Does 7 11 sell plan b?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a bit of a sticky situation and needed some emergency contraception, you may have wondered whether or not your local convenience store stocks Plan B. And if that convenience store happens to be a 7-Eleven, then you might have asked yourself the question: does 7-11 sell Plan B?

Well my dear indecisive friend, I’m here to help answer that very pressing question for you today.

What is Plan B?

First things first – let’s talk about what exactly we’re dealing with when it comes to “Plan B”. You see, Plan B is actually just one version of the morning-after pill – which can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure [note: don’t worry, this article won’t turn into a sex ed lesson].

It works by releasing hormones that stop ovulation from occurring. If there’s no egg released and available for fertilization then sperm has nothing to fertilize [thank goodness science exists].

Can You Buy It at 7-11?

As much as we’d all love to be able to run down the street in our pajamas at odd hours of the night (or day) and grab ourselves some emergency contraception over-the-counter (OTC), chances are pretty slim that doing so could happen at your corner-market.

Although pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS usually stock these kinds of products (including condoms), smaller stores may not carry them due to personal preference/company choice rather than government regulation.

Not All Stores Are Created Equal

While it’s important not assume too much based on appearances alone (I mean come on, there’s pretty big difference between visiting an upscale drugstore vs snagging something quick before movie-night), most people probably wouldn’t expect every single typeof shop they walk into will already carry backup birth control options .

So how can we know whether or not to sate our late-night cravings at a 7-11 and make it worth the trip?

What Do 7-Elevens Sell?

Firstly, before even getting into any specifics regarding Plan B (or “morning-after pill”), let’s take a moment to do some background research on what these stores actually carry.


Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking – this category is kind of a given. But hear me out – being familiar with exactly which snacks your local franchise usually holds can be useful in helping determine if they may also have other unique items you might need urgently (like condoms or emergency contraception) without having to go through an entire online shopping spree first!


Some larger 7-11 locations offer more than just junk food too, so if you find yourself in one of those spots then that could potentially spell better odds for snagging reproductive health gear.

But this also depends on the state/region or country–some areas are stricter than others about carrying certain types of products that don’t fall under local convention.

For example: most people probably wouldn’t expect every single typeof shop they walk into will already carry backup birth control options .


Pharmacies like Walgreens usually stock Plan B although smaller stores may not due to personal preference rather than government regulation.

Let’s suppose there are pharmacies within walking distance or subway ride selection from where someone lives –in which case stopping by one would definitively help answer their woes faster!

Financial Services

That’s right: many banking services – such as deposit taking and ATM withdrawals – can now be performed at your safe neighborhood convenience store [hey, who knows when financial security will be thrown off balance due unexpected parental expenses? Better hope that fancy shmancy bank branch is never closed during unplanned emergencies!]

Other random but useful 7-11 products include charger cables, USB fans and blankets. Because, you know… we all need options sometimes.

Let’s Break it Down: Plan B Availability

Basically speaking? It is unlikely that 7-Eleven stores would have the “morning-after pill” in stock as their inventory isn’t exactly suited for pharmaceuticals or emergency contraceptives (nothing personal convenience store but let’s be real here).

If this should strike fear into your heart (commence dramatic piano music) fret not! You can absolutely find these pills at other types of businesses, such as those aforementioned pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS.

How About Online Ordering?

Nowadays several companies offer online purchasing of Plan B including just going straight to Amazon if they offer same-day delivery where you live!. Now I doubt you’ll mind paying shipping fees in cases when taking dietary advice from Reddit went a bit too far…

Other Options

Good news again: there are also local clinics which could possibly provide immediate help with access to various forms of birth control. Some cities even have hotlines specifically for women who may require assistance right away (everyone loves hotlines don’t they? Listen to some soothing elevator beats while waiting on an actual human operator who will hopefully not judge the hell outta your embarrassing predicament… winning!)

Moving Forward

So ultimately dear reader – although we wistfully yearn for our sandwich heaven-running heroes to one day have reproductive health selections near their delicious slurpee machines [cue future fanfic-fueled fantasies about Slurpees being added as part of OTC goodies sold through vending machines during peak rush-hour traffic stops because why the hell not? Yass capitalism at its finest], chances are slim-to-despairingly-none over them providing urgent contraception options unless they are present on online platforms.

Using your local pharmacy, family planning clinic or even a search engine to educate yourself about the closest available resources is still most likely the best option available when it comes down to the wire in potential unexpected scenarios.

Bottom line? It never hurts (pun intended) to be extra-prepared and knowledgeable since prevention will always trump awkwardness.

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