Do spider bites swell up?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re concerned about your recent bite from an eight-legged freak. Fear not! In this article, we’ll de-spin the facts on spider bites and what to expect beyond the webs of urban legend.

The Venomous Culprits And Their Victims

Like a hunter stalking its prey, spiders come in all shapes, sizes and levels of venomous harm. With over 48,000 species worldwide (yup!), only a handful possess enough poison to cause more than some bitchin’ skin irritation.

Despite popular opinion (thanks Hollywood) their targets aren’t helpless damsels in distress or heroic wall-crawlers named Peter Parker (sorry Spidey fans). Everyone has potential exposure when it comes to these arachnids: campers, hikers or anyone with poor housekeeping habits can end up being bitten by any one of mother nature’s ninja assassins.

So let’s get down to business –— do spider bites swell up after they’ve had their fill?

What Causes Swelling?

Before pondering that question further lets consider something first — if no two spider venoms are alike then logically every bite reaction would be unique too right? While there is truth in that statement (like snowflakes and people wearing Crocs), certain physical symptoms tend to emerge no matter which creepy crawly leaves its mark on our delicate dermis.

For those who experience redness, pain or swelling at the site of contact don’t give into complete panic mode just yet (easier said than done.) It could be due to various factors such as:

  • Amount and type of venom used
  • Quantity injected
  • Person’s age/health status
  • Level of ass-kicking antibodies
  • Location/nearness if twhat essentially bit you.
  • Post bite action (eg: icing, anti-histamines)

Although this complex web of variables can result in range of physical reactions (ew) including fever, itching and abdominal cramps it’s safer to take a less alarmist approach.

Spider Bites And Symptoms

But don’t be misled by that last statement why? Because not all symptoms are the same across every species thus specific spider bites require careful observation.

Widow Woes

The widow spiders belonging to Latrodectus family (haha who comes up with these names?) infamously comprise the trio or Black Widows (Australia also has its own version – Redback Spiders). Identified by their shiny black or dark brown egg-shell markings ,these dangerous dames pack venom possibly lethal if remain unnoticed. Generally speaking victims may experience:

  • Local swelling
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Faster heart-beat
  • Muscle pain/rigidity/ spasms
  • Burning sensation around the skin wound.

A severe reaction known as latrodactism could occur characterized by; vomiting, drenching sweats and even seizures!

Warning — Young children and old people are particularly vulnerable to complications after encountering such sinister sirens so medical intervention is best practice for high risk personas here?

Recluse Reactions

Itsy bitsy where now meeting our next perpetrator –the Brown Recluse! These timid two toned insects want nothing but solitude hence the name. Given they’re nocturnal creatures you might find them hiding out in places like shoes gloves or clothes! Now let’s say their camouflage fails miserably which results into human contact…what then? Here we go…

Symptoms imitating those caused by minor infections hey there are several substances out there that contain necrotic qualities too right? So when examining a brown recluse bite sterilize it first check for following signs over next couple days:

  • Skin discoloration
  • Erythema (continuous red patch)
  • Peeling or flaking of the sore/sting
  • Pain at the bite site
  • Possible formation of a dark fluid filled blister.

Some victims may also experience more systemic reactions such as:

-Fever, chills/ dehydration


Wolf Spiders Bark And Bite

The Mac Daddy (or Momma) Of all huntsmen spiders. You’ve seen one right? Australia’s gargantuan arachnid is best not thought when it comes to spider bites swelling up but let’s get across symptoms too:

-Mild skin reaction such as localised pain and an allergy/affect to bitten area.
-Lactrodectus 2 restylicsid: a fast acting toxin comprised of protein capable destroying cells.
-May cause rapid heartbeat, fever like feelings and vomiting causing great concern in persons who become victimized by lager individuals.
-A possible secondary infection stemming from infection caused by bacteria introduced with venom during processing thru body tissue.

Prevention/ Treatment Of Spider Bites Swelling Up

Obviously avoid playing with spiders they’re likely cooler than you are so don’t risk being bit just for sake gaining cool points.

Beyond that logical statement here are some practical tips other ways how (thanks millennials)
you can handle what happens after contact:

1) Cleaning —This will almost be big enough to have its subhead honestly this is important if seeking minimize potential ruckus from bite because leaving any contaminants over wounded spot can lead eventual infections.

2) Topical Application — An ice pack has been used times without number on cases preventing swelling due drop in skin temperature , alternatively ointments/corticosteroids may help containing inflammation.

3) Getting Better Rest—Bitten area should retreat lower elevation than chest make sure there plenty fresh air circulating whoever is exposed area.

4) Seek Emergency Care Where Necessary — Signs of anaphylaxis or prolonged pain should mmediately be addressed by trained professionals. Some measures taken by medical personnel include administration antivenom, ventilation and wide ranged blood tests.

So there you have it folks! When it comes to spider bites swelling up (one last time for the road) don’t spin your wheels in endless panic. With specific knowledge on individual species camouflaged superheroes with venomous streaks such as Latrodectus brown recluse plus wolf spiders can maybe,, stopped before things get too sticky!

Thanks for reading this ghastly gripping account of well a serious issue won’t lie…but if anything at least now you’ll know more about what’s lurking outside your door or under your bed late night? HAPPY HAUNTING!!

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