Does alcohol cancel birth control?

If you’re a party goer, it’s time to read this article because the question we’ll be tackling today is one of the most important things that young adults must know about: Does alcohol cancel birth control? What are the risks involved when drinking alcohol while taking birth control pills or other contraceptives?

To all drinkers out there who are sexually active, let’s find out answers to your burning questions – and trust us, they’re not as simple as just saying “yes” or “no.” Hold onto your drinks and keep reading if you want some straight talk on this topic — but buckle up, this isn’t going to be a boring old science lecture.

What Is Birth Control?

Before answering whether alcohol cancels birth control or not, let’s briefly define what contraception means. At its core, birth control is any method people use to prevent pregnancies from happening. There are many options in terms of types of contraception like hormonal methods (the pill), intrauterine devices (IUD), condoms (both male and female) along with more modern choices such as implants and even apps! With so many ways available – naturally drink manufacturers should take note here – choosing could become tricky especially for those unsure which one will suit them best.

How Do Birth Control Pills Work?

One popular form of birth control among women is oral contraceptive pills commonly known as The Pill. This type contains small amounts of synthetic hormones meant to suppress ovulation thereby stopping an egg from fertilizing thus preventing pregnancy. Now The Pill isn’t completely failsafe (wouldn’t it be awesome if science had found something that was?), sometimes ovulation can still happen leading standard doses pills effectiveness rate around 91 per cent without accounting for human error such as missed days however when taken correctly results can climb up towards over 99 per cent effective meaning only <1% chance becoming pregnant.

Does Alcohol Cancel Birth Control?

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for: will that glass of champagne or mug of beer in your hand cancel out your birth control? It’s not necessarily a straight forward answer; there are explanations needed and exceptions to be made.

Myth 1: Alcohol Cancels Out Birth Control Pills

Rumor has it that drinking alcohol makes hormonal contraception less effective or even cancels them out entirely. While this statement isn’t entirely false, it’s also not absolute truth either.

In general terms, alcohol doesn’t render any oral contraceptive ineffective however sheer drunkenness might lead to skipping one’s pill leading up to ovulation therefore exposing themselves just by missing doses. So what does “drunkenness” mean precisely? Lets’ break down some figures here – let’s say you take The Pill at bedtime each day and usually have about two drinks per night with dinner but then on Saturday night you end up imbibing in ten glasses of red– does Saturday become another chance seven days from now again (the assumed window beyond which no pills missed until active ones run out)? That’s enough cocktail battering is significant amounts (of wine), every knowing girls-love-wine stereotype indicates the wearer may miss their Sunday pill rendering them exposed until next Sunday when they can start fresh on their new pack (if they remember) -(phew deep breath). You need to take care whilst taking The Pill if drunk too often because ultimately it leads to being more prone towards unintentional mistakes with everyday protocol leading towards higher probabilities making pregnancy happen than usual usage would prognosticate against.

Myth 2: Drinking And Oral Contraceptives Increases Risks Of Unprotected Sex

While drinking itself cannot directly cancel birth control hormones in women who indulge consistently without exception may find themselves experiencing unusual symptoms such as sudden weight gain displayed due uptick from fluctuations caused by frequent ethanol consumption – which in turn may be misread as failure from their medication.

A little-known fact drinking alcohol can cause women to have heavier or particularly light periods. This can become confusing for women who are used to regular cycles and lead them to believe that they might not still be protected which involves a long waiting period before taking another test until next month’s expected menstruation arrives – all just because everyone had too many tequila shots last weekend…

Also, let’s face it, drunkenness often enables people into doing things that aren’t on our bucket lists such unprotected sex; this again could be a big issue since unwanted pregnancies have become commonplace nowadays.

Myth 3: Alcohol Reduces Effectiveness Of Other Contraception Methods

Apart from oral contraceptives there are various other methods of contraception used today – barrier protection with condoms etc., and even copper IUDs however data has repeatedly shown these forms haven’t been threatened by any amount of alcohol consumption therefore if The Pill isn’t the contraceptive for you perhaps one of these unflappable guardians will work better precisely why so much precedence should not rest solely upon hormonal options.

Tips To Maximise Birth Control Effectiveness

If you’ve read this far then congratulations! You now know most myths surrounding whether alcohol cancels birth control – don’t procrastinate reading anything else – but we thought it would only be fair if we left you some useful tips:

  1. Stick to your recommended method – Different types of contraception available talk honestly discuss your needs with your GP
  2. Get familiarised with its effects on body beforehand
  3. Make sure you understand its usage correctly ie when each dose is best taken ensuring gaps between intake does not occur while free time kicks in.
  4. Don’t let the drink outsmart you- Set an alarm reminder!
    5) When engaging in sexual intercourse utilize added protection like condoms (when necessary).

Getting pregnant when one doesn’t want after having so much fun is a bummer so taking control via getting educated on birth as well considerately using the appropriate prevention methods (no judgement) may be an excellent way to manage one’s fertility. Now that you are equipped with facts considering whether or not booze cancels out contraceptives, we hope you will make informed decisions both during and after happy hour.


The answer to our headline question is: no, alcohol doesn’t directly cancel your contraceptive method overtime in action; however it can indeed contribute towards unintentional exposure due missed doses leading misjudgements due patterns emerging over time when adherence protocols slipping repeatedly afterwards. When choosing which form of birth control works best for you —and this might take some trial and error— never hesitate first talking with healthcare professionals closing the gap between what many believe themselves capable despite their lack of education regarding safely utilizing contraception along with decreasing incidence becoming pregnant. Enjoy life’s pleasurable offerings but keep these tips under your belt whilst also restocking your medicine cabinet post-haste!

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