Does b12 deficiency cause cancer?

If you’re someone who enjoys constantly worrying about your health, or maybe just procrastinating going to the doctor for that check-up you’ve been meaning to schedule since 2015, then perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering whether a deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to cancer. Well, wonder no more (at least not after reading this article)!

What exactly is vitamin B12 anyway?

Before we dive into the big question of whether or not a lack of vitamin B12 causes cancer, let’s take a moment to talk about what it actually is. Vitamin B12 is one of eight essential vitamins (meaning our bodies need it but don’t produce it on their own) and plays an important role in making red blood cells and DNA as well as keeping your nervous system functioning properly.

Most people think they get all the nutrients they need from food alone, but for vegans specifically (and vegetarians who don’t eat seafood), getting enough vitamin B12 through diet alone can be challenging – so supplements are often needed.

The potential link between low levels of vitamin B12 and cancer

Now onto our million-dollar question… does having low levels of vitamin B12 increase your risk for certain types of cancer?

Well folks, there have indeed been studies out there exploring this very topic – particularly when it comes to stomach and colorectal cancers. In fact,research has shown that people with lower levels of the nutrient may have “an increased risk for gastric tumors,” accordingto a paper published by Nutrition Reviews.

That being said though,there hasn’t actually been definitive evidence proving a direct causation between b-12 deficiencies themselves leading directly to developing ‘cancer’, says Dr Mahsa Tehrani speaking for UCI Health centre whilst also explaining some results point to deficiencies playing a contributing factor in cancers. “The research is not as clear cut when it comes to other types of cancer, so more studies are needed,” she adds.

While there doesn’t seem to be a nail-in-the-coffin answer on the subject just yet, some researchers suggest that if you’re worried about your levels and potentially being at higher risk for certain types of cancer,getting enough B12 – whether through food or supplements – certainly can’t hurt.

So folks, don’t start making funeral arrangements based solely on your vitamin intake just yet! Keep up with those regular check ups and try balancing an overall healthy lifestyle whilst researching methods to get backups B12 supplies every now and then- we’ll all be okay.