Do seasons affect your mood?

Ah, the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter – each with its distinct characteristics that we either cherish or despise. While we all have personal preferences when it comes to a particular season (mine is winter because who doesn’t love being bundled up in blankets?), does the changing climate also impact your mood? Let’s take an observational dive into the human psyche during different times of the year.

Spring: Is It Really As Blissful As We Think?

Spring has sprung! You know what that means, right? Allergies are back in full swing; don’t forget those lovely red eyes and constant sneezing fits which provide you with extra looks from strangers as if they’re suggesting “stay away!” However, aside from seasonal allergies interfering with our otherwise perfect life (sarcasm intended), spring brings change – nature waking up from its slumber! Great things come out of this like longer days filled with warmth, chirping birds filling the air along with blooming flowers everywhere you look. The environment gets prettier than it already was and for a minute everything feels fresh and new-er than ever before!

Happiness Surge In Spring

According to research published by scientific american, humans tend to experience a surge of happiness during springtime — ’spring fever’. With more uplifting spirits leading us towards positive feelings such as joyfulness as well as enthusiasm!

However,declining inner peace due to pollen allergies reduces your total amount of playtime outdoors signaling possible anger rages toward mother nature for bringing about disruption to fun activities outside.

Allergy-Ridden Skies

Even though allergy sufferers might not fully appreciate it — yes indeed spring time is magical season filled mood boosting opportunities.That said,poor air quality will affect some people’s over-all sentiment + energy levels, leaving them more cranky than cheerful on certain days… I personally try drinking lots of fluids with lemon and a pinch of honey when my allergies act up, it works wonders!

Summer: It’s Hot! But We Love It.

Hellooo lengthy daylight hours, hot temperatures, BBQ time and one heck-of-a-good tan being formed. While summer might be thought as the season that brings out everyone’s inner beach bum/goddess in all of us (sun tan lotion please?), research suggests that some people also find it to be depressing at times. Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) phenomenon which affects a small percentage population who get totally bummed about having no other symptoms except lack of enthusiasm sometimes.

Sunlight Makes Us Happy

Don’t forget abundant sunshine during summertime boosts levels production of serotonin “the happy hormone,”that improves the mood besides regulating appetite and sleep patterns!
According to biometeorologists, high temperatures have negative effects on mood so while outdoor activities are fun,frequent hydration is essential too!

Fall: The End Of Butterflies And Bees…

Upon the arrival of autumn we embrace cooler weather, shorter days – nature puts on its coat & gorgeous foliage appears everywhere you look… This unique romantic scenery does guarantee good vibes to most individuals especially since many traditionally love Halloween but what shadows underneath?

Sadness Creeps In..

This feeling has been appropriately dubbed ‘autumn anxiety.’This could be due to our brain preparing for colder bluish-light free afternoons & earlier nights which contrasts from enjoying full evenings outside just as much before Hence signs anxiety may creep in resulting into lower concentration or even feelings doom-spiraling into extended depression if unchecked

Snuggled In Bed syndrome

It isn’t strange how rapidly our sleeping cycles become scattered confusing us thereby decreasing amount quality bedtime necessitating multiple alarms until winter formally announces itself!:(
If you’re like me,you will experience a strong urge bed-snuggling for long periods because realistically speaking our bodies need restful environments in order repair from external stressors such as work overload!

Slippery Slope Of Fall

As we advance further into autumn,we’ll likely start experiencing mood swings trying to cope with changing temperatures and decreased sunshine exposure. Shortened days disrupt serotonin production making it harder for us to boost our moods — which issues in a surge depression amongst other feelings of worthlessness.
Let’s just say by mid-autumn make sure you catch up on ample sleep, exercise,eat plenty warm vegetable soups facilitate healthy nourishment so that when winter tips around the corner — emotionally/mentally stronger mind awaits.

Winter: Season To Be Jolly Or NOT?

Are those bells jingling? Yes,holiday season is finally arrived! With these merry celebrations decorating streets everywhere there should be no doubt that humans experience excitement like never before.Still,winter also brings some nuisance whether it’s:
Slipping on frosty pathways
Scaliness & dry itching scalp
No escape from coughs,sneezes + endless sniffles

Nevertheless not all hope is lost during this season..the key part battling seasonal depression is keeping an eye our circadian rhythm. This cycle controls hormone balance as well regulates metabolism; hence towards end of year supplement melatonin using artificial lights.Hence boosting your overall emotional state…

Holiday Blues?

However,drama fests occur within family/friend sphere creating unneeded overwhelming pressure-inducing anxiety sometimes leading one down rabbit holes filled mixed emotions&overall melancholy states… low interest sustaining self care routines needed daily planning leads to mood-swings sometimes at dangerous levels.

In Conclusion

All of these considerations present outward evidence suggesting there could very possibly be a link between seasons and human moods.Questions arose based much research but still remains rather subjective depending person-to-person thus incapable generalization – allowing each individual their personal preference(s) without physical or emotional strain. Nonetheless, it’s important to pay attention signs emotions or unusual behavior patterns and seek professional help if needed!

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