Do hernias heal over time?

If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s the fact that our bodies are kinda weird. One of the weirdest things they do is develop hernias. While these little bundles of fun don’t usually pose a life-threatening risk, they can be pretty uncomfortable and annoying. Therefore, many people ask themselves: “Do hernias heal over time?”

What even is a Hernia?

Before we dive into whether or not your body will magically fix your groin-bump, let’s first discuss what a hernia actually means. Ok brace yourself because things might get weird from here on out.

A hernia happens when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in a muscle or surrounding tissue wall which should hold it back to stay where it belongs… I know you’re probably wondering ‘what?!’ but bear with me ya’ll! Now listen up because here comes something real technical- A inguinal hernia, for example occurs when fatty tissue slips through the inguinal canal (which lies at base junction between belly and leg) and ends up lurking around in front of thigh like well..a stranger looking too lost to find their way home 🙄 (Pretty sure this was NOT taught by my biology teacher in high school btw) These little lumps can sometimes cause discomfort during exercise or sexual activity; Not cool.

Symptoms Galore

Now if you’re feeling worried about having these small-but-nasty lil growths popping up on your juicy thighs then getting familiar with symptoms definitely helps decode what’s happening down there.(or anywhere else in ya bod).. So folks look out for :

  • Pain…(weird huh? Who would’ve thought that having something chilling inside ripped body parts could hurt)
  • Discomfort
  • protrusion along groin/upper thigh region
  • Swelling
  • Redness(this isn’t Santa’s suit we’re talking about here folks)

What Causes Hernias?

If you’re here wondering why hernias even exist then don’t worry babes, because god himself does not know. Well okay..maybe there are a few explanations. Genetics have been known to play a role in developing it, and things like pregnancy or obesity can also trigger an onset.

Not all hope is lost as exercises that strengthen core muscles (like kegels or abdominal crunches) help with prevention of any weakness developing in muscle/ tissue which means holding your breath for just one moment won’t lead to sudden hamstring snatch (phewww)

Can Hernias be Fixed Without Surgery?

People often wonder if they’ve got these belly-bumps under control without having to go through the harsh process of surgery while some people think life is too short to deal with this mess on their own and chose the surgical route tout suite.(check out fancy our french is already!)Firstly, stomach bumps do NOT get smaller over time- so let’s nip that {delusion bubble } right now because ignoring it only leads to increased pain leading up giving drumroll please—the power back into the hands of surgeons who ultimately perform an operation anyways.

That being said,it’s possible (emphasis on possible) for alternative treatments such as physical therapy sessions, wearing support briefs/harness belts & taking judicious doses of OTC pain relievers may alleviate symptoms;However,the odds still aren’t exactly stacked against hernia resolution sans intervention.Most professionals will advise going ahead with surgery but work with ya’ll involved patients on post-operative strategies for smooth recovery assuming hell freezes over and they actually care beyond check cashing 😉

Of course,surgery has risks(strangulation,infection,dysfunctional bowl movements etc.)but would love it If man could travel centuries forward when medical technology becomes equivalent SUPER POWERS(??) Until then, surgery is the go-to option here.

Alright Profesh.. How Does Surgery Work?

Doctors love cutting up humans whenever they get a chance- JUST KIDDING! But seriously..(shudders) surgery may seem daunting but it’s probably not as bad as dealing with constant pain and annoying growths. Most of the time, laparoscopic or “keyhole” surgeries are carried out which only need a couple incisions for little cauterizations, mesh insertions or sutures at sight; In some situations doctors find it necessary that inches-long cuts to allow larger access during operation might be required (wowza). Either way , post-surgery definitely requires chill mode turned on since recovery can take upto 2-6 weeks – because who doesn’t like heavy lifting restrictions (cries)

The Bottom Line

In conclusion and just in case ya’ll missed the memo earlier: hernias do NOT heal themselves over time.Catching them early increases chances of alternative treatments (that we still aren’t too sure about) being efficient but ultimately, under most circumstances plan A remains going through surgical route while picking dresses off salons shelf without chaffing around those thighs (but let’s be real-do these exist?) & succumbing to post-op recovery demands.Be gentle with yourselves,give your body attention when weird stuff starts happening down there (thank you traffic jams Iftar parties &…oh whatever else)and remember,you’re bootyful either way 😉😉

Disclaimer: Please consult medical professionals if any additional questions arise after reading this article.