Discover Your Uniqueness: Why Am I Special?

Have you ever found yourself pondering the question, “Why am I special?” Maybe you feel like just another face in the crowd, nothing extraordinary or unique about you. But let me tell you, my friend, there is no one quite like you! In this article, we will dive into what makes each person uniquely special and how to embrace your individuality.

Embracing Individual Differences

We live in a society that often puts pressure on us to fit into a certain mold. We’re told we need to look a certain way, act a certain way and have specific interests. But who wants to be cookie-cutter? Let’s celebrate our differences!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Embrace the things that make you different from those around you. Whether it’s an unusual hobby or borderline obsession with something unique – stand behind it with pride! You never know when something similar might be convenient later down the road.

Being Just Like Everyone Else is Boring

Let’s just take a moment out of our day-to-day routine and reflect on how easy life would be if everyone were exactly alike? It’d probably get pretty boring pretty damn soon!

Taking Time for Self-Reflection

Now let’s talk about taking time for self-reflection that can help bring attention to aspects of ourselves that are currently hidden.

Do Things Solo (Sometimes)

As much as hanging out with friends can lift spirits when done productively,whenit comes time for introspection solo work may yield fresh new insights unavailable when distracted by others’ company.

Outlining Goals & Attributes

It’s essential we differentiate attainable objectives from objectively unattainable ones while ‘listing’ values that define oneself. This could include favorites such as favorite band/album/song/book (for millennial artsy types) or other non-judgmental self-descriptions to provide more clarity on who you are.

Learning What Makes You Special

Knowing all what there is to life, would be a bit challenging. But identifying things about yourself that outside observers around you find remarkable or special can help shine light onto your personality and individuality.

Feedback from ‘Outsiders’ (If) Reflecting Sense of Self

Have you ever had someone say to you something along the lines of “You’re so good at XYZ” ? Rather than deflect with a self-deprecating remark – take note! Outsider feedback is usually when another tells tell us something we may overlook ourselves which helps in that sometimes recognizing one’s unique feature becomes internalized further.

Ask Your Friends!

Friends know best after-all! Have them list 3-to-5 descriptive traits that they think make up your personality – this can assist greatly in uncovering hidden abilities/qualities . Plus it’s always great comic relief asking but also an opportunity for more personal connection one way or another since sometimes our friends end up knowing us better than we do ourselves!

Harnessing Your Inner Superhero

By discovering those qualities and attributes about yourself that differentiate yourself from others, we learn how best to focus on and leverage these core competencies; empowering oneself rather than allowing insecurities to bring oneself down. Alright then… Onward we go toooo …

Discover & Develop Hidden Talents

Maybe you have been hiding an amazing ability? Take inventory of both developed skills as well underlying talents where time has not yet been invested into developing them futher. Reach out through a social networking app/platform/some form snail-mail (JusTalkinBoutMyGeneration), never know who can help/helped develop street-tread expertise like Jordan Harbinger profiled early years before transitioning over utilizing podcast medium popularity.

Approaching Fear & Confidence

Self-doubt and fear are part of what make us human, but it’s important not to allow them too much space. We limited ourselves on the basis of lack-of-comfortability in situations we’ve yet face (-ed?) instead take that as an opportunity grow! There is no growth without discomfort or failure.

Why Am I Special? Final Thoughts

The search for one’s uniqueness can seem daunting at times – But remember: everyone has something extraordinary about themselves! Whether it’s a quirky hobby, a contagious laugh or unique outlook on life being comfortable with yourself will help you appreciate your individuality; helping you be more self-assured while empower others/potential customers think same which leads to new opportunities professionally and personally making sense given these turbulent times regarding COVID-19 fallout where innovative/creative ideas thriving amidst calamitous circumstances often differentiate between thriving vs just surviving old status quo world we once knew.


  1. Embrace Individual Differences
    1a) Different Strokes for Different Folks
    1b) Being Just Like Everyone Else is Boring
  2. Taking Time for Self-Reflection
    2a) Do Things Solo (Sometimes)
    2b) Outlining Goals & Attributes
  3. Learning What Makes You Special
    3a) Feedback from ‘Outsiders'(If) Reflecting Sense of Self
    3.b )(Listicle) who knows me best?
    4.) Harnessing Your Inner Superhero
    ? Discover & Develop Hidden Talents Approaching Fear & Confidence

As Dolly Parton said, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” So go out there, embrace your individuality, discover your passions—find that healthy middle ground between conceitedness and humility—and live this thing called life like only you can … because trust me when I say, you’re pretty awesome.