Does aleve work as a fever reducer?

Aleve, also known as naproxen sodium, is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that can work for reducing inflammations, easing pains of arthritis and menstrual cramps, and knocking down fevers. But the big question here is, does it actually work for fevers? Or are you just swallowing pills in vain while shivering under your duvet cover? Let’s delve into the world of fever reducers and see if aleve deserves its place at the top.

First Things First: What Causes Fevers Anyway?

Before we dive deep into our naproxen-soaked rabbit hole, let’s address this first – what causes fever in general? In simple terms, when germs like bacteria or viruses enter your body, they trigger your immune system to produce some extra heat. As your temperature rises above 37°C (98.6°F), you begin to experience symptoms like sweating, chills/shivers on/off fatigue coughing etc. So where do OTC meds come into play? Simple- to help reduce these symptoms by bringing down the elevated temperature.

Introducing Aleve

So far so good! Now coming back to our hero of today’s script – aleve – how does it actually perform its duty as a reducer?

Aleve works by inhibiting certain hormones called prostaglandins which are responsible for triggering inflammation via various metabolic pathways within cells. If not checked in time an inflammatory state could graduate itself eventually leading to painful conditions (mind you sometimes even life-threatening ones).

As shared earlier too one common symptom exhibited during such inflammatory stages might be high fever. Now because Aleve(aka naproxen) has shown promising results with other likely issues which create similar troubles by serving diverse means of non-invasive ways hence; many people use Aleve (naproxen) to bring down fever as well.

Hold On, Let’s Talk To Professionals

That might seem like good logic, but let’s not come to any conclusions yet. Instead we brought in some professionals – folks that are credentialed and formally trained in medicine-let them help us out here the right way since they best know about clinical safety measures too for such medicinal usage Mr/Madam Dr smarty pantses can you weigh on this debate?

Opinions From The Field: What Do Experts Say?

The American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends naproxen (main component/brand name being aleve) over other similar medications for reducing fevers amongst kids from the age above six months. They add though be liberal with your cautionary dosage levels

Similarly; experts at UVA Health’s Department of Family Medicine say that aleve can reduce fever even better than Acetaminophen(a.k.a tylenol)Well that should settle it then right?

Here’s something more;

A systematic review published in BMC Anesthesiology found that taking both acetaminophen and naproxen together had greater results at lowering body temperature than just one or the other gave independently. So still useful!

However please exercise utmost care , always consult a doctor especially if dealing with children below two years

Caveat Alert!

While Aleve is an effective anti-inflammatory drug as discussed earlier during intense pains/spasms/inflammation states whether due to joint spurs, sports injuries or menstrual cycles etc., its usage should remain limited because of potential side effects which could crop up so it’s therefore worth repeating our advisory earlier again-doctors must be consulted before consuming aleve based medication

The following participants particularly need consulting their doctor before considering using Aleve/noprixin:

-kidney problems

-liver disease

-heart disease


-stomach ulcers

-bleeding disorders

Aleve Vs Other Fever Reducing Medications

Another hot pit inside the fever labyrinth; which is better aleve or something else? Here’s how some other common over-the-counter (OTC) meds measure up.


Acetaminophen is probably one of the most frequently used medicines when it comes to reducing pain and fever. Generics names/brand name: Tylenol)


  • Fewer reported cases of nausea, stomach irritation as compared to other drugs
  • It lasts longer than ibuprofen
  • Easy-to-find and readily accessible at local chemists too a plus for us lahorees


-May not be effective in treating more intense pains –
– Kidney/liver damage if consumed in excessive amounts or coupled with alcohol/drinking

Tips – refer professional help or doctor’s prescription before using! Everything has its limit, folks!

Ibuprofen(Motrin /Advil)

This medication works like naproxen by inhibiting prostaglandins pathways thus controlling inflammation etc.,. Let’s see what are its pros cons:


-Pain killer besides being good as a reducer

-Coldersound sense sometimes says alternating tylenol+wipes sponging-whilst initially consuming Motrin should give grand outcomes

Cons :

-can cause stomach irritation

-Mustn’t be administered to children under six months

-caution needed among those having blood clotting/hypertension/kidney troubles

It seems from our experts that aleve can indeed reduce fevers effectively just like these similar medications we discussed, however there this discussion centers around any side effects , therefore please consult your doctor first

Alternatively, physical remedies such as staying hydrated or drinking glasses of cold tap-water can also be tried however they might not bring down temperatures to the same extent that Aleve or similar medicines do.

In conclusion remember individuals must always listen to their bodies and take necessary precautions like never overdosing on medications and taking rest when needed etc.,
With this note, folks, stay healthy —and don’t forget your medication! Oh – did we mention brush your teeth too? Yeah you know- of course it was a given anyways.

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