Does blue apron have paleo options?

Are you one of those people always looking for new ways to improve your health and wellbeing? Do you find yourself constantly researching diets and meal plans, hoping to achieve optimal performance in every aspect of your life? Well then, my friend, it sounds like you may be interested in the paleo diet.

With its emphasis on whole, natural foods, the paleo diet has become increasingly popular over the years. This approach is designed to align with our ancestors’ eating habits before modern agriculture existed. By implementing a paleo diet plan into your lifestyle, you’ll potentially reduce inflammation, lose weight, gain energy throughout the day and can also lower blood pressure levels.

But finding food that meets up with this strict criterion can be challenging which brings us back to our original question- does Blue Apron have any paleo options?

What Is The Paleolithic Diet?

Before diving deeper into whether or not Blue Apron offers paleo options let’s look at what exactly constitutes as ‘paleolithic food.’ Based on research from archeological findings in East Africa during Palaeolithic times (2 million – 10,000 BCE), emulating ancestral preferences includes:

  • Meat (non-commercially raised grass-fed beef,
    lamb etc)
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts

Also removing dairy products from their menu unless they are fermented (no cheese). Some individuals choose a Paleo approach due reducing pro-inflammatory ingredients such as grain types/gluten/wheat/barley/Rye/High fructose corn syrup/dairy/whey—bless their little guts!

Understanding Blue Apron

Blue aprons come up quite often when searching for quality meals online so we thought it’d best address them specifically. As a meal delivery service provider since 2012 based out of New York City serving gourmet-style dishes such as garlic herb roasted chicken but does their meal plan align with paleo doctrine?

Let’s Find Out: Does Blue Apron Have Paleo Options?

It should be emphasized that the standard Blue apron menus aren’t exactly considered paleolithic, as they generally include grains like couscous and pasta which would disqualify them from complying with a strict regime such as true Paleo.

However, they’ve recently introduced a ‘wellness menu’ specifically geared towards individuals who adhere more strictly to health/dietary restrictions.

As a result of this new wellness offering, you potentially could find some options on their menu suitable for those following an ancestral diet path in addition to other special diets/requirements like pescatarianism or vegetarianism who may also want organic ingredients! Although it must be warned; if searching what’s available online from Blue Aprons official page when selecting “paleo” or ‘search for healthy options,’ said options come back empty at time of writing.

Our advice? If combining Paleo eating practices along with your food delivery service consider reviewing each well-being focused recipe particularly closely while being prepared…just so you know what is going into your body.

But let’s explore further beyond our initial findings regarding blue aprons latest growth given inherent changes faced by pandemic-era dining culture.

Culinary Exploration In 2021

Since humanity first appeared on earth we have been cultivating crops and harvesting livestock but cuisine has only developed in the last few millenniums. As civilisations married then traded recipes came travelling spicing up dishes around the world making culinary exploration one human trait nearly ingrained within us.

Fast forward thousands of years we now live in a digital society powered by technology bringing anyone’s desired meals straight to our doorstep—sometimes even faster than an Amazon package using apps familiarizing traditional brick & mortar businesses titled “ghost kitchens” (essentially commissaries preparing meals expressly made for take-out without seating). But only now a lot of people are spending more time at home which certainly has impacted the entire food service industry as well.

With social distancing being the norm in 2021, services such as Blue Apron (apart from Amazon Fresh and MealPal et al.) have decided to focus their efforts on delivering convenient meal options through recipe boxes. By combining shipping pre-portioned ingredients for meals suited perfectly e.g slow cooker “pot roasts” or caramelized garlic chicken thighs lets you enjoy restaurant-quality healthy dishes without having to leave your house turning ‘Quarantine Etiquette’ into new terminology alongside Paleo peeps feeling blessed with prepared small/local farm organic meal deliveries.

The Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services are gaining popularity worldwide thanks to widespread access to smartphones and concomitantly simple registration many companies offer online plus most will deliver nationwide within North America and other western countries. But what makes them so popular among health-conscious individuals?

  • Convenience: If ‘minimal effort’ is how you like it then this option may be just up your alley especially if life’s events interfere with time usually spent grocery shopping.

  • Variety & Menu Customization: With Blue aprons offering 8 weekly fully customizable menus,and fresh exclusive produce included but easily adaptable menu features you can expect dietician-approved delicacies landing on your doorstep while skipping that over-fried potato skin appetizer!

Do You Need To Try Paleolithic Food While Using A Meal Delivery Service?

On one hand, eating paleo means often eliminating gluten-laden grains found in classic staple items including breads, pastas along with even cheese ravioli once adored prior! On the flip-side however some find these foods difficult to digest thus they may benefit hugely transitioning away towards paleo-diets by going a la carte along with opting for carefully selected specific item add-ons seeing results firsthand.

To stick to a real paleolithic regime by only consuming foods which could’ve been eaten thousands of years ago may yet need some little push from you at mealtimes (hello leftover chicken/tuna salad on romaine lettuce wrap)! Thankfully for most Blue Apron recipes open the door providing flavorful dishes even without hard-to-pronounce-sounding ingredients, each approachable chock-full of freshness!

Let that menu inspire your motivation and shift your focus off trying to replace old favourites instead embracing new healthy deliciousness from the past! But again—sadly no searching ‘paleo’ options using their official website.

Where You Can Find Paleo Meal Delivery Services

Suppose you’re strictly following the ancestral dietary path then seeking out meal delivery plans specific to this requirement must seem daunting.
However diets such as ‘Paleo’ have become so popular there’s now actually quite a wide array of businesses offering paleolithic meals made with locally sourced sustainable ingredients at affordable prices aiming improving everyone’s health outcomes while exploring how well our ancestors lived.

Some companies such as ‘Pre-Madonna Health & Kitchen,’ will provide frozen meals whilst others such as Fresh n Lean offer ready-made organic cooked green gourmet fare shipped right to your doorstep—almost sending us back in time we think?!

Conclusion: Does Blue Apron Offer Paleolithic Items?

While looking for concrete evidence it seems genuinely difficult determining whether or not Blue aprons newest offerings align 100% with no questions asked palaeomorphic menus. The overall solution according to us is sticking towards tailored wellness plan document packed within little brown box safely secured in your front porch adding flavor-boosting herbs courtesy “Chef’s Choice” included packaged along within quality prepped sustainably grown produce can augment an already powerful arsenal attitude adjusting diet change upping daily energy allotment so that one day spelt bread toasted once seemed like go-to morning routine (yum)! Just remember if looking for true paleolithic specific meal plans/dish options, consider researching a specialist food supplier already offering Palaeo approved dishes!

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