Discovering Love: Explaining What is Love for Kids

Ah, love! The word that makes your heart flutter and your tummy go giddy up. It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. But what exactly is love, and how do you explain it to kids? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Introducing Love

Before we dive into what love is, let’s start with a fun fact – Did you know that people have been writing about love for centuries? Shakespeare even wrote plays about it (he was kind of a big deal). So it’s safe to say that LOVE has existed since time immemorial.

Now onto defining what this feeling really means…

Defining Love

Love can be defined as an intense feeling or emotion towards someone or something. When you feel love, there are all sorts of sensations in your body – warmth, butterflies in the stomach (yes they actually exist), happiness…the list goes on.

But wait a minute; if emotions are not tangible objects like toys or ice cream cones then how can we prove that they exist?

Well here’s the thing folks- just because emotions aren’t material items doesn’t make them any less real! People don’t need proof to believe their own feelings- simple as!

So Why Do We Experience These Emotions?

God knows mate but seeing two babies giggling together probably has something to do with why humans come pre-packaged with feelings like joy and affection.

The Many Forms of Love

So far we have established that “love” refers to more than one particular emotion-feeling such as-

  1. Mother-child bond (maternal)
  2. Sister-brother bond (familiar)
  3. Best friend-lover bond (friendly)

Whichever form these bonds take on-one common denominator always remains TRUE;LOVE FEELS MAGICAL!!

Understanding Love for Kids

Now that we’ve defined what “love” is, the next question is, “How do you explain love to kids?”

Kids comprehend things better when they can relate it to a materialistic thing. So let’s start by thinking about something kids understand like sweets.

Imagine your favourite sweet – does it give you joy and happiness? Do you feel excited and overjoyed when someone gives them to you or even talks about them? That my friends is how LOVE feels! It fills up your heart with warmth, comfort which in turn makes everything seem alright!

Signs of Love

Love doesn’t exist in isolation from other people or things. In order for us as individuals to experience this feeling- there have to be external factors influencing our emotions aka people or objects that make us feel loved.

Here are some signs that show somebody may care deeply:

  1. Laughing at jokes together
  2. Crying on each others shoulders
  3. Helping out with an important task
  4. Buying little gifts tok keep smiles on faces
  5. Simply being present when needed

The most wonderful thing about these signs however ,is just how easy it is for ANYbody (family members or friends)to start doing all five!

Different Ways To Show Your Love For Someone Else

Remember, fellas – everyone expresses their feelings differently so don’t sweat if the ones below don’t resonate perfectly :

Words of affirmation and praise

A simple compliment such as “I really enjoyed spending time with you” can go miles towards expressing one’s appreciation towards a friend/relative/partner/spouse whom they hold dear!

Acts of service/Good deeds

Carrying out helpful tasks around the house like washing dishes,cleaning walls,picking up toys display selfless acts which show BOUNDLESS reward for those who value/have appreciation toward themselves.

Quality Time Spent Together

All the gifts in the world couldn’t surpass having two people share a beautiful moment together .Spending time with someone when they need your company is one of the kindest, most loving things anyone can do.

Gift Giving

This method isn’t for everyone but if you have some extra cash lying around and want to show that special someone how much their presence in your life means to you,what could be better than getting them something they’ve had their eyes on?

Physical Touch

Ah-emm:no not THAT kind of touch – please mind stay rated 12A at best! Holding hands,hugging or even a pat on back (in british schools we used to call it “well done”) all provide more than enough love & affection from those who simply cannot express themselves fully through voice or actions.

Love yourself

Before you start showering others with love…ensure that YOU are loved first.When self-love is established,it becomes easy-flowing thereafter as kindness towards other comes naturally once your cup is already full.Arrange fun activities-try new sports,games,eating out arrangements-pamper yourself-full spa day included.All these less serious moments allow us to learn about WHO WE ARE without fail!!


Love has been around since forever and it’s still going strong today We hope this rather funny-yet-informative article helped explain what it looks like,fossilize it into reality,you know (a lil’ bit).Even though there’s no perfect definition for LOVE,the X-factor really lies in tailoring each expression suited for individual needs.Our final takeaway: go forth and spread love wherever possible;who knows whose smile might come crawling home next?

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