Do hangovers cause shortness of breath?

Let’s get straight to the point. We’ve all been there – waking up with a pounding headache, dry mouth, and feeling like you just ran a marathon in your sleep. And sometimes, we may also experience shortness of breath gasp.

But is this normal? Or should we be running to the hospital thinking it’s COVID-19? In this article, we will explore whether hangovers can cause shortness of breath or if it’s just another urban myth.

The Science Behind Hangovers

Before we dive into answering that question about shortness of breath, let’s first understand what happens when you have a hangover.

When we consume alcohol (which hopefully most people are old enough to do), our liver breaks it down into acetaldehyde – basically poison for our bodies. Our liver then processes it again into acetate which doesn’t damage as much alcoholics’ livers –still waiting for sponsored slogan by some liquor company-.

During the process above though, dehydration occurs as alcohol acts as a diuretic causing collective dehydration during an outing at frequent times.

This leads us to experience headaches (thanks Drank) along with other symptoms such as nausea and stomach pain; these effects are concentration related due to poor metabolism accomodation rather than accumulated body carbon dioxide from breathing usually seen in pulmonary disorders associated with Shortn… coughs..

Can Hangovers Cause Shortness Of Breath?

Now onto the big question: can hangovers cause shortness of breath? Unfortunately yes, they can!

Hangovers can lead us down many paths before infinity possibilities apply but one particular phenomenon directly influenced is respiratory depression while maintaining elevated heart rates comparable only to COPD patients – so go ahead and cancel that morning jog if you opt-in on taking shots until 4 AM.

The elevated levels can expose individuals apart from having prolonged periods impacted by constant alcohol consumption at the party or club scene, causing us to breathe faster and more shallow (a mini panic attack can also trigger this).

Additionally to everything already mentioned above -pretty sure i did list out major scenarios?-, your body is fighting against inflammation caused by acetalydehyde; struggling with an elevated heart rate response, shallow breathing may not allow for enough oxygen supply as the lungs struggle with respiratory depression that inhaling ashewo air cannot fix.

In summary:ahem : Hangovers directly have a pretty generic way of doing things amongst individuals: increased heart rates –>respiratory issues might come around–> feeling in pain wanting to crash on one’s bed.

Other Factors that Impact Shortness of Breath During Hangover

It’s important to note that there are other factors apart from the ones just listed that could have led you down this rocky hangover path:

  1. Asthma: If you’ve been diagnosed with asthma prior (hopefully documented) and had too much fun last night -asthma attacks may occur .
  2. Alcohol Allergies: Believe it or Not..alcohol allergies exist.Might be time for some prayer 🙏
  3. Smoking + Puffery behaviors /Drug usage as accompanying vices ,it only got worse.
  4. Poor Air Quality of Venue selected.

What To Do If You Experience Shortness Of Breath During A Hangover

Now, don’t start panicking just yet in hopes u \didn’t ‘awoof’ anything unnecessary . Here are a few steps you can take if experiencing shortness of breath:

1.Rest Beside Your Zombie Self:
Sleeping normally gets all basic functions dealt with,paving ways for efficient lung action post-inflammation phase response.

2.Drink Some Water🥤:
Actually drink water—like several cups worth.Dehydration has put up its gloves now.Stop fuelling via liquor to prioritize saving energy through electrolyte filled fluid.

3.Take It Easy:
Listen to your body and take a rest day:pause box brief: breathes in No work,no chores, just Netflix or Hulu with shopping delivered

  1. Medical Attention:
    If it’s not passing today (12-24 hours) and you are still struggling then seeking medical assistance should be the next right move expressed by putting on attire which could resemble outside clothes.The utmost professionalism is demonstrated when appearing in decent an outfit coupled with proper use of nose mask(2020 policy).Doctors would treat you as best they can,the rest depends on how much ashewo air was whipped into thy lungs before becoming sober .


In conclusion folks; hangovers can cause shortness of breath due to elevated heart rates triggering respiratory depression, inflammation caused by acetaldehyde imbalance,followed closely by dehydration effects all culminating down what ,is now referred to hangover condition.Who knew there were so many ways being ‘lit’ could land us couch-ridden?. And note; This just aint talk about Methanol poisoning…don’t drink Rex until October 1st 😂

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