Do dreams come from your subconscious?

Dreams have always played a profound role in human life. They can be amazing, petrifying or just moronic, and most people wake up feeling either rejuvenated or scarred for life. Though we all dream every night – whether intensely vivid, abstract or freaky – nobody has been able to fully understand their meaning or origin.
So, today we’re going to dig deep and expose the truth – Do dreams come from your subconscious? Or are they simply products of your own imagination?

The Dream Machine: Can You Build One?

Have you ever wanted to make sense of your wild nighttime adventures? Then why not build yourself a lucid dreaming machine that wakes you up during those moments when reality sets in…or should I say fantasy lands?!

Now before you go out buying electronic components on Amazon (because who doesn’t love Amazon), let’s assume you already know what constitutes such.a machine.

Here is how it works: You strap on this fantastic device which reads off various delta waves coming from your brain activity whilst sleeping–it only buzzes whenever there is an uptick in REM/SWS sleep patterns signifying waking consciousness. This means that whenever you’re about to embark upon an incredible adventure through a gateway opening directly into Wonder’ll get ‘buzzed’ awake thus allowing heart rate & cognition within reason permissable levels (much better because no more self induced heart attacks).

The question remains though…if static electrical fields aid our cosmic expansion perhaps using electromagnets as phyllothesizers would increase/decrease pineal output bringing us closer toward Lucid Dreamscape?

If I’m being honest-I have no idea! But hey its worth investigating…right?!

What Exactly Is Your Subconscious Mind?

Sometimes knowing where things come from can help provide clarity towards understanding them…so let’s start by understanding what the subconscious is.

The term “subconscious” refers to those faculties of the mind that we are not fully aware of. Various theories have been put forward over the years regarding their exact nature, but most agree it’s a realm where our brains store important information outside of conscious attention. Freud argued that this part was made up primarily of repressed desires and traumas from childhood; Whereas Jung believed it contained all archetypal symbols including past experiences, as well as unexplored creative energy/power waiting be channeled.

Breaking that definition down into basics: Your subconscious stores everything in your brain you aren’t really dealing with right now – somewhere deep beyond thoughts or feelings..potentially rationalizing why so many people are often sluggish upon attempting to sink back into chaotic REM cycles.

Interesting fact though Did you know our subconscious governs 90%+ awareness?

Amazing! So Why Do We Dream?

That remains an area under continuous debate within scientific communities around the world…as they tend to disagree on for example whether dreams pertain towards survival instinct (mine would definitely lead my emotions forth!), have little worth except being recalled if ever useful anytime lateron other than saying something ironically wicked like during passing conversations after work or exist merely due in simple portioning occurring within brainwaves arousal?
In spite of constant attempts at studying them using various means such EEG electrodes still we’re left mystifies one way disentangled framesqueel borrowed images devoid actual meaning making purposefully effervescent-inkblots extremely difficult decyphering while lost inside floating contexts yet captivating nontheless.

Though researchers seem convinced recently revealed phenomenon connected with dreaming occur mainly because intrinsically vital neonatal/infancy stages affecting prominent pre-carotic artery will help existing memory suppressing whilst also promoting long-term recollections….brain eventually becoming less greedy sequestered toward yesterdays momentarily facilitating innate ability soak up newness saturate surrounding consciousness avenues relating to reality now offering unique lens collection possibility of ever present experiencing!

So Are Dreams just Fortuitous Events

According to some, dreams are nothing more than the brain’s way of processing and organizing information taken in during our daily lives. This explains why people tend to dream about things that happened or had been on their minds before they dozed off.

For instance, if you’ve just finished a big project at work and your mind is preoccupied with it when bedtime comes around – dreaming about winning awards/success could simply be your subconscious replaying events from earlier while asleep (prompted by subconscious thoughts like “what would happen if…”).

However; others argue there’s far more complexity involved perhaps input/output loops between waking-state oscillations thereby having correlation among various other psychophysical effects…similarly aspects higher sleep-cycle demonstrated most vivid dream recall often including strange phenomena unexplainable beyond personal associations – especially seemingly insignificant ones.

How Consistent are Your Dream Themes?

Have you noticed that sometimes we can have recurring themes in our dreams? Well, it turns out this isn’t mere coincidence but has scientific backing.

It emerges certain re-occurring patterns witnessed by individual neurophysiology may be noted within collective images originating from perception historic data whose representation plays role nitty-gritty sleeping electrical waves as referenced within Cerebral activity tracking inputs/outputs fro neural activity according those selected pre-existing knowledge/activity modules working alongside related skillsets enhancing recollection towards meaning/motive idea necessary for configuring conceptual framework allowing humans truly navigate modern society uninterrupted whilst taking astute advantage slipping past nocturnal state facilitating rejuvenation functions inherent refreshment senses?

Regardless whatever symbolism crops up throughout – running away fears sparks movement elsewhere throughout psyche may take entire years mastery over acquiring controlling oneiric imagery without prior access specific training found rarely available locally globally indeed something should persevere toward nature somewhat akin mindfulness practice entails.

Lucid Dreams vs. Non-Lucid

Your dreams can either be lucid or non-lucid. In a lucid dream, you are aware that you’re dreaming and have an active role in the events taking place during your gaudy subplot.

In contrast, non-lucid dreams occur when one is passive throughout its entirety – an observer constantly being dragged along with every scene as it reveals itself to them unable influence whatsoever transpires they emerge forced-to-witness endless drivel hounding until some solace finally sought through waking up feeling revivified more often than not returning quickly back into REM-cycle!

But don’t fret…there are few tell-tale signs to knowing whether you’re experiencing phases of Lucidity –

1) No consistency within conceptual continuity experienced
2) Weirdness factor increases according relative pre-established normality compared ever fluctuating essence self-actualized.
3) Your subconscious asserts inexplicably providing sensory activation/imaginative endeavors otherwise unavailable anywhere else

However; just because YOU’RE BEING ACTIVE doesn’t mean actions originate necessarily at much volume from subdelta-waves undulating past brainbarriers endlessly always managing somehow penetrate greasy membrane embedding false-memories inside making themselves durable leading towards awareness without any explicit control temporarily commandeering local reality unbidden time leaving lasting impressions beyond waking state!

The Facts: A Comprehensive Summary

So let’s summarize – while there isn’t yet a full consensus on the exact origins of our nocturnal adventures, many scientists agree that dreaming originates within your subconscious mind since various re-occurring patterns crop up over spending time lost in Repose. Moreover given different conscious contexts same input will result highly distinctive output markedly consistent hopefully allowing greater control remain mostly present although also prone drifting occasionally producing something strange novel remarkable experience worth chasing reflexively!

Dreams happen for several reasons including memory processing & consolidation enhancing cognitive skills even ability derive greater insight into ones-self by enabling alternate interpretations reality delivered subsurface layering “memory kernel” inside psyche. Furthermore, dreams can be categorized as Lucid or Non-Lucid depending whether you’re an active participant within their frames of reference whic is said dependent whatever may causing dream emulation to actualize in unexpected ways.

Ahh the complexities subconscious mind and why we dream – Who would’ve thought given up till now it felt like gory madness of a Mortal Kombat game on an emulated laggy platform! Now that’s surprisingly less confusing than trying out putting together first mobile; hopefully my article has helped shed some light on what remains one of life’s biggest mysteries!

If by chance physics ever unlocks the secrets dreaming (highly plausible with technology improving exponentially) then AI will likely replace us all allowing fully interactive fabrication visualizing via peripherals capable invoking memories & synapse responses straight from cranium-sourcecode argh soon there’ll nothing left ambiguous inevitably leaving us useless mimics though paradoxically maybe altruistic?…yeesh.

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