Dive into These 10 Cool Swimming Pools!

Summer is the perfect time to dive in and cool off in some of the most amazing swimming pools around. Whether you’re living it up at a five-star resort, dipping your toes into hidden gems, or lounging by an infinity pool taking in breathtaking views (because who doesn’t need that after last year?), these ten cool swimming spots are sure to delight.

So Put on Your Swimsuits Because We’re Going Pool Hopping:

1. The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool

This incredible seawater pool was built just outside Santiago, Chile and stretches over one kilometer long! That’s roughly .62 miles for all our American friends. Sitting directly on the coastline (take note Brenda)», this glittering blue pool is considered one of the largest pools globally, with plenty of space for floating leisurely while soaking in Vitamin D.

2. Infinity Pool within Marina Bay Sands

You know what they say; life’s always better when you’re above ground level – enter this iconic marvel from Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands hotel: its infinity pool towers atop skyscraper building any thrill-seeker would love to experience: featuring jaw-dropping views of bustling city-based skyline below

3.The Joule Hotel’s Glassy Swimmer

Situated high up​​ upon Dallas’ downtown district- standing tall amidst commercial structures stands the impressive Joule Hotel boasting an unparalleled rooftop cantilevered feature leading out glass-skinned open-air swimming area extending eight feet beyond building face itself


Marvelous breathtaking sea beauty awaits vacationers at Fuji Premium Resort home to Lake Yamanakako –that wow guests keep coming back every summer season.Tuck readers primely situated among Mount Fuji’s vast volcanic heritage., don’t miss out on “The Happy Island,” an all-day kid-friendly water park – with activities such as hydro-flying boards, wakeboards and Aquaparks.

5. Palazzo Versace’s Lagoon Pool

A pool list without a sighting of Italian luxury is simply unacceptable! It doesn’t get grander than at the runway-inspired, lagoon-style outdoor swimming area in Brisbane’s Palazzo Versace hotel nestled along Australia’s Gold Coast.Impressively decorated aquariums and mosaic structures fold into the environment, creating an exclusive atmosphere to clock swim time leisurely or read your favorite books by luxe deck chairs

6.Amanemu Onsen Villa’s Thousand-Stars View Pool

Explorers seeking unique outdoors optics: The Amanemu resort awaits you; guests can head out for this boutique view-into-the-wilderness gem just north-east of Osaka.This mineral-rich infinity-edge open-tub Spa comes ready to soothe thanks to adjacent fire pit seating –which overshadows eye-catching natural backdrops comprising of nearly ten thousand lovelorn Ise-Shima stars who call this part of Mie prefecture home!

7.The LeCrans Hotel & Ski Resort Overlooking Swiss Alps(Montana)

Located on several mountaintops overlooking Montana Valleys lies the picturesque skiing establishment turned iconic indoor/outdoor sophistication hub LeCrans offering both wintery powdery chills adrenaline junkies as well summertime serene spots with breathtaking mountain views that whip one into shape!.


It only takes one visit here to see why it’s considered heaven incarnate; its stellar visual effect caused by a glass bottom section allows swimmers view below hotel from high-up vantage.

### 9.Hard Rock Hotel Bali Outdoor Skateboarding Bowl
Enjoy backyard surfing in Bali’s beautiful Seminyak sun-splashed days featuring concrete skateboarding bowl for travelers wishing to shred the gnar when all done sunbathing.

10. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti infinity pool

Topping our final list: The Four Seasons SPA Infinity Pool located within Tanzania’s impossible-to-forget Serengeti National Game Reserve, where wildlife and contemporary luxury blend together seamlessly – giving guests unfettered access to WILD LIFE– with alluring wild creatures hanging around waterhole while you slip into the five-star lodge perspective after-hours.

Time To Make a Splash

When it comes down to swimming in style, there’s no lack of options available today as evidenced above! Our greatest hope is for each traveler seeking rewarding summer escape that they opt out of mind-boggling routine pools + select any one (or more) from among these world-class destinations!

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