Does activated charcoal help with allergies?

Allergies can turn a beautiful spring day into a living nightmare. From itchy eyes to blocked sinuses, allergies affect millions of people every year. No one enjoys being held captive by an allergy attack, which is why people are always on the lookout for new remedies and solutions. Recently activated charcoal has taken center stage in discussions around treating allergies.

Activated charcoal appears to be the hot topic lately as a natural solution to many ailments ranging from teeth whitening to acne treatment – but does this black powder have any effect on allergies? Will it leave you gasping for air like that costume you bought online Did we test it out ourselves?

Don’t let us keep you waiting—here’s everything you need to know about activated charcoal and its effects on allergic reactions.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Before exploring how activated charcoal might help those suffering from allergies, let’s start with what exactly activated charcoal is.

Charcoal is essentially made through pyrolysis – heating organic (usually) material in the absence of oxygen at high temperatures. This creates carbon-rich structures often referred to as “char.” In medicine, especially veterinary Medicine we sometimes use Botanic Carbon sources including coconut shells found all along coastlines globally for their vastly positive impact they bring when subjected correctly; During this process ,the smaller particles get removed from these charcoals in-order-to create “activated” charcoals; extremely porous coal consisting mainly of carbon atoms capable of attracting other substances’.

One major key element that makes patients lean towards activated bamboo (or coconut-based) coal products,is its large surface area per gram due-in-large-particular-to-the-number-of-holes within each grain making more space available foe interaction with various substances hence creating efficient absorption capacity than non-carbon materials.Topical uses are endless such as facial masks or supplements ingestion however even better,the goal-treatment!

How Can Activated Charcoal Help With Allergies?

As a medicine and naturopathic treatment, activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and chemicals via adsorption commonly used in the emergency rooms-we do not want any bodily toxins -. While allergies are caused by an immune system reaction that doesn’t involve toxins( always making us actually jealous of those persons without seasonal changes) , it may seem odd to think that activated charcoal could help.

Each allergy sufferer is different therefore the interaction with different allergens will vary. As for allergic reactions from environmental factors like dust mites, pollen (It’s almost illegal how pretty these flowers can be), air pollution or cigarette-smoke, they all have one thing in common: Histamines.

Histamine – makes sure we know that our body is under attack and often overreacts to invaders within… even if they aren’t technically invaders! When a person with sensitivities comes into contact/breathing them in through their noses causing nasal inflammation-release-of-histamines-and-mucous-congestion triggering its signature symptoms!

Due-to-the-ability-of-an-effective allergy relief natural-formula activation – containing specifically-made-for-allergy-relief ingredients mixed together formulating unique coal products specialising mainly for allergy rescue as well ass skin-topical-but wonders have been felt on testing-even though never verified scientifically but same intensity created testimony by various people facing allergic attacks every now n then .

Here comes the science part: when activated carbon gets consumed,it moves straight-down towards digestive tract.All along with-any-thats residing there;If-Histamines-opting to attach themselves-on-carbon rather-than proliferating-through-out-the-body/ other tissues, hypo-critical-experienced-response-can-be-completed in those instances where–it-is-taken-within-minutes-after-being-triggered thus relieving mild to severe cases-(or as prescribed)-otherwise carry-along an EpiPen and rush to Emergency Department!

Are There Side Effects of Taking Activated Charcoal for Allergies?

Healthcare providers usually emphasize taking activated charcoal on an empty stomach or two hours after having a meal. Activated charcoal (due to the same reason it is highly absorbent)can bind up other substances in our gut-efficiently creating…possible issues such as constipation, diarrhea:- so stick with lower dosages when starting out,said no one ever! Never try doing too much too early.

Just like all-natural remedies, individuality prevails – this means what works great for- us-might-not always work-so-well-for-you ,any complication whatsoever ranging from constipation-feelings-of-lethargy nausea-takes-effect-within-few-hours-after-intake; don’t hesitate to consult your MD.

When used externally however,on skin that was previously exposed…. some may-not-have-zero tendency-to black-out in case would rather do amidst indoors only.Nothing pleases us like a healthy dose of caution especially if you have sensitive/ dry/ allergic-prone skin,ladies better-alternative-is-massage-through-cleansing-makeups along-side-release-of-pore blockage prevention by detoxifying agents mix.Similarly,nasal masks containing carbon can be applied(with-care!) over affected sinuses taking heed via manufacturers instructions!

Final Verdict

Activated bamboo charcoal-carbon isn’t likely in any view-point-the universal remedy for allergies although being taken into account,it has aided providing relief hopefully improving quality-life aspects around-allergy sufferers.
Most importantly people should recognize that natural-supplements interactivity varies depending on reactions,it complicates analyzing solid evidence making observations-and-findings essential before treatment commences.Without warning care will determine efficacy and source preferences-open-discussions-before-initiatives.