Do stlth pods have diacetyl?

If you’re a vaping enthusiast looking for an alternative to traditional smoking, then you have probably tried the STLTH pod system. This vape device is known for its sleek design and various flavors. However, one question that keeps popping up is whether or not STLTH pods contain diacetyl.

What Is Diacetyl, And Why Are People Concerned About It?

Diacetyl is a naturally-occurring compound found in many foods like butter and beer. In small amounts, it’s harmless; however, in large doses, it can cause some serious health issues. When heated and inhaled as vapor like when using vapes with diacetyl e-cigarettes, breathing difficulties may arise due to inflammation of airways

The concern around diacetyl revolves around vaping because many e-cigarette flavorings use the compound to give their products a buttery taste (especially custard-flavored liquids). There have been cases where inhaling excessive amounts of diacetyl has caused bronchiolitis obliterans , also known as popcorn lung which affects the small airways present inside lungs.

Now that we understand what diacetyl is let’s dive into the real question: do STLTH pods contain this potentially harmful compound?

The Short Answer

No! All STLTH pod flavors produced after August 2019 are free from any harmful compounds such as diacetyli This means users can enjoy all their favorite flavors without worrying about any negative effects on their health!

The Long Answer

STLTH takes consumer safety seriously; therefore,vaping without including dangerous substances among its ingredients was necessaryfor themto assertthat they produce safe-to-use products. It ensures that none element hazardous could be part of their formula by testing each ingredient required during production stagewhich includes strict checks against Food Grade Ingredients requirements. This concern is why STLTH worked with top Canadian e-liquid companies to reformulate all of their flavors without diacetyl.

What About Old Stock?

If you’ve been using a STLTH device for some time now and have older pods lying around, then it may be a good idea to check the production date. As already mentioned earlier in this article, STLTH started producing all flavor pod after August 2019 that has passed through intensive checks against harmful substances including diacetyl free formula preparations but vape juice produced before this time could still contain traces of diacetyl. If unsure about old stock available at your disposalit should get disposed of since there are possibilities that they might still include dangerous ingredients such as Diacetyl

Other Ingredients Found In STLTH Pods

While we’re on the topic of ingredients in STLTH pods let’s go over what goes into them!

Nicotine Salt Base

The nicotine salt base used in these pods differs from traditional e-juice and provides smoother throat hits than freebase nicotine.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

This compound is one-half the mixture used to create vapor clouds and holds flavorings effectively while also serving as a humectant—which means keeping everything moist!

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Like PG, VG is another half needed for making vapor clouds; however, its primary purpose lies with providing users smooth drags along with an excellent ‘throat hit’ sensation—often desired by vapers.


Just like any e-cigarette product or vaping device out there today, flavoring plays an important role when using STLTH pod systems too! Whatever tickles your fancy: minty freshness or something fruity – rest assured knowing that each option tastes just right inside those tiny oil-releasing cartridges(known as cartriages). The best part? Each component underwent testing before entering STLTHs official lineup to ensure its safety for consumers’ usage.


To wrap it all up, if you’re wondering if STLTH pods contain diacetyl, the answer is no. Every flavor released after August 2019 has passed through intensive checks and tests against harmful substances (including diacetyl), thus ensuring users have access to as safer vaping options without any risks! Remember Always choose reputable companies like STLTH who prioritize your health- while offering an array of deliciously satisfying flavor pod choices—with no hidden dangers.