Do kegel balls help with bladder control?

As a person with a bladder, it’s not uncommon to experience occasional leaks or the feeling that you simply can’t “hold it” any longer. But what if there was something out there that could help control your bladder and take care of those pesky leaks for good? Enter: kegel balls.

What Are Kegel Balls?

Before we dive into whether or not they actually work for bladder control, let’s first talk about what kegel balls actually are. Essentially, these little weights are designed specifically to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic floor muscles? you may wonder (in case you didn’t know this stuff) Well, in layman’s terms, here are two benefits of strong pelvic muscles:

  • It helps support organs like the uterus and bladder
  • Stronger pelvic floors make sex better

Now back to kegel balls – They come in many different shapes and sizes but most commonly consist of small weighted balls attached by a string/thread used for retraction. The idea is that by inserting them inside your vagina and holding them in place via muscle contraction it will improve their strength

So Why Use Them?

You might be wondering why someone would even need to use these things in the first place Let us tell you one scenario: childbirth! When ladies have liquid gold coming through (yep) from their babies during delivery some damage happens which sometimes results in weakenedbut very crucial pelvic muscles.People who don’t give birth also can get weaker pelvics because of aging since collagen levels tend to decrease as we grow older making connective tissues unable carry weight efficiently This leads to issues like urinary stress continence where simple everyday movements such as laughing , coughing , sneezing become unfortunate mishaps leading to embarrassing leakage situations

Kegal exercises may be helpful too but honestly who wants painful 5 minutes of repetitive muscle contraction? Kegel balls are a welcomed alternative for less time spent, more fun, and potentially better results.

Do They Actually Work?

Here’s the burning question: do kegel balls actually work for bladder control? While there is no clear-cut answer to this question (surprise surprise!), many people have reported positive results from using them. When you use kegel balls regularly as part of your routine, it’s not uncommon to experience stronger pelvic floor muscles overall.

This can result in several benefits including:

  • Better bladder control

  • Improved sexual pleasure (win-win!)

But don’t expect overnight miracles or instant perfection(unless you’re Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson) . Consistency is key! It will be minimum 2 weeks before any difference will show up so patience dear ones

Get Comfortable

Now let’s get down to business!!!Let us give you some tips on how to use them successfully:

  1. Find a comfy position – lying down may help if you’re new at this but when confident enough standing or walking around can also add additional strengthening benefit

  2. Insert slowly – Start by gently inserting one ball first only then after feeling comfortable with that proceed accordingly

  3. Squeeze and Hold once inside the muscle should contract fully , try holding contraction for about three seconds afterwards relax starting again with relaxing actions .
    rinse and repeat with our next point

  4. Build endurance: There are different weights available ; starting off small/less heavy gradually increasing weight helps build strength eventually working up towards heavier sets as progress happens

  5. Clean well: Hygiene guys hygiene – always ensure they’ve been cleaned before insertion AND after taking out

Happy squeezing!

While it might seem like just another trendy way for companies target peeps’ wallets, kegel balls have indeed helped countless folks gain improved pelvic health Just remember:consistently using it paired with healthy exercises and lifestyle is key. Who doesn’t want better bladder control and an exciting sex life? Do yourself a favor and give them a try!