Do i have a yeast infection quiz?

Are you feeling itchy down there? Are your nether regions sporting some funky odors? If so, don’t freak out just yet. You may be experiencing something very common amongst women: a yeast infection.

But how can you be sure before visiting the doctor and making things even more awkward than they already are? That’s where this quiz comes in handy! Take this quiz to find out if you have a yeast infection or if it’s just another case of bad hygiene.

So what exactly is a yeast infection?

Before we dive into the quiz, let’s first answer that question boggling your mind: What is a yeast infection?

In simple terms, it’s an overgrowth of Candida fungus in your vagina that causes irritation, itchiness and discharge.

Fun fact: The name “Candida” came from its Greek root word meaning “white.” This might not seem like fun knowledge now but remember this tidbit because you’ll need to know what white substance will start oozing out when dealing with vaginal thrush!


Now back to those annoying symptoms:

  • Burning sensation
  • Itching
  • Discharge resembling cottage cheese (yum)
  • Foul odor
  • Redness and soreness around vaginal area

If these symptoms sound familiar – whether mildly uncomfortable or severely unbearable – then let us help diagnose for you.

Are you ready for your test?

Please score yourself one point for each statement below that applies:

  1. [ ] I’m scratching my genitals as I take this quiz.
  2. [ ] There seems to be unusual swelling ‘downstairs’.
  3. [ ] There is burning on urination e.g., fire department getting contacted.
  4. [ ] Experiencing severe itching/scratching makes me question having fleas..everywhere!
  5. [ ] Painful intercourse has become a topic of discussion with your partner.
  6. [ ] There’s cottage cheese coming out from the vagina…but not by choice!
  7. [ ] A sour smell overpowering even Lady Gaga’s Perfume!
  8. [ ] Feeling like you are constantly “wet.”
  9. [ ] Unusual bleeding during periods, despite regular & normal length period.


Count up your scores and take note of your total points.

  • 0-1: Congratulations! You don’t have a yeast infection or any other issues with hygiene (we would hope).
  • 2-4: Hmm, it looks as though you may be experiencing some slight symptoms indicating towards candidiasis/Yeast Infection(s). Keep an eye on things down below; maybe refreshing that soap body wash sooner than later might assist as well.
  • 5+: OH SNAP, It seems there is a high degree of probability for catching Yeast infections regularly/having active candidiasis in sight under the belt area 🚨🚨🚨 – Don’t panic! Consult the doc immediately and while waiting avoid introducing sugar and dairy-heavy foods into your diet, anything sweet can feed the already growing Candida strain!

Word to wise: Over-the-counter creams like Monistat might help alleviate yeast infections to some extent but if symptoms worsen or continue after use, please consult gynae before continuing self medication (ain’t worth it Sis!).

Prevention Measures

Ok now prevention tips so we don’t go through this discomfort anymore!

Here are ways to prevent future outbreaks:

  1. Breathability -Wearing well-fitting cotton based delicates aids proper breathing thus avoiding growth space/conditions for thrush/staph bacteria
    2.Cleanliness – Regular bathing/shower routine at least once everyday keeps pertinent areas clean!
    3.Change Solution on Time – Avoid leaving tampons/pads long hours(unhealthy)- change from time to time
  2. Garments – Loose clothing is lifesaver/no growth space for fungal odysseys
  3. Diet control – Sugar-heavy foods like candy and hence dairy, processed food should be avoided as they tend to feed unwantedly Candida strain in your system.

And that’s it ladies! Hope this quiz helped enlighten you thoroughly on the painful process of Yeast Infections; one wouldn’t want any torture down there! Remember we’re all in this together and regular hygiene care can easily avoid thrush outbreaks thus no disrupted plans!

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy 💖

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