Does calpol help a cough?

Cough, cough, sniffle sniffle. Oh no! It seems like you’ve caught a cold! One of the most irritating and bothersome symptoms of a common cold is none other than an annoying cough. If you’re one to experience this all too familiar symptom then chances are that you may have reached for some calpol to help soothe your throat from time to time.

Now the question is, does calpol really help cure a cough? In this article we’ll explore the science behind how coughs work and if there’s any validity in using calpol as a remedy.

The Science Behind Coughs

Before diving in on whether or not using calpol can ease your suffering, let’s first understand what causes us to cough.

A cough is actually our body’s natural reflex response that works by forcing air outward through our trachea with excessive force when it detects something irritative present inside it. This helps clear out all foreign particles responsible for irritation such as mucus trapped inside the sinuses or lungs which blocks breathing passages.

Fun Fact: Did You Know That Sneezing Releases Particles Into The Air At Over 100 Miles Per Hour?

On average, most individuals can emit up to around half-a-cup of liquid every-time they sneeze!

Should Calpol Be Used As A Cure For A Cough?

Now onto our main topic at hand – should we use calpol in speeding up or diminishing our illnesses?

Firstly let’s clarify what exactly calpol really means- it refers specifically to paracetamol syrup formulated mainly for children but also available over-the-counter (OTC)in various pharmacies worldwide . Paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen) primarily acts on pain receptors found within certain parts of the brain where messages related towards temperature regulates transmission i.e pyrexia.

While calpol is very effective in reducing fever and minor aches, it does not actually help cure a cough.

Take Note: The usage of Calpol is essential in severe cases like malaria or high fever.

Better Alternative

If you’re feeling under-the-weather with just the dreaded cough symptom to take care of, don’t fret as there are still several ways to rid yourself from this unwanted annoyance without necessarily having to rely on solely paracetamol-based medication such as calpol:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • This helps ensure that mucus from your throat won’t become too hard thus making phlegmy fluid a lighter consistency which tends towards easy expulsion.
  • Gargle salt-water
  • Mixing half-a-teaspoonful of kosher salt into eight ounces hot water creates an saline solution which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent against irritants present within our airways affecting breathing passages while producing relief till symptons dissipate.
  • Lemon juice
  • Squeeze fresh lime juice onto warm tea-blends with honey included (antibacterial properties) helps moisturize throat lining and reduce inflammations within respiratory areas. \

When To See A Doctor

Generally speaking most coughs aren’t really serious enough to warrant appointments at hospitals however if they persist longer than seven days beyond standard viral infections i.e cold shouldn’t be ignored .

Irrespective age-groups focus must prevail for examination upon uncharacteristic cases , involving other symptoms like trouble breathing, chest pains associated with any visible traces blood when thinning occurs .

What this means is if your condition does not improve after regular use of the aforemention home remedies then seeking medical attention might assist since there could be something more… potentially life-threatening occurring behind the scenes causing complications.

Counseling sessions can also offer external solution relevant information helping ascertain healthier options checked by health practitioners; always plan ahead . It would be pertinent to check online booking systems or ,online video schedules when face-to-face examination with a medical professional is not feasible.

P.S – The author of this article recommends that you should always adhere diligently to safety guidelines underscored within your healthcare provider.


At the end of the day, while calpol does have its uses in aiding certain symptoms, primarily fever and minor pain ache relief, it won’t do much towards curing an annoying persistent cough.

Our recommended alternatives like increased water intake and gargling salt-water among others will certainly help keep your body hydrated whilst combatting microorganisms which usually possess daunting challenges during periods of severe cough situations making it one less thing to worry about!

Now today’s major lesson? When next faced with cold-induced allergies first ask yourself: “Should I take just Calpol?” Challenge yourself by looking for unique home remedies from natural sources around you since their presence may just save you time spent at hospitals down the line!