Does a kiwi have more vitamin c than an orange?

Are you feeling unwell? Or are you in search of a healthy fruit to add to your diet? Look no further! Fruits contain essential vitamins that can lead to improved health. Many fruits are rich in vitamin C, and it is common knowledge that oranges are one of the most popular sources. However, recently many have claimed kiwis have more vitamin C than oranges too – this is precisely what we’re going to explore.

What’s With All The Hype About Vitamin C?

Vitamin C can boost our immune system and play a crucial role in skin quality, iron absorption, wound healing (it helps keep Barbie’s nose on!), as well as prevent scurvy (a disease faced by sailors).

It’s safe to say that any fruit containing high amounts of vitamin c should be celebrated.

Introducing…The Kiwi!

Kiwi is not just for decorating pavlovas or spreading over toast?! – they also offer vital natural supplements beneficial for health boosts! It has been debated whether Kiwis or Oranges offer more vitamin c per serving; let’s dive into these findings.

Let The Comparisons Begin

To compare between both fruits’ potential amount of Vitamin C gained from consumption, using generic measurements describes each items nutritional value side-by-side:

Type Vitamins Amount
Oranges Vitamin A 6%
Thiamine 7%
Riboflavin 3%
Niacin 3 %
   Pantothenic Acid
                                         · B6              · Calcium
                                         · Iron          · Magnesium
                        · Phosphorus         · Potassium
Vitamin C 116.2 % of daily value
Kiwis Vitamin A
   Pantothenic Acid
             -B6         -Calcium
Vitamin C 273.5% of your DV

Ingesting a medium-sized kiwi fruit can provide an abundant amount of vitamin c that helps boost our immune system, especially when consumed regularly (let’s get buying the kiwis!).

What is the Daily Recommendation for Vitamin C?

According to, adults require (roughly) 65-90mg per day and have different requirement levels depending on gender, age and overall health status. Our body fails to produce essential vitamins such as vitamin c – which means we need to integrate them into our diet.

How Are The Amounts Of Vitamina C Calculated For Oranges And Kiwifruit?

It’s easy enough for someone who needs some immediate doses of vitamin c intake or grocery shoppers who are already fascinated about these fruits’ supposed nutritious values, but how were those numbers determined?

Several studies show varying results in measuring each entire fruits’ vitamin c content conclusively effectively. Thus it’s harder considering serving size factors and variations between their storage and producer methods. The instability of vitamin c is also a significant factor in accurately assessing its amounts since it breaks down quickly when exposed to Oxygen, heat or light.

Determining “More”

If we must choose one fruit between the two rich in vitamin C for consumption – the logical conclusion would be that kiwis offer twice more than Oranges does – but only if we need one serving size 141g, which equals three medium-sized kiwi fruits.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both Kiwifruit and Oranges are fantastic sources for Vitamin C– depending on how much you consume. However (bring out the party horns) – IF you’re looking specifically to optimise your daily intake with minimum servings of fruity treats throughout each day – then consuming Kiwis might be worth considering as they have double Orange’s serving size value per measurement – so there isn’t really a definitive end-all answer here (darn it why can’t there ever just BE ONE!!!) Essentially, attention should instead focus primarily on integrating enough nutritious essentials to fit our healthy lifestyle routines.

Get snacking!