Diseases for which there is no cure?

When it comes to diseases that have yet to be cured, we all know what that means – you’re basically SOL. So let’s take a look at some of the crappiest afflictions around.

What are incurable diseases?

Incurable diseases are just as they sound: illnesses that don’t currently have any known cure or treatment. Some may offer palliative care options, but experts have not discovered how to get rid of them entirely.


Cancer is an insidious illness that can affect anyone and anywhere! It typically arises when cells in your body start dividing uncontrollably without backup plan or end game results in tumors’ growths throughout different organs like lungs, breasts, etc. The most common cancers include breast cancer, skin cancer, blood cancer, and colon cancer. Despite numerous treatments and great strides in research studies,scientists so far haven’t figured out a way to eliminate this disease from the planet.


First identified more than 30 years ago within communities with high drug use/ unprotected intercourse rates; HIV/AIDS remains one of the world’s deadliest viruses accounting for millions of deaths every year worldwide. With medication therapy advancements extending life expectancy from death-bed existence (100/month ARTs)to living almost normal lives quality-of-life has improved dramatically for people living with AIDS though no viable method exists for curing patients currently infected.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease presently affects over 5 million Americans alone and continues its upward climb each year towards previously reported cases versus now-encounter rate causing personal decline such as forgetfulness closely followed by negative impact on locations incidentally occurring later stages detrimental severe memory loss attacking daily activities due progressive brain deterioration. While physical exercises mental stimulation diets supplements potential possible help nothing will protect someone completely against onset nor delay retirement thought processes cognition-related issues

Other Incurable Diseases

While cancer, HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s are some of the most well-known incurable diseases, there are others equally devastating that need to be brought into light.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)

Rare genetic conditions among around 25-50k sufferers, native epidermis skin sheaths failure a lightweight connective-tissue either low collagen or lacking essential structural proteins which compounds normal everyday rubbing movements such and when changing clothes will create painful blisters. Lastly lesions may break out in body systems beyond just outer layer!


Almost anyone can recall the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka ALS an amyotrophic lateral sclerosisisn’t new disease^. However; it recently gained broad attention by social media due financial campaign initiated raising awareness funding progression barely inching forward mere %10 since disease been known despite Steve Gleason Cory Hahn Stephen Hawking personal battles amyotrophic-lateral sclerosis’ fatality results respiratory failure patients unable receive proper nutrition caus ing suffocation other illnesses.


It is becoming alarmingly common as time progresses lupus flare-ups coincide with various issues misguided overactive immune system attacking oneself internal organs joints tissues etc. Lupus causes rashes joint pain exhaustion sometimes hair loss mouth ulcers kidney damage heart attacks seizures inability stop ear infections diagnosed “systemic lupus erythematosus.” Recent years no treatments cures have been successful found thus far but plenty symptomatic relief remedies ease symptoms

Final thoughts

There you have it – some of the crappiest diseases we still don’t have a cure for! As medical professionals globally continue their efforts towards groundbreaking developments pinpointing therapies best suited not only relieving discomfort but full recovery from afflictions; let’s hope these significant challenges can give birth to revolutionary potential curative solutions in near future instead living under terrible mourning uncertainty!