Does bubly have sodium?

Are you one of those who got drawn to the bubbly feeling at your mouth whenever you sip a can of soda? But with that sensation comes the thought about too much sugar consumption and sodium intake. Don’t worry because we’ll be putting an end to this contemplation once and for all.

If there’s one thing that people want in a beverage, it is hydration without sacrificing their health goals. Luckily, brands like Bubly are becoming more popular nowadays as they offer various flavors where people can enjoy fizzy drinks minus the unnecessary calories and high sugar content.

So if you’re curious whether this fan-favorite sparkling water has sodium or not, then let’s deep dive into its nutritional facts:

What is Bubly?

Bubly (pronounced as “bubbly”) is carbonated water product produced by PepsiCo company since 2018. This brand aims to provide a healthier alternative to traditional sodas while still delivering an excellent flavor profile through their many fruit-infused options such as blackberry, mango, grapefruit, etc.

Sodium Content in Beverages

Sodium has been both praised and demonized on different occasions by nutritionists for years now. On one hand, we need it for our body’s fluid balance and muscle contraction; on the other hand consuming too much could lead to hypertension which increases heart disease risks.

According to American Heart Association (AHA), adults should consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day- equivalent to just around one teaspoon of salt. Unfortunately for us lovers of soda and other drinks – these beverages have always been loaded with excessive amounts! In fact some sugary drinks contains over twice that amount in just a single serving!

However when it comes specifically down-to business- does bubbling contain any sodium?

The long-awaited answer:

Yes ,it does – but how much?

Sodium content in Bubly

Here are the sodium amounts present in three different can sizes of bubly sparkling water:

Can Size Sodium Content
12 fl. oz 0 mg
16 fl. oz (not available)
20 fl. oz (not available)

No, You did not read it wrong!

This sugar-free carbonated drink has no trace of sodium for a serving size of around one third LITRE/ twelve fluid ounces!

But wait, there’s more=>

It is worth noting that flavored versions may contain some grams and milligrams higher or lower. These flavours, however have less than ten calories per unit which makes then a healthier choice to traditional sugary soda.

Why should we switch to Drinks with Less Sodium?

Having too much sodium daily could lead to several health conditions such as hypertension/high blood pressure which increases risks of developing heart diseases/strokes/kidney problems/cognitive decline etc. Circling back on our previous note – excessive drinking of sugary beverages has an additive effect on elevated blood pressure as they laden with significant amount s of this chemical element.

To address these concerns against excessive sugar consumption people reach out for better options and most authentic brands start converting their products into palate-cleansing alternatives like mineral water or simple fruit-infused water drinks like Bubly.

We know how hard it is at first leaving your favourite drink behind.But trust us-there’ll be other memories waiting ahead!!

Final Words

Overall, Bubly offers consumers an excellent option when looking for flavorful yet low-sodium beverage choices.However if you really love variety- stick to plain sparkiling waters rather than flavored/sparkling sodas because it normally comes without any surreptitious additions presenting medical issues from hypertension/heavy metals-allergies etc. Remember that just because it’s carbonated does not necessarily mean it is bad for our health.That become a myth.

So next time, you feel like enjoying an effervescent drink- go ahead and crack open bubbly without any worries about any sodium spiked water your body will surely sparkle in delight!

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