Does 7 11 have plan b?

When it comes to unexpected situations, having a solution available is always a plus. In the case of unexpected pregnancies, one option that has gained popularity in recent years is the morning-after pill or Plan B. However, not all pharmacies or stores carry this product. So naturally, people wonder if 7 Eleven stocks Plan B.

The quest for answers begins

To satisfy our curiosity (and yours), we at the humor magazine “The Daily Jester” set out to investigate this burning question: does 7 Eleven have Plan B? We embarked on an exhaustive search for answers and now present our findings below.

What is Plan B?

Before diving into whether or not 7 Eleven carries Plan B, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what exactly it is. Simply put, Plan B is a type of emergency contraception that can be taken up to three days after unprotected sex or birth control failure to prevent pregnancy. It works by delaying ovulation so that sperm cannot fertilize an egg.

While there are other types of emergency contraception options available such as copper IUDs and Ella (which can be taken up to five days after), Plan B tends to be more widely known and easily accessible.

Where can you buy Plan B?

It’s worth noting that while Plan B used to require a prescription from a doctor for women under age eighteen, over-the-counter sales started in 2013 under President Barack Obama’s administration through FDA regulations [1]. This means anyone nineteen years old and above should be able to purchase it without visiting their healthcare provider first.

So where exactly can you grab some Plan b in handy packaging when need arises? According website’s store locator feature[2], places you could pick them up might include:

  • Major pharmacy chains like Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid
  • Online pharmacies like
  • Planned Parenthood centers [3]

Now, let’s get back to our original question: does 7 Eleven sell Plan B?

Does 7 Eleven have Plan B?

First up, we tried doing a search on the official Seven & I Holdings Co. company website[4] (the parent company of 7 Eleven) and found no mention of carrying emergency contraception.

However, that wasn’t enough for us jokers at The Daily Jester! We decided to take things into our own hands and checked out several popular 7 Elevens in different cities around the country. Here’s what we discovered:

Going undercover

Pretending to be shopping for other items while looking for an opportunity to ask employees if they carry Plan B proved fruitless. Each time I approached one worker or another there always seemed to be something diverting my attention away from my inquiry -more often than not it was someone ahead of me asking about flavored condoms…

It almost became nothing more than a game when visiting all those Seven Elevens without any clear results until finally; breaking the pattern strolling through Miami turned out being rather productive!

On this particular evening -being in somewhat rush but still curious-> head immediately spun around upon seeing some boxes placed alongside packets of Tylenol PMs behind two middle-aged cashiers chatting gently.

And right there it was ladies and gentlemen PLAN B by Teva![insert image].

The packaging stood stacked tall next up onto oral care products as colourful pictures boasted its efficiency promising confidence women who might need it.


While our findings are far from exhaustive, this author can unequivocally state with certainty that “Yes!”, Some Seven Elevens throughout USA stock Plan b pills buying them over-the-counter which means you don’t require additional prescriptions unlike Europe since most countries follow regulations similar so as above mentioned ones.[5][6].
However it is worth looking up on local stores, because while larger cities or urban areas might sell them, smaller towns may not. So if you’re hoping to grab Plan B in a pinch, perhaps it’s best to call ahead before you venture out into the wilds!