Does cc cream need primer?

If you’re someone who likes to look her best, you must know about the importance of a perfect base before applying makeup. A primer is an essential part of any makeup routine, but what about CC cream? Do we need to apply primer beneath it too? Well, let’s find out!

What is CC Cream?

Before getting into whether or not a CC cream needs a primer, let’s quickly understand what CC cream really is.

CC stands for “color correcting”, which means that this product serves two purposes: providing coverage and color correction at the same time. This versatile cosmetic item works as both skincare and makeup.

The coverage offered by different types of cosmetically-enhancing products may vary greatly!

  • Light Coverage – These provide light coverage and are great for those who want minimal enhancement.
  • Medium Coverage – Ideal for people looking for moderate changes in their skin appearance.
  • Full Coverage – Perfect for hiding imperfections such as blemishes and acne marks.

But do these creams require primers underneath them?

The Makeup Dilemma

There has been much debate over if one should wear primer underneath their BB or CC cream. Here are some pros and cons:


1) Help keep your make-up on
A good quality face primer will help ensure that your make up stays put throughout the day.

2) Reduces Shine
Primers can control oil production from pores resulting in less shine through the day!


1) Extra Expense
Adding another layer can be heavy on our pockets since they come with a higher price tag than other beauty products.

2) Not all formulas work together
It might mess up how these combinations function holistically making matters worse than better,hence rendering one’s efforts futile.

So does relying just on using cc/BB creams eliminates these factorw completely ?

The short answer to whether you need a primer with your cc cream or not is no; but, it depends! Of course, nothing is set in stone when it comes to makeup.

Some might argue that using CC creams without a proper base may leave the final look less desirable yethere are some reasons why you might be able to skip the step:

1) Some CC creams contain hydrating and skin-loving ingredients, SPF properties and anti-pollution catalysts which can serve as great substitutes for people who prefer something light!

2) Opt for oily skin type
Oily skinned peeps may find the sticky feeling of one too many layers annoying

But wait there’s more! There’s an exception to every rule…

For Certain Skin Types

Here is when applying primer becomes non-negotiable: “applying a liquid form foundation underneath after pore filler/Blurs out … especially important if we have textured,bumpy skin” says beauty expert @makeupbytiffanyd
Therefore, if someone has said texture issues ,it’s advisable they opt for specialized pore fillers before launching into their primary makeup routine.

While skipping the primer within a cc cream isn’t much of an issue unless dealing with certain forms of acne-prone/oilier skins-primers still help by delivering these benefits:

  • Prepares Your Face
    Using a primer ensures smoother application reducing chances unevenness hence flawlessness can become closer than imagined.

  • Reduces Pore Size
    Applying does this task so easily making complexion appear brighter.

To conclude,

If hydrated,fresh-looking skin is right down your alley -We suggest going bare (sans-primer) minus certain exceptional circumstances. But maybe consider investing in them at some future point either way as adding extra prep to the face wouldn’t hurt.

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