Do fatty foods cause gas?

Ah, gas. That thing that we all have but no one wants to admit. It’s embarrassing, uncomfortable and can make us feel like a balloon about to pop at any given moment. And while there are plenty of reasons why we might experience flatulence (not enough fiber, eating too quickly or swallowing air), one common culprit is fatty foods.

What exactly is gas?

Before jumping straight into whether or not fatty foods cause gas let’s first breakdown what it actually is. A little bit burp, a little bit fart – gas refers to the mixture of air and gases produced in our digestive systems and then passed through our rectum or mouth.

In fact, refined sugars are just as efficient at producing intestinal methane than beans or cabbage (fun fact: methane isn’t inherent to digestion its generated by colonic fermentation). Anyhow we digress…back onto the topic!

First Things First: What Are Fatty Foods

Fatty foods describe well – any food with high content of fats – usually associated dairy goods such as Extra mature cheddar cheese wedges (yum) , milkshakes and ice-cream sundaes galore! Whilst some range from fried steak frites smothered in béarnaíse sauce – definitely “Ooo la la ” worthy some may say…

Strangely enough whilst fries may have increased your jeans size from an eight down,right up towards most possible area they do not possess many trans / saturated fats oil-rich treats do; meaning french fries either freshly cooked on out supermarket shelves shouldn’t produce much bloated issues compared delving headfirst into packet upon packet crunchy crisps & buttery popcorn that equate around half their weight in pure lipids always checking those health labels folks (we didn’t know either) .

So Why Might Fatty Food Cause Gas?

Now consider this shocking revelation right here- Who knew fats contain a daisy-chain domino effect with the amount of dietary fiber we consume? (well now you do). When there is an increase in muscle activity of our gut walls – due to these usually rich diet choices – digestion/hydration becomes sped up forcing food and gas be expelled faster creating more moans from the bottom end so to speak.

Furthering this fact no starch availability enabling microbial fermentation occurring inevitably promotes bacterial proliferation adding greater pressure (both literally & socially) unto yourself making it harder for your airways down below build-ups ultimately escaping against your wills,embarrassments-a plenty.

So What Exactly are High-Fat Foods?

In digestible terms high-fat foods consist both:

Saturated Unsaturated
Bacon Avocado
Cheese Olive Oil
Coconut oil Flaxseed

Fun fact, some oils have a higher boiling temperature meaning they can’t always provide those wavy stomach /gas ridden bonus points …who would’ve thought right?

Time to Check out Some Alternatives?

As suggested by most GP’s many alternatively healthy meal options providing low content fat could consistently prove highly beneficial in not increasing flatulence such as:

  1. Veggies -(go for leafy greens)
  2. Complex Carbs-(think brown rice/pasta but quinoa makes a good substitute!)
  3. White meat- (chicken or turkey based meals should satisfy even the strictest of diets!)

Seriously give those Groot impersonations as possible miss every once in a while — it’ll go down like a storm!

Now aren’t you glad – You sorted that life dilemma here brought upon oneself eating creamy garlic prawns last night..

Wasn’t scary though just save the seafood tags until happy hour on Fridays!


There’s no denying that consuming foods high in fat can lead to discomfort and gas, but this doesn’t mean that you need to swear off all things delicious. No not at all! Simply moderate your intake of fatty options marking days solely for meal times with increased risk of burps/farts/awkward incidents (We’ve all been through it).

Now per say we’re no nutritional experts – rather a range highly sarcastic yet informative paragraphs covering such topics. In terms of ‘’what do I eat instead’’ – Our professional suggestion? Maybe suggest adding Beechams throat sweets (I’m joking)!

Don’t allow food make things sour – Keep up the happy digestion folks!

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