Do i need a prescription for tranexamic acid?

Are you looking for a medication that can prevent or stop bleeding? Are you wondering if tranexamic acid is the drug for you, and whether or not it requires a prescription? Look no further! In this article, we’ll dive into what tranexamic acid is and whether or not it’s available over-the-counter.

What is Tranexamic Acid?

Tranexamic acid is an antifibrinolytic agent. Fibrinolysis is the natural process your body goes through to dissolve clots. Antifibrinolytics prevent excessive clot breakdown and decrease blood loss by stopping fibrinolysis. And yes, I googled that definition.

Tranexamic Acid has been used in surgeries since the 1960s but started being used more widely on accident victims after research showed its efficacy in reducing mortality rates post-trauma.

Nowadays, tranexamic acid tablets are primarily prescribed as part of oral treatment before and during menstrual cycles under brand names such as Cyklokapron.

Is Tranexamix Acid Over-The-Counter (OTC)?

In short: No. You cannot buy tranexaminic (sic) online without seeing your doctor first – sorry!

Technically speaking, Yes. If buying from one of those dodgy unlicensed pharmacies which pop up occasionally then sure! But buying drugs off sites with sketchy security protocols obviously isn’t advisable – so let’s stick with ‘no.’

The world-famous Walrus Pharmacy could well have stocks of Bloody Hexadimethrine Bromide lying around… but probably not any prescriptive medications like TA. Even places where non-prescription medicines are sold do NOT stock TA at will; hence why physician consultation remains necessary because they know what they’re doing™️ 🙂


Pro-tip: Make friends with someone who works in a hospital — preferably someone in procurement. Alternatively, make friends with your pharmacist. If they’re feeling generous, they might gift you some leftover tablets that won’t be used before their expiration date.

Another pro-tip: Make sure the amount given is for personal use only and doesn’t exceed 800mg every eight hours or more than five days of usage without watching out for complications or adverse effects.

How Effective is Tranexamic Acid?

If you suffer from cycles induced heavy bleeding or have an autonomic disease causing you to bleed excessively, tranexamic acid has been shown to be effective by multiple studies.

Study Patients included Results
2017 review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) 998 women A reduction in menstrual loss at day five was found among and between transaminic acid users and the control groups across all RCTs monitored
This Cochrane Library study published results showed TA quickly reduced mortality rates after trauma

Because TA stops blood clots breaking down too quickly, it limits excessive bleeding caused by said clots dissolving prematurely.

Clinically speaking:

  • This drug can limit heavy blood flow during menstruation
  • It prevents dangerous hemorrhages post-surgery
    Although other antifibrinolytics are also available to treat these conditions successfully.

Tranexamix (stop correcting me Google!) Acid has also recently been studied on its efficacy towards Covid19 patients but whilst promising information existed regarding potential effectiveness often fatal side-effects such as thrombosis happened so no conclusive agreement was reached about it’s usefulness overall.

What Will The Doctor Want To Know Before Prescribing Tranexamic Acid To Me?

Your physician will want answers related to;

  1. Gastrointestinal problems: extreme abnormal fecal matter or vomiting etc.
  2. Other allergies, esp to medications like tranexamix acid
  3. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid taking these pills- don’t even consider it!
  4. History of seizures
  5. Blood disorders causing the formation of clots for anything else such as a blood clot after surgery.
    6.Oversensitive nasal cavity issues.

If you’re preparing to take TA before surgical procedures,
you’ll give a detailed history about all past and current medication usage.

What Are The Side Effects of Tranexamic Acid?

Like any medicine or prescribed drug, some side effects come with the use of Tranexaminic (google’s spelling lol) Acid:

  • Digestive problems (bleeding, diarrhea)
  • Allergic reactions (Hives; itching; skin rash)
  • Visual disturbances e.g., strange eye events, sudden blurred vision.)
  • Asphyxiation/asthma attacks may increase in frequency


Below are more rare side-effects directly from WikiPedia;

Rarely Uncommonly Commonly
Headaches Confusion & dizziness Nausea
Orthostatic hypotension (“dizzy rush” when standing up too quickly from sitting”) Shortness Of Breath Skin rashes
                                                                                                          - Wikipedia

However terrifying this list is on its own merit panic not because clinical trials indicate that the percent experiencing said side-effects is typically low anyway.

Summary: Prescription Required

In summary, it is safe to say that tranexmic(sic again Google-seriously?) acid requires prescription no matter where you live globally yet do check beforehand all available options with your doctor who can help choose the best treatment personalized for your bleeding reduction needs.

It should be noted simply cutting on other aspects like giving muscle relaxants within sufficient time around menses or using iron supplements for existing anemia can both be viable alternatives if your condition isn’t serious.

Best to get checked first, just to make sure.

Stay safe and have expedited recovery!

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