Does alcohol damage skin?

If you have ever woken up with a face full of acne, redness and wrinkles after a night of drinking your favorite whiskey bottle, congratulations! You are not alone in this dilemma. Alcohol has been known to cause more damage to the skin than one could imagine.

What happens when you drink alcohol?

When we ingest that beautiful glass or bottle of fermented grapes or malted barley (delicious) our body recognizes it as toxic thereby unleashing its fighting mechanism. The liver immediately goes into action trying to break down the alcohol so it can be eliminated from our system. But while all these fights are going on in our internal organs behind closed doors, poor old skin is left out there fighting for itself against this vicious intruder which is nothing but plain ol’ ethanol- burn baby burn!

How Alcohol damages the Skin

Here comes the science:

1) Dehydration: Alcohol acts as a diuretic by increasing urine production leading to dehydration which manifests on your delicate skin as dryness and flaky patches.

2) Reduction of Blood flow:- A high concentration of alcohol results in narrowing down blood vessels thus reducing blood flow. This leads to hypoxia (low oxygen levels), slowing down wound healing plus reduction in collagen formation(retinol helps boost collagen production)

3) Hormonal imbalance: Consuming too much alcohol hinders hormonal regulation especially estrogen resulting in loss of elasticity giving unpleasant wrinkles and fine lines.

4) Inflammation: Here’s where things get interesting, consuming excess amounts of alcohol causes inflammatory reactions within receptors beneath your dermis culminating into puffiness (Bags under eyes), dull complexion among others.

5) Damaged Liver Function due to High intake

Dishonorable mention needs be paid towards Livers here given their vital function towards filtering toxins Substance abuse literally harms them leaving necessary work undone thereby forcing toxins to be eliminated via skin resulting in the eventual infected acne folks have commonly observed arise every time they abuse substances knowingly or indirectly.

Skin problems associated with alcohol

Moving on to solutions. Here are some of the common and lesser-known effects of alcohol on your skin condition:

1) Premature aging

This is a no brainer, because excessive consumption reduces collagen levels that help maintain tightness and tonality leading to premature wrinkles.. You need all that Re(tinol)-stryche and alpha-hydroxy acid (AHAs), doesn’t matter if you’ve been out drinking.

2) Acne

Our poor old friend skin turns yellowish-reddish in color characterized by greasy or dry scales hence partially blocking sweat gland apoertures hence affecting blood supply leads imminent break outs indicating its threshold reached upon accumulative presence leaving two adjectives standing out: pimple/skin-care emergencies

Insufficient sebum production due to lack of oil content within makes cleansing significantly harder leading overly harsh body-washing techniques as well as hygienic regiments which aggravate underlying issues accompanied by inflammation festering/odours/- general discomfort

3) Sensitivity

Alcohol disrupts skin’s PH balance which affects sensitive people more adversely than those who aren’t. Think possible rashes, redness abounding quicker compared hardier individuals falling under this category.#Vulnerable#

Say goodbye sunscreen remission since sensitivity negates AHA/BHAs- compound exfoliants …Remember it‘s just not sunburn rather cumulative UVA/UVB rays ravage dermis leading full blown pigment discoloration/#melasma-black/brown patches represented Facial Pigmentation. #Solar AgingInduced#

Always use gentle facial cleansers bolstering a layer towards moisture retention prior application regarding UV defense(some examples like Zinc oxide appear opaque blocking harmful aspect from finding root-marking way into skin.

4) Rosacea

Rosacea patients fall under a category similar to sensitive types. Alcohol causes blood vessels within capillaries to expand causing looseness in cheeks, nose as well eyelids leading severe break outs manifested completely inflamed areas by angiogenesis functioning

If timely appropriated measures aren’t taken,inflamed patches develop symptoms like common rash and natural intolerance towards the sun – think Searing!

Consulting qualified dermatologist regarding requisite cleansing routines of facial/ body friendly moisturizers including sunscreen could save face literally!

5) Puffy Eyes

Think sleepless nights due copious drinking episodes till 2 pm remnants always tend being dark circles accompanied puffy resultant eyes Swelling/bags around section mentioned earlier near your temple stucked unfortunately.

Unintentional outcomes could be noticed immediately with increased fickle infiltration resulting fluid build-up utilizing warm moist compresses (like using chamomile tea bags),regular application honey based product slowly builds up moisture levels reducing conspicuous inflammation noticeably faster.

The Dos and Don’ts.

Knowing more means you are armed better for next time so before guzzling alcohol make sure you remember:

1) Drinking plenty of water between every drink is key to keeping yourself hydrated hence preventing unwanted dryness/flakes from developing on your skin.

2) Limiting consumption inclusive taking breaks associated positive lifestyle choices maintains healthy liver function rendering its detoxification functions

3) Always take supplements rich in vitamins C & E; they come packed antioxidants AND help boost Collagen production also usage fish oil supplements benefits humanity since it includes Omega acids that prevent dryness (hydrate- hydrate)

4) Avoid smoking tobacco which dries out one’s complexion.

5) Keep it clear-minded/safe/moderate/#drink-wise as alcohol isn’t really an all-round perfect substance

Remember Drink responsibly guys, let everybody have their say…and on this occasion our Skin had hers across this table.

        To a happy skin and responsible drinking!