Does a stye get worse before better?

Are you struggling with a red, swollen bump on your eyelid, accompanied by acute itching and discomfort? Well then hello, my friend! You may have stye – the bane of many an eye owner’s existence. But, be not afraid! For in this article we will educate ourselves about what exactly is Stye and what causes it. We will also clarify whether or not your condition can worsen before healing.

What Is a Stye Exactly?

Contrary to popular belief, styes aren’t little creatures that take residence on our eyes while we sleep (though let’s face it, that’d make for one helluva sci-fi film). So if not aliens from outer space bent on world domination…what are they? A hordeolum (the medical term for a stye), is merely an abscess caused by infected oil glands located at the base of our lashes.

Being surrounded by bacteria daily makes these oil glands easy targets. A compromised immune system could cause the gland to get clogged further aggravating the issue. Soon enough pus collects around said gland for few days till eventually either bursts releasing all that pent up ‘goo’ or gradually receding with prescribed medicine.

How Do I Know If It’s Indeed Stye?

Here are several key symptoms which would indicate you’re dealing with more than just allergies:
– Swelling
– Redness
– Irritation
– Acute itching
Above mentioned signals should prompt visiting nurse/doctor in case matter takes turn for worse looking down barrel of infectioneering because untreated bacterial infections tend to claim sight along with peripheral damage too!

We recommend NOT trying out different remedies found online like warm compresses without professional supervision!

It Hurts Like Hell!! Why Would Anyone Ask If This Common Eye Condition Gets Worse Before Getting Better?

Not only do sufferers across land seem to experience unbearable discomfort, judging from many forums and support groups one can safely assume that most people want to know if their condition will worsen before eventually getting better remains as intriguing question.

See few symptoms may lead you into thinking situation gets worse before healing since:
– Swelling and redness persist for days or even weeks
– The bump grows larger over time, oozing pus

So the query at hand is entirely valid – does it get worse before finally calming down?

Here’s the Simple Answer: Yes!

Aye aye! Before you run around like a headless chicken in desperation let us explain why exactly it keep s worsening initially. See styes commonly progress till they reach inflammation peak which tends to hurt quite distressingly resulting in desire make urgent visit to nearest hospital!

It doesn’t stop there though. Once punctured (dammit! Can we move past this already ;_;) –
Styes tend to reduce or heal completely within regular 2 week period thanks to body’s natural immunity regenerative properties prevalent each of our systems.

What Makes these Pesky Styes Worsen?

Okay so now that we have established initial decline shouldn’t be cause for alarm…why do some people swear their stye(s) wouldn’t’ leave them alone? Answer largely tied up with preventing progression through proper hygienic rituals listed below-

Reusing Stuff Without Disinfecting On Our Eyes

Items must be washed regularly thoroughly including home made remedies (as tempting said solution offered by herbalist was!)
Here are several examples:
– Eye makeup tools (Particularly closely associated with women)
– Glasses
– Contact lenses

Unhygienic Fingers

Touching face repeatedly without washing hands.
Survival tip: Regularly wash hands often…like every three hours at least!


Rubbing eyes unconsciously except you did not pick on the unnecessary act.
Please stop for your own good if current condition accurately fits aforementioned symptoms.

Shared Headgear

Headgears including bathing paraphernalia (rubber ducks) tend to hold germs and bacteria due to humid atmosphere associated with their usage, people swap equipment much more frequently than cleaning them – this may increase one’s chances of getting infected through transmission.

The Final Word:

In conclusion don’t fret if stye occurs; it does happen! If it persists beyond two weeks or starts acting out (getting a funky color) please seek professional aid before situation exacerbates. Practice regular hygienic habits which help prevent progression while minimizing chances one will ever have deal again plus always remember what we talk about in my motto:

“Optometrists can fix vision impairments but they can’t fix clumsiness like bumping into things whilst trying to fix ones spectacles.” Definitely something you should avoid though however hilarious stories related from such events maybe!

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