Do you need moisturiser with bb cream?

Are you tired of using multiple products to achieve that flawless look? Fear not, beauty enthusiasts, as the revolutionary cream has come to save us from our daily struggles. Yes, we are talking about none other than the BB cream that is all-in-one and immensely popular in recent years.

However, as much as it promises miraculous effects for your skin, one question always lingers: do you need moisturizer with BB cream? Let’s find out!

What Is A BB Cream?

Before answering this query, let’s get familiar with what a BB (beauty balm) cream is. For those who have been living under a rock, it is a multi-tasking formula that serves numerous skincare and makeup purposes simultaneously.

The primary purpose of using a BB cream is to even out your skin tone while imparting hydration and sun protection. Some formulas also offer anti-aging benefits along with serving as primers or foundations.

Why Use A Moisturizer?

Most people think they can skip their moisturizers when they apply their beloved miracle potion known as the Blemish Balm (BB) cream. However, dermatologists suggest otherwise!

Using a face lotion before applying any cosmetics creates an excellent base for better absorption and adherence of the product. Besides preparation purposes, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t ditch your trusted facial emollient:

  1. Hydration

Your skin requires constant hydration throughout the day to maintain its elasticity and plumpness; thus by replenishing moisture before applying anything else gives double assurance against dryness.

  1. Barrier Protection

Moisturizers act like shields between pollutants in the environment and our delicate facial tissues – safeguarding you from potential irritants.

  1. Anti-Aging Features

Face lotions often contain anti-aging ingredients beneficial if used regularly over time- repairing damage caused by environmental stressors or natural aging.

What’s Different About BB Creams?

You might think, what is the point of having a moisturizer when my beauty cream already contains hydration properties? While this may seem like an excellent argument initially, other factors come into play.

BB creams are thicker and denser in texture than most regular facial lotions. Due to their composition being similar to that of foundations, it can clog your pores or worsen acne-prone skin if used too frequently on its own.

Furthermore, basic formulas will not hydrate dry patches as effectively as intended. As a result “cakey” appearances occur where there is more prominent dryness – defeating the purpose entirely!

So Should You Use A Moisturiser With Bb Cream Or Not?

The answer here depends on your skin type and preference- but generally speaking, adding moisturizer before applying BB cream yields better results!

For those with oily or combination skin types: lightweight gels work best since they don’t add excess oiliness giving you that shine-free capability we all love from our beloved formulas! However during colder months opt for slightly emollient formulations until using less heavy ones over time

Suppose you have dry skincare concerns. In that case, apply face lotion first and allow up twenty minutes for absorption or even use additional serums/spot treatments underneath.

With daily use be sure to gradually reduce how much moisture added according to how well incorporated within products- essentially achieving desired coverage without extra thicknesses felt upon application due partly because sunscreen ingredients can cause thick-textured compositions

Never underestimate the power of healthy habits when it comes down maintaining clear & bright complexions – so make sure both an SPF-containing moisturizer then followed by either a tinted moisturizer like BB beautifiers become part of day-to-day regimens – turning dull tired-looking entries alive head-turning stunners once done right

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