Do i have a slipped disc quiz?

Do you think you might have a slipped disc? Are you tired of scrolling through countless medical websites not even knowing half the terms they’re using and wishing for one simple guide that could help you answer your question with just a few clicks?

Well, look no further! We’ve got the ultimate ‘Do I Have a Slipped Disc Quiz’ for all your back-related worries.

Before starting this quiz, please note that we are not doctors nor do we pretend to replace them. Our quiz is simply an educational tool designed to provide some guidance and raise awareness about potential symptoms. If you are experiencing any severe pain or discomfort, please seek professional advice before making definitive conclusions.

What exactly is a slipped disc?

To put it in layman’s terms, discs are like rubbery cushions that sit between each pair of bones (vertebrae) in your spine. They anchor our vertebrae together while allowing us flexibility in movement.

So when one of those ‘cushions’ gets damaged, usually due to age-related wear and tear or trauma such as falling from skydiving, it can partially or completely rupture causing the center (nucleus pulposus) to protrude into the spinal canal which houses our nerves. This leads to inflammation, irritation of nearby nerves and ultimately pain.

Symptoms: My back hurts A LOT but does it mean I have slipped disc?

This one’s tricky because back pain can result from many different causes but here are some tell-tale signs that may hint toward slip-disc related issues:

  • You experience sharp shooting pains especially while bending forward/standing up
  • The pain radiates down your leg(s)
  • Numbness/tingling sensation accompanies backaches
  • It hurts more when sitting down

Am I at risk?

Anyone who has ever had some sort of physical activity is prone to experiencing a slipped disc, let alone those who have:

  • Poor posture
  • Lifting heavy objects regularly
  • Age-related wear and tear

The Quiz:

Here are some questions to help you assess whether or not you might be experiencing symptoms of slip-disc.

  1. Do you experience back pain?

    1. Yes/No
  2. How would you describe the pain?

  3. Dull ache

  4. Sharp shooting/stabbing pains

  5. Do these discomforts worsen when coughing/sneezing?

    1. Definitely worse/ Not particularly affected by it
  6. Does your lower back hurt more than your upper one?

    • Lower back gives me major troubles/I cannot even sense my upper body right now!

5.Does the radiating pain travel only down ONE leg or both alike?

A.Unilateral (only on one side)

  I) Left Leg

 II) Right Leg

B.Bilateral (on both sides)

6.Do any other sensations/pains like numbness or tingling go along with the backache?

7.Has there been prior knee-jerk reflexes during routine check-outs conducted recently? Or was that dog Jojo just too cute to daze off?

Now Here’s Your Result:

Results Symptoms
Yes! You have a slipped disc! Sharp/shooting/stabbing pains, mainly in lower back region but possibly spreading to legs

Congratulations, what a fun game this quiz turned out to be.

Kidding aside, if result points towards having a potential slip-disc issue please do consult with registered medical professionals as soon as possible for further inspections and treatment options.

If results turn negative don’t hesitate in seeking professional opinion should discomfort continue over time.


In summary, while our quiz is no miracle worker, it can provide helpful guidance in recognizing potential symptoms of a slipped disc. Remember, pain is our body’s way of warning us that something might not be right and we should always take it seriously.

We hope this quiz helped you gain some useful insights and have fun along the way!

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