DIY Brace Yourself: How to Make Your Own Braces

Are you tired of looking like a metal mouth with those expensive orthodontic braces? Stress no more, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and create an affordable set of braces. After all, the only thing better than being able to save some cash is having straight teeth!

Before we get started with creating our bespoke dental apparatus, let me warn you that this is not for the faint-hearted. It requires courage and determination, but trust me when I say it’ll be worth all the effort.

Pre-costs Consideration

Now before you start arranging your tools on a table or opening up to look at pricing options for each required material, there are factors which will affect the total cost of crafting these braces including:

  • The materials needed
  • Tools necessary
  • Types of wires\Elastics used

Of course, if you’re hoping for serious results from homemade braces then sadly ortodontic putty (molds) will need pinching from previous visits. With most materials coming in at around $25 – $30 although some may be willing to spend as much as $100.

Making braces won’t be possible unless we have everything ready beforehand so here listed below are few important things that one needs while making their own brace:

  • Dental Floss or wire
    • Floss threader (A device specifically designed to help individuals who wear orthodontic appliances improve oral hygiene through flossing)
  • Plaster/Crayons\Ortodonictistry Clay/aluminum foil
  • A rubber elastic band(orthodontist recommended)
  • Pliers (A type : Chain nose pliers)
  • Orthodontists wax(Wax works great because it helps keep them firmly adhered without falling out easy.)

It might seem overwhelming right now, but once you have everything set, it’ll be easier than baking a pie!

Now that we’ve covered every aspect of materials and initial cost considerations. Let’s assume that we are ready with all the necessary things required for creating homemade braces
I know what you’re thinking – how can one make their own braces? Where do I begin? Well, let me walk you through each step in detail.

Step 1: The Prepping Stage

This is the most crucial stage where your dental hygiene plays an important part as we’ll first start off by cleaning our teeth before starting with anything else. So get those toothbrushes and toothpaste out of your storage room!

Once done brushing clean inside any cavities or areas requiring attention so it becomes easy for orthodontic putty/clay not to fall off during fitting.

Step 2: Using Dental Floss to Measure Your Teeth Size

Flossing has never been more useful other than removing those annoying bits of food stuck between your teeth. Cut a piece long enough from either end ensuring there isn’t too much slack , tie both ends together forming a loop around our upper/lower lip (Here’s some history fact : It was until Levi Spear Parmly introduced floss while advocating oral health.Then it became popularized after WWII). With this now we’re able measure against length desired of brace wire on both sides individually.

Step 3: Molding Putty/Crayon/Ortho Clay

There’s no better feeling than creating something yourself, which requires molding putty/crayons/ortho clay onto each individual tooth whilst holding water tight suction close on said incisor\canines bottom set/wisdom tooths.From which impressions will be made showing exact sizes needed i.e cutting pieces of aluminum foil eradicating air bubbles ensured within making accurate mold.

It may take multiple putty attempts to create good impressions but do not let that discourage you from achieving greatness.
Now we’re onto the exciting bits!

Step 4: Creating Your Braces Wire

It’s finally time to create our very own wire for braces. You can choose dental floss or craft wire – it totally depends on how strong and durable you want them to be plus which texture suited more comfortable. Of course, if you’re planning on orthodontist visits at some stage then definitely go with metal wired ones.

After choosing the material, start molding it over your teeth like a serpent with pliers where necessary being gentle around molars/rounded parts of mouth.Cut off the excess materials using scissors.

As their mothers always say- Safety first! Remember to wear some protective gloves while creating these wires .

Lastly secure These wires firmly using bands surrounding each end keeping steady ensuring no wires move much freely

Step 5: Fitting The Wires To Each Tooth

This is where everything starts coming together! We’ll now begin attaching each wire onto its respective tooth in accordancewith measurements taken.Do so by applying particular rubber-based adhesive(which must come from orthodontic wax)onto surface area then fix directly atop affected bracket,twisted tight bond until evenly pressure spread between both ends allows movability as desired(not too stiff)just enough flexibility intrinsic required allowing comfort/strength balance ideal between all projects elements involved.

With just this simple tying method helps bring components together making one cohesive framing device for perfectly aligned teeth!

Please note that even when made correctly they won’t work as efficiently without continuous adjustment or Maintenance

Before you jump right into DIY brace-making process there are few things that need be considered;


  1. Choose suitable wiring (quality over quantity)
  2. Hygiene protocols are always in check; such including : Washing hands before undertaking any fittings without fail
  3. Reschedule Regular appointments with orthodontists to keep it closely/maintaining structure and superstructure of gear
  4. If experiencing discomfort , seek orthodontic specialist advice


  1. Never use wires too tight, limit fitting maintaining gentle patting on the back for adherence purposes
  2. Don’t be overconfident as these bulky chunks in mouths require caution at all times.
  3. Do not maintain rigorous pressure upon teeth, this will only lead to harm tooth enamel surface premature consumption.

Hope you found our guide helpful – best of luck creating your very own pair of braces!

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