Do you have to keep saxenda refrigerated?

Do you have a fresh dose of Saxenda that requires proper storage? Are you confused about whether or not you should keep it in the fridge? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! In this ultimate guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about storing Saxenda safely.

What is Saxenda?

Before we dive into how to store Saxenda, let’s first address what it is. Saxenda is an injectable prescription medication used for weight loss management when combined with diet and exercise. It contains liraglutide, which helps regulate appetite and metabolism.

Saxenda is available in pre-filled pens with different dosages: 0.6mg, 1.2mg, 1.8mg, 2.4mg, and 3mg per injection.

Why Does saxenda Need Refrigeration?

You may be wondering why refrigeration is crucial for saxenda storage—some medications can survive in room temperature just fine. But that’s not the case here because liraglutide needs cool temperatures to remain effective.

If kept at room temperature (up to 77°F), the potency of saxenda diminishes within one month after opening a new pen or two weeks after opening a previously used one (so don’t even think about skipping our tips just because you “haven’t opened” the package yet).

On the other hand, if stored correctly (in a refrigerator between 36°F-46°F), unopened pens last up until their expiration date on printed on them by the manufacturer (which means more time when injected as prescribed means higher chances gaining control over your body weight journey)!

if accidentally exposed at high temperatures due to power outage or any other unfriendly circumstances outside recommended levels mentioned above
(a.k.a You left it out under direct sunlight or forgot it in the car on a hot day), you should discard the pen and start again with a new one.

Storing Saxenda Properly

Now that you know why refrigeration is necessary let’s delve in into how to store saxenda properly:

Choose The Right Storage Place

Keep Saxenda in its box/sleeve within your refrigerator on an inside shelf (not freezer door or vegetable trays); this helps protect it from frost while also keeping it at a consistent temperature.

Pro tip: Do not use the egg holder! Keep your eggs separate from your medication.

Handle With Care And Caution

Gently carry and handle (Don’t shake or drop) used Saxenda pens because they can be easily damaged due to their small size and delicate structure. If punctured, misused, or dropped,
you run the risk of needles breaking which could cause injury & increase chances of infection!
So always tread carefully!

Protect From Freezing and Breakage

Ensure sufficient space exists between each pen in storage to prevent accidental breakage when removing pens for administration.
Avoid storing saxenda close to the freezing unit as temps lower than 36 degrees Fahrenheit causes all liquids including those found within medicines like saxendato freeze! Now noone wants that!

Possible solutions are placing them either next to some beverages,eggs,milk,butter or any other foodstuff labeld Ok by manufacturer just above expiration date OR keeping it enclosed into an ice pack cover till ready for usage.

In case SAXENDA has developed clumps or changed color,get rid of it onto nearest pharmacist ASAP…

Don’t Reuse Needles Or Pens

Please resist temptation (Nope – “Just one more jab won’t hurt!”)to reuse needles/ syringes/pens;it’s unhygienic & could lead up getting infections!
Discard used needles after every injection & unscrew used needle before returning pen to fridge.

Travelling With Saxenda

Keep your saxenda with ice packs when you know you need it for usage before travelling like if attending business trips \
Make sure the TSA knows about this medication!

Saxenda may be stored at room temperature between 59°F and 86°F for up to four weeks in its original packaging. Once out of the refrigerator, do not refrigerate again.


Whether you’re new to Saxenda or a seasoned user (hopefully seasoned enough not to break needles) prevent mishaps by always properly storing your medicine.
Remember, weight loss management is more feasible with effort from both ends- increased activity level & keeping an eye on food intake along getting proper dosage of SAXENDA regularly from a prescription authorised center…

Stay Cool and Happy Reaching Your Health Goals!

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