Do polyps cause abdominal pain?

Are you feeling some discomfort below your belly button? Is it causing tension between you and your toilet bowl? Well, before you rush to the doctor’s office with a sense of impending doom because Dr. Google told you so, let’s dive in a little deeper (pun intended) into what is really causing that abdominal pain. Let’s talk about polyps!

What are Polyps?

Polyps! They’re not just something found on a sea turtle’s shell or SpongeBob SquarePants’ household pet. Polyps are abnormal tissue growths that can develop in various parts of the body such as the nose, uterus, bladder, colon and stomach. But what does this have to do with abdominal pain? Well my dear Watson…

The Colon Connection

One area where people often ask if polyps cause abdominal pain is in our intestines – more specifically in our colons (not the ones at Potbelly Sandwich Shop).

When these delightful little polyp guys grow large enough within our colon walls, they may start pressing against other organs or even block sections of our intestine like cars backed up on I-405 during rush hour traffic.

So Can Polyps Actually Cause Abdominal Pain?

Well…not quite so fast there Speedy Gonzales! Just because you’ve got some intestinal passengers doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be throwing an “abdominal block party” anytime soon.

In fact, only certain types of polyp growths would typically cause any belly-button crying out for momma kind-of-pain:

  • Adenomas: benign growths associated with developing cancer cells
  • Inflammatory Hppolps: formed due to chronic inflammation
  • Juvenile : seen commonly among young adults.

The likelihood of different types of bowel tumors appearing depends upon one’s diet and lifestyle habits.Super sizes off the menu or erratic eating habits increase the chances. Just when we thought poor diet only had a negative impact on our waistlines, am I right?

So, What’s The Verdict Doc?

So there you have it folks. While certainly not unheard of, polyps are not always to blame for your abdominal pains- there could be other causes. But if you ever find yourself doubled over and caterwauling in agony like a 2-year-old set loose in their infamous Terrible Twos phase- do consult your physician!

Chances are they will put you through some tests that may include colonoscopy (a.k.a fun with cameras and sedation) to screen for possible polyp growths.

Prevention Rules

And because no one wants problematic fleshy little gals growing within them:

  • Keep up with healthier food choices
  • Stay hydrated
  • Maintain good hygiene practices.

Hmm. Maybe SpongeBob’s Gary should pay attention too!