Do narcissists date other narcissists?

When it comes to dating, there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, not all types of people get along with each other. For example, a narcissist might prefer dating someone who equally shares their ego-driven lifestyle and tendencies. So, do narcissists date other narcissists? The answer is not so surprisingly yes.

What is a Narcissist?

Before we dive into the world of narcissistic relationships, let’s define what a narcissist actually is. A person qualifies as a forerunner if they have an extremely exaggerated sense of self-importance and attention-seeking behavior that borders on insanity.

Narcissistic individuals often show signs such as:

  • Excessive need for admiration
  • Lack empathy towards others
  • Tendency to manipulate & exploit people around them

While some believe that everyone possesses certain traits associated with being a forerunner or even suffer from occasional bouts of megalomania, true ”narcissism” entails more than just mere arrogance or vanity -it’s an actual psychological disorder similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder (O.C.D.) or bipolar disorder().

Why Would Two Narcs be Happy Together ?

If you meet one person who loves the sound of their own voice and would sit through hours-long discussions about themselves without any dejection whatsoever then why not double your enjoyment in life by finding someone exactly like yourself? Besides that,’like attracts like’ especially when it comes to personality traits making two narcs potentially fun-loving during initial excitements when both spouses bask in mutual adoration devoid criticism & constructive introspection !

Yet those heady moments daze quickly since once honeymoon phase ends every feeling evaporates within weeks and reality set’s in causing potential roommates further damage .

So why do these couples stay together despite having unhealthy relationship patterns? Simple -they reinforce one another’s self-worth and validate each other’s opinions to maintain a facade of unbridled success, in turn, nurturing their egos.

A Narc + Narc Relationship: The Good & Bad

In all relationships both partners should complement each other often sharing traits that the other party may lack. Hence being blindly narcissistic will not inherently generate rancour within the bond rather spicing things up initially.

The Benefits:

  • Their sexual energy is explosive.
  • Both parties reap immense support from one another such as admiring everything about themselves -their clothes, possessions even achievements.
  • They enjoy activities together where attracting public eye remains their top priority if they ever find time between selfies!

The Loopholes:

As previously stated ,these two wild fires when put into a confined space tend to erupt violently without any damage control meaning these headstrong individuals can’t compromise at all leading towards an almost imminent disaster –

  • Self-esteem issues could arise because neither partner opens up or wholeheartedly communicate which could strain bonds
    families and careers often become intertwined in parallel leaving little opportunity for genuine growth or diversification professionally.
  • Moreover,the absence display of true emotions leaves them empty inside eventually further corrupting relationship dynamics causing severe trust issues between them.

A Loveless Marital Disaster

Severe personality disorder leads to broken marriages there’s no doubt this is why it’s important we must bear some truth here . That isn’t just experts talking but with around half population suffering,simply means life shattering consequences post falling out leading us back to our primary question !!

So if narcissists date other narcs,you’d expect ideal matches right ?

Well,no — despite common initial sparks,Tuco (yes based on breaking bad character) said best,”men I love going home after women they are done loving”. Eventually something has caused absurdity both spouses have never witnessed before ———– boredom . When two people are set on the idea of flaunting everything at all times , what possibility can remain for a healthy bond? They’re living their lives as if “the show must go on” always – with no understanding of constructive criticism and reflective introspection.

When boredom kicks in there’s nothing to save relationship or to fix it — eventual silent realisation their union is only meant to feed one another’s desires(whatever they may be) leaves them resenting each other more than ever, being served as fuel adding further flames towards disastrous endgame.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Barrier To True Love

A narcissist often wants different things from life compared to an average person keen on intimacy and committed relationships. For these people love takes backseat over their need for unending admiration & attention .

They prefer maintaining a strong outer appearance even when inside they could feel distressed, which indicates that any serious commitments are too taxing much less being asked.

It’s also noteworthy that those who seek therapy possess certain traits however working through personal issues would eventually lead towards a better future even post therapy sessions

Looking at current trends ,narcissism amongst young adults has risen drastically making modern dating game more complex than before ! Dating today involves navigating around multiple mental health related barriers resulting in desire for non-committal flings generating distance between couples rather than bridging gaps uncomfortably present already! So yes,two narcissist might date initially but serious nobody expects it work out well!

Inconclusive Yet Achingly Familiar

In conclusion – ‘like attracts like’ often mistaken not as warning rather proposition where enthusiastic compliments cloak severe flaws underneath causing dilemma within prospective romances leaving no choice lasting friendships maybe optional yet long term relationships never do settle down happy tandems thrive especially amidst compromising habits.



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