTIs. And for those who don’t know, a UTI occurs when bacteria invade parts of ​​the urinary system like the bladder or urethra.

So here comes our first question: can CKD cause UTIs? Sadly folks; like Chandler Bing says- could I BE anymore clear?, no it cannot!

So What Causes A UTI In Someone With CKD?

According to various sources (shh.. legal ones) many factors might increase someone’s chances of getting Utis while suffering from Ckd include:

  1. Urinary catheters: Inserting a tube inside you for urine flow increases infection rates
  2. Diabetes Mellitus: Delays healing and contributes high glucose-levels
    3.Kidney Stones :Blocked Flow enhances bacterial growth possibility
    4.Bladder dysfunction

There are much more but really – We have said ‘em already!

Difference between Symptoms Between A Person With Normal Kidney and CKD

The symptoms of a UTI are similar between people with normal kidney function and those with CKD. The question is, why? Well, it’s because UTIs have nothing to do with your kidneys; they’re all about your urinary tract.

Symptoms include:

  1. Pain or burning sensations while urinating.
  2. Urinary frequency or urgency
    3.Foul smell in urine
    4.Blood In urine

However, some people may experience additional symptoms that can compound their already busy lives-
Having High Blood Pressure , anemia , bad appetite, bone weakness – really the list could go on!

Getting Rid Of UTIs

Now comes our next important question: what can you do about a UTI?

Well folks the answer is simple – visit your doctor! They’ll take care of it trust me (no need for old grandma-style remedies like downing cranberry juice by the gallon). And if needed antibiotics will be given as per condition.

Final Thoughts

So dear readers (yes you- don’t act surprised) we’ve covered whether Chronic Kidney Disease actually causes UTIs which as stated above doesn’t.

Instead we talked through different factors that increase its chances . We also discussed symptoms & treatments both equally irritating for someone already going through Ckd..and boy isn’t life just wonderful ? 😉

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