Does arbonne cc cream have spf?

Listen up, folks! It’s time to dive into the world of beauty products that claim to do one thing but end up doing something completely different. Today, we’re going to tackle an old favorite: Arbonne CC cream. This product is supposed to enhance your skin tone and texture while providing much-needed coverage without making you look like a clown or a traffic cone. But does it actually have any sun protection? Let’s find out!

What Is Arbonne CC Cream?

Before we dive right in, let’s discuss what this little tube of heaven actually is. Arbonne CC (which stands for color correcting) cream is essentially a tinted moisturizer with extra benefits thrown in.

Not only does it help even out your skin tone and cover up blemishes, but it also contains nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid which work together to give you that glowing complexion everyone craves!

So far so good; nothing groundbreaking here.

SPF In Skincare Products

If you’ve ever stepped foot into Sephora or Ulta looking for the best sunscreen, then you know there are two types available: chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen absorbs UV rays before they can damage our precious skin cells while physical sunscreen forms a barrier on top of our skin effectively blocking all those harmful rays.

Here’s some quick 411 on the technical terms:

  • UVA = Aging Rays
  • UVB = Burning Rays
  • UVC = Cancer-causing Rays

A lot of skincare products nowadays contain either mineral sunscreens (physical) such as Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide or synthetic chemicals that absorb UV light such as Octocrylene or Homosalate.

Either way,you need them in your routine if you want plump wrinkle-free selfie-worthy skin when older age strikes till end-of-time!

Does Arbonne CC Cream Have SPF?

Let’s cut right to the chase, if you’re playing “hot potato” with Arbonne CC cream while asking yourself whether to use it as a sunscreen wonder or layer an actual sunscreen beneath then here’s the answer: Yes! It does have some degree of sun protection. BUT don’t jump on board just yet!

According to the current packaging and website description, this particular cream does not include any kind of broad-spectrum UV protection statement or simply put “SPF”.

Here’s where things get slightly complicated… (Deep breaths).

The product does list zinc oxide on their label though there is no idea what percentage it contains in the formulation so it’s unclear regarding how much protection you will getting.

That being said, judging by comments from fans and loyalists who have used this product for years during pool parties and sunny days swear that they still looked tan-free at night after prolonged exposure under sun rays without even wearing additional sunscreen but we wouldn’t recommend keeping your fingers crossed, would we now?

A Word Of Caution

It goes without saying that proper skincare requires more than using one expensive magical-seeming lotion. To keep your skin healthy from head-to-toe all year round make sure applying an appropriate amount of full-on-everywhere-your-body-can-reach-SPF30+ every 2 hours – regardless if its cloudy or rainy outside.

No need for drama; Trust us when we say wrinkles do not discriminate based on weather conditions.

Why Use Arbonne CC Cream In The First Place?

Now let’s take a step back on ponder about why so many women around both corners of street rave about this tinted moisturizer. Believe me when I say that those before-and-after photos plastered across social accounts aren’t aspirational promises at best –they are real life results.

If light coverage makeup with a ton of skincare benefits is your jam, then Arbonne’s CC cream should be at the top of your list.

Here’s why:

  • It provides great coverage without being heavy on the face
  • Comes in six different shades to suit every skin tone which saves you from playing trial & error.
  • Formulated with phenomenal plant-based ingredients like licorice root extract and panthenol that work magic to even out redness or discoloration while hydrating making sure it doesnt flake off minutes afterwards.
  • Light fragrance aroma that gives off a subtle, natural smell thanks to essential oils such as lavender and rosemary.

So long story short; Arbonne CC Cream may not contain exact, guaranteeing sun protection or SPF but is still somehow chock-full with decent ingredients combined leaving most users hinting they can forgo an additional layer underneath.


In conclusion? If you were searching whether does arbonne cc cream have spf before purchasing because having fun under the sun comes at a price (wrinkles!!), we’ll openly confess there isn’t a clear cut answer available online unless more specifics are disclosed on their packaging or direct customer support .

That said: love it because its texture maybe tempting enough to wear instead of sunscreen layering beneath other times NOT treating this has wholly reliable reliable UV solution would result in unhappy photo memories –BUT! Wishing/hoping/praying doesn’t provide sufficient coverage against those UVA/UVB rays so make sure slathering generous amounts everywhere frowning faces can’t see until told otherwise by them vendor itself.

And if I had one message above all others here today…(Drum roll please)…It’s always better safe than sorry when going under extended sunshine exposure so sing along everybody “Slap me some sunscreen”, hum along too “Reapply every two hours”♪♬♪♫!

Stay SPF’ed!

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