Do narcissists fall in love with other narcissists?

Ah, love. That elusive feeling that can turn even the coldest of cynics into hopeless romantics. But what happens when two narcissists come together? Is it a match made in heaven or a recipe for disaster?

The Allure of Mirror Images

Have you ever looked at your reflection and thought, “Wow, I’m amazing”? Of course you have! We all have our moments of self-appreciation. But imagine if that feeling never went away – if you were constantly obsessed with yourself and expected everyone else to be too.

That’s the reality for many narcissists. They crave attention and admiration like oxygen and will stop at nothing to get it.

Enter another narcissist who feels exactly the same way – they’re like two peas in a pod! They understand each other’s insatiable desire for praise and validation because they share it themselves (and let’s be real, who doesn’t love being around someone who thinks you’re as awesome as you do?).

The Benefits (and Drawbacks) of Dating Yourself

So what happens when two people with incredibly high opinions of themselves start dating? For starters, there’s no shortage of compliments flying back and forth between them.

“Your hair looks amazing today!”

“No, YOUR hair looks amazing!”

It’s enough to make an outsider gag from secondhand embarrassment. But beyond the mutual fawning lies some potential pitfalls.

It Takes Two Egos to Tango

When both parties in a relationship are hyper-focused on their own needs and desires, compromise is hard to come by. And let’s not forget about those inevitable moments where one person messes up or falls short – for most healthy couples this is an opportunity for forgiveness and growth; but true narcissists might struggle with taking responsibility or making amends (it wasn’t my fault I was late – traffic was terrible!).

The Competition is Fierce

In many healthy relationships there’s an element of support and encouragement – partners cheer each other on, comfort each other in tough times, etc. But with two narcissists in a relationship the stakes are raised – this is now a competition to see who can outshine the other.

“Oh, you got promoted at work? That’s great but have you seen MY new car?”

It’s hard to build a foundation of trust and intimacy when everything feels like a power struggle (and heaven forbid one person gets more followers on Instagram than the other).

Breaking Up (or Not)

While two narcissists may be drawn together initially by their shared admiration for themselves (who wouldn’t want to date someone who thinks they’re as fabulous as Beyonce?), it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stay together forever.

When the Magic Wears Off

Often what drew them to each other becomes tiresome or boring over time (Yes, I know my hair looks amazing but can we talk about something else now?). Or maybe one partner starts feeling neglected or undervalued and decides it’s time to move on.

But here’s where things get tricky – narcissists aren’t known for handling rejection well (“What do you MEAN you don’t think I’m perfect?”) so breaking up could lead to some serious drama. It might take several tumultuous attempts before both parties fully disengage from each other (they’ll probably post lots of passive aggressive tweets in between).

When Two Become One…Big Mess

Alternatively, if neither partner wants to give up their coveted mirror-image dynamic then they may stay stuck in an unhealthy cycle indefinitely (cue dramatic music). This could involve constant bickering and manipulation tactics used by both partners until they finally implode under the weight of their own egoes

(or worse yet: birth EVEN MORE narcissistic children).

The Verdict

So, do narcissists fall in love with other narcissists? Yes, it’s entirely possible. (Birds of a feather and all that…) But just because two people are drawn to each other initially doesn’t mean their relationship will be healthy or fulfilling long-term.

At the end of the day, we could all stand to take ourselves down a peg or two and focus more on our partners’ needs rather than our own (hey, even THE Donald Trump himself would agree – I’m sure you’ve read ‘The Art Of The Deal’). So maybe instead of looking for someone who mirrors your perfection why not seek out someone who challenges you to grow as a person?

(That being said: perfect hair game is still important – let’s not get carried away here).

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