Does chocolate irritate a sore throat?

Are you annoyed by chocolate’s ability to torment your throat when you’re already feeling miserable? Do you want to understand the cause of this heinous crime and how it can be stopped? Well, my friend, buckle up because I am about to take you on a journey that will answer all these questions and more!

The Relationship Between Chocolate And A Sore Throat

As much as we love delicious chocolates, they are often not compassionate towards us. Among the many evils caused by our beloved sweet is irritating sore throats. But what really happens when we eat chocolate with a sore throat?

Cocoa Butter: Friend or Foe?

Cocoa butter makes-up between 40% to 50% of cocoa bean content. It has a melting point close to body temperature that allows it melts and coat inside parts of our mouth including the throat lining which causes irritation in case those areas were already inflamed. It doesn’t mean cocoa butter is always malevolent; rather, its properties make cocoa butter an occlusive agent commonly used in pharmaceutical topical ointments.

Acidic Nature Of Chocolate

One other factor could also contribute further aggravation of one’s sore throat – acidic food intake. The higher pH level found within certain types of chocolates weighs-in heavily to such irritation factors – dark chocoloate being among these culprits (even more compared with milk chocolate).

## How To Avoid Chocolate Aggravating Your Already Irritated Throat

Don’t worry though, dear friends! You don’t have killjoy yourself from eating tantalizing sweets altogether just for admittance into anti-sorethroat club because here are some ways that may still allow indulgences while avoiding too much pain:

### Hydration helps.

Drink water before eating any candy bars or after finishing them would help wash down any acidity left behind in your mouth.

### Pair it up with milk or crackers

While munching on chocolate coated nougats may send shivers to your sore throat, combining such treats with something containing a neutralizing agent should balance things out. A glass of milk could help here as the fats contained inside loosen-up mucus protecting the stomach lining from heartburn but even incorporating mild flavoured cracker brands into your diet can have benefits in addition.

Just Remember- Moderation

Yes, we all screamed when now know that eating luscious chocolates could aid us fight off any colds (antioxidants within are commonly known for their immunity boosting properties). But just because including chocolate has its benefits doesn’t mean we should overindulge ourselves without knowing our limits.

So keep calm and eat responsibly!


In conclusion, while cocoa butter and acidic nature of chocolates could further irritate an already sore throat; one does not need to completely abstain from said chocolaty goodness from their daily regime especially if they practice moderation while also implementing combinations alongside consuming them which would minimize side effects altogether.

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