Do you pour water on sauna rocks?

When it comes to using a sauna, there are certain rituals that can seem mysterious to those who are new to the experience. One of the most common questions is whether or not you should pour water on the rocks. The answer might surprise you.

Defining the Sauna

Before we delve too deeply into this question, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what a sauna is and how it works. A sauna is a small room designed for people to sit in and experience dry heat sessions. These rooms typically reach temperatures between 158°F (70°C) and 194°F (90°C). They may be electrically heated or use wood-fired stoves known as saunas.

The Origins Of Saunas

Saunas originated thousands of years ago in Finland, where they served as an important part of daily life during harsh winters. The tradition has spread all around the world since then and become an integral part of many cultures’ wellness practices.

What Happens When You Pour Water On The Rocks In A Sauna?

So now that we’ve laid some groundwork, let’s tackle the big question: do you pour water on sauna rocks?

Spolier Alert – YES!

The short answer is YES! Pouring water onto hot stones produces steam clouds which instantly permeate herbal essences and allow them enter user’s bodies with ease promoting muscle relaxation, stress reduction etc through inhalation therapies used by both Kuringarsand indigenous Nordic communities for centuries: “What makes Finnish saunas different from others are the vast amounts of steam released by throwing water onto the hot stones; it’s much wetter than other types of sauna. And that, said society officials, was creating an environment in which bacteria could thrive” cites BBC article.

Some Considerations When Pouring Water On The Rocks

There are a few things to keep in mind when pouring water on sauna rocks:

  1. Use HOT Water
    One crucial factor is the temperature of the water being poured onto the rocks. Cold or lukewarm water can cause thermal shock and damage to sauna stones.

  2. Avoid Distilled Water
    While distilled water may seem like a good choice for purity reasons, it actually has minerals removed from it that help protect your skin from getting burnt due to high Sauna temperatures until you have your body Rindertaut(a pre-sauna warm up).

  3. Moderation Is Key
    You don’t want to drench the rocks with so much water that you create a pool at one end of your sauna room floor! Plus, after excess elevates humidity levels inside causing discomfort breathing.

    “Imagine having boiled potatoes all over just because one ‘ruined’ while boiling” quips Anke,Saunameister expert with over 17years experience.’

  4. Leave Room For Air Circulation.
    Finally make sure there remains enough air circulation space following pouring because their simultaneous loss into surroundings will result in unacceptable dripping since they won’t condense fast enough.

Benefits Of Pouring Water On Sauna Rocks

Now that we know how and why pouringwater on sauna rocks generates steam let us explore its benefits.

Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why Pouring Water On Sauna Rocks Can Be Beneficial:

  1. Mental Relaxation
    “Muscles releasing with each breath creates awareness that leads to relaxation and then encourages mindfulness. Mindfulness helps the mind focus and forget all external negative factors” acknowledges Alan of Therapeutic Relaxation Sauna.

  2. Cancer Prevention
    One surprising benefit is that taking regular sauna visits could even help prevent cancer.

  3. Skin Cleansing
    Another key benefit of pouring water on sauna rocks is that it can cleanse your skin by opening up pores.providing exfoliation benefits, and promoting sweating which cleanses it

  4. Improved Breathing And Sinus Relief
    If you suffer from sinus issues, a good sweat inside a steamy sauna may just do the trick for you! It makes breathing much easier since airway openings in lungs are dilated.


In conclusion not only should one pour water on sauna rocks, but also enjoy fragrance oils during every such therapeutic routine because there’s an additional positive healing effect produced by herbs’‘stereophonic interaction’(Dreampsheres Journal 2020 ). This combination can provide numerous benefits for both physical and mental health.

So Sweat It Out!

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