Discover Your Inner Child: What Kind of Little Are You?

Are you feeling like life is just too serious lately? Do you think back to the good ol’ days when your only responsibility was finishing your juice box before recess ended? Then it’s time for you to discover your inner child!

We all have a little kid inside of us that loves to come out and play. So, let’s dive into the different types of “littles” out there and figure out which one speaks to you.

The Princess/Prince Little

Let’s be real we’ve all fantasized about being royalty at some point in our lives, but this particular type of little takes their love for princesses or princes very seriously.

They may always don a tiara or crown, insist on being called “your highness,” and expect nothing less than fairy tale treatment from those around them. They usually have an extensive collection of Disney movies, tea sets, and dress up clothes.

If you’re attracted to blingy clothing items, dream about living in a castle, or desire fancy titles then congratulations! You might be a princess/prince little!

The Adventure-Seeker Little

For this kind of little sitting indoors staring at screens isn’t enough excitement; they need to venture outside and engage with nature. Whether they are climbing trees, jumping on trampolines 100+ times in ultimate style competition (think landing while doing splits), dressing up as explorers complete with binoculars or digging for no reason behind bushes because well…you never know when treasure is going pop its head out these littles can’t get enough adrenaline from indoor activities alone.

If seeking thrilling experiences outside excites more than watching TV shows on Netflix curled up regularly under blankets making it hard for Netflix not kill yet another set-top-box then congratulations — maybe adventure-seeker is who deep down you truly are!

The Shy Little

Shyness is often seen as a weakness, but for this little it’s just their nature. These littles are aware that they don’t have to be the loudest person in the room and comfort can be found in hanging around with smaller groups or even during solo activities.

This is not someone adverse to company, they just feel more at home interacting one-on-one than amid larger crowds. They take time opening up about different topics and when finally comfortable will start enjoying things openly.

If you are introverted or prefer quiet activities like reading then welcome aboard! You might be a shy little!

The Nerd Little

What’s wrong with being smart or quirky for that matter? Nothing, especially if you’re part of this group of littles who proudly love showing off their inner (outer?) geek wherever possible.

They most probably revelled in building Lego houses taller than themselves, read way too many sci-fi novels, played video games until dawn broke the next day multiple times, survived through crossword puzzles from newspapers before consulting Google and enjoy discussing philosophy over coffee with friends… all while sporting those ultimately cool oversized glasses (if required) — because let’s face it functional yet stylish ones exist now too!

So all brains and brawn wearers rejoice…hail! Nerdy little may well also fit them perfectly!

The Creative Little

Some people need an outlet to express themselves outside of verbal communication, which is why creative language was created (if only; alas… hold on let’s finish first).

Whether they excelled drawing family portraits from ages 2 or set free some imaginative worlds by writing on walls as younglings (because anything could become canvas), creating something has been essential for as long as one remembers.

These are the kinds of people who always had sketchbooks or journals filled with designs & scribble doodle later made masterpieces printed on mugs etc. singing along to Hamilton while simultaneously painting canvas and always taking photographs of things even when others claiming your camera almost broke their faces in a family photo after Christmas dinner.

So if you find joy expressing yourself creatively, particularly through art or other mediums like installations then congratulations! You could be a creative little!

The Inner Rebel Little

Sometimes bending the rules and taking ‘creative’ risks is what it’s all about for this kind of little. It might mean breaking minor house rules (be rebel-ish), try something adventurous sneaking out at midnight (in reasonable limit) or going against group norms which includes colouring outside lines on obvious important official school work instead right where it seems best/ feels more natural?

If you love creating shockwaves with justice fighting movies subtly hinting injustices & want everyone to know that music genres exist beyond pop, congratulations! You proudly relate as an inner rebel little – enjoy rebelling amicably 🙂

The Caregiver Little

Not sure if motherly instincts kicked in early? Then maybe being a caregiver little has been inside all along guiding different actions knowingly / unknowingly.

They love helping friends organise crazy sleepovers/social events likely by creating checklists/spreadsheets/gaming plans concerning physical activities i.e cycling somewhere further than usual/relay races/swimming challenges or quilting time during slower periods by cooperative activity working together but they do so much more !

So yep!…if behind-the-scenes orchestrating tasks is the thing then helloooo Eager Organiser otherwise known as…Caregiver Little!

The Animal Lover Little

Who doesn’t delight in precious creatures with furry paws as pets? Or kooky looking ones high up among trees perhaps stuck up there unable to get down till rescued (Thanks To Another Loveable Human Angel), seen via documentaries or volunteer at shelters occasionally for fun cause fur-ball food (and other creature comforts) is one attraction so powerful only true animal lovers would understand!

These are the people who cherish nothing more than spending time with animals, talking to them like they’re on same frequency level as any other person around. They maybe even want to be a veterinarian or famous pet-based social media stonks influencer (just kidding about that last bit). (For clarity: Stupid Littles never tease this kind of adorable little all right? Ok!)

So if you find peace in cuddling with your kitty/cat, playing fetch (yes cats too!), fondly watching squirrels scampering up trees and then quietly babbling back whispering codes of acceptance into tiny critters very much cool unique human — congratulations! You’re most likely an animal lover little.

The Talkative Little

We all have that friend who just cannot stop gabbing ❝(Even When Knackered At Night),❞ whatever topics arise spontaneously blurting out details from their own lives, anecdotes rounded off by quirks & characteristics adherent only to themselves happily explaining why food preferences mean more than choosing not to litter planet ❤️ .

This kind of little is simply never at a loss for words; they express themselves verbally pretty well. Sometimes extroverted personalities also often come hand-in-hand but it can instead stem from having lots on one’s mind which needs chatting through aloud constantly exploring life while doing so!

If others always literally feel unable squeezing their thoughts in edgeways being somewhere near you without wanting head out immediately after…oops! “Socialising” ended soon —   congratulations!  You’re probably a talkative little.

The Sporty Little

Haters can keep saying “no pain no gain…” over this stereotype proof still exists arguing the point successfully touting positive physical health impact from different levels league games played regularly hons skills publicly/competing professionally reminding everyone grace and discipline goes naturally absorbed over period!

They might play mainly for fun because let’s be real not every player can join the likes of AC Milan, Barcelona or even Manchester United but these littles just positively enjoy challenging themselves physically via any chance available. They wake up early on weekends eager to partake and bring fun to people around them especially always believing high spirit leads teams/couples/families enjoying healthy competition helping out each other.

So if you prefer participating sports regularly or have a gift combining physical activity with strategizing/team work congratulations! You are probably a sporty little!

The Foodie Little

Whoops! Presenting the most popular type perceived as high on priority lists globally in human food vocabulary –none other than ‘Foodie’ Littles coming from various parts of world rendering quick responses against often stringent formulas giving limited satisfaction tally depending solely based on taste (they really actually exist — Really)

These kind of little likely find deep comfort & check their sanity by living mouthhappiness-aligned lives through frequent meals/try different cuisines gladly keeping track writing reviews/calories counts blogs chronicling unique tastes collected at many spots surfing through social plataforms gathering inspiration attempting baking using monstrous gadgets tried once before throwing away.

(At least we know they’re adventurous folks ready embrace all encounters no matter how daunting it sounds)

If whispers involving chef magic whiff enticing aroma lifts spirits brightening moods filling appetites making time worth beauty seeking experience then congratulations…how fantastic!. You built an identification card proudly announcing yourself “foodie” little right now hoorah ! 🥂

The Romantic Little

Love poems from Romeo and Juliet rings in this stereotype-littered depiction romance loving while chasing fixed goals with resolve imitating films seen beguiling hearts having gone forever happily fanning butterflies stories heard under dream nights.

Even though clichés abound burying any true desire result-oriented process bedazzling fresh innovative touch the most sensual currents of human behaviour altered positive exists once embraced deep up till soulfully satisfying satisfaction levels.

If you are fond of creating sentimental gifts for loved ones, enjoying long walks admiring nature’s romantic showcase overtly communicating emotions elegantly through words or action then congratulations! You’re probably a romantic little!

The Problem-Solver Little

There’s always someone around solving some sort of problem clearly demonstrating how creative solutions come in different variations making everybody feel like cheering the team on for finally breaking it down logically. For this kind of little numbers and logic problems easily become something enjoyable trying to strategize new ways cracking increasingly harder questions with ease utilizing their cognitive abilities fully knowing no task is too small.

From build your own forts made out entirely whatever one can find around to constructing bridges (most likely stable enough) detailed planning often combined with serious experimental mode sets them up as reliable friends family members certainly sought after due importance lending people unique perspective towards life itself proudly enhancing understanding others opening doors to brand new ideas unlocking loads possibilities including philosophical discovery ironically being simple yet complex at same time !

So if maths/theories/edgy puzzles tend make your mind race and burn brighter every second — congratulation! You probably enjoy being challenged by anything that puts brain-power into overdrive – Welcome aboard…Problem Solver Little!

The Fashionista/Fashionisto Little

Up next is another popular style aligned depiction known widely throughout boasty stories ever heard…

Fashion; glam-sham party thrower open-minded selector soaring right above clouds calling extra-heightened attention knowing what styles fit best draping over frame flawlessly flaunting confidence high, particularly upon arriving at parties/events ready turn heads wanting more hoping dress becomes statement (or suit).

These stylized littles possess keen eyesight — instinctively gravitating towards trends backed by fashion experts simply trusting vision instead daring staying true capturing fashion flair exciting completely confident expressing freedom passing unspoken intimate knowledge onto next possible styling lovers often with fun added in here and there.

If following fashion closely while creating different styles makes one happy or borderline obsessed, congratulations! You are definitely a fashionista/fashionisto little!

The Nurturing Little

People gravitate towards nurturing littles as their kind nature tends to foster supportive environments. They take joy in helping others, tending to those who need extra care, volunteering and contribute the world positively however best suits them most times cheerfully going out of way helping even more expectantly assuming grassroots level impacts hailing another inner levels deep-rooted satisfaction milestone hit!

They could initiate social clubs or simply bring about positivity among circle assisting heavy loads lifting etc always keeping themselves available for any help whenever it arises promptly; just happier knowing they’ve done anything possible within grasp ultimately making life easier for those around them.

So if you find fulfilment through acts of kindness or brainstorming ways to make things simpler for people around you then congratulations! You might be a nurturing little that everyone loves & depend upon sometimes knowingly/unknowingly ( either way is alright!)

The Cosplayer Little

Cosplaying is a form of artistry transforming costume designing into awe-inspiring experiences via various characters pulled off magnificently building supernal personas alike from comics/cartoons/movies with creative touches due attention given setting each detail perfectly without causing potential major wardrobe malfunctions.

In fact the yearning  to achieve exact accuracy despite struggles faced,is something only true cosplay fanatics own guaranteeing applause accompanied by ‘ohh’ s’, followed by ‘ahh’s” enthusiastically initially asked about whole segment roughly taking twelve hours to apply detailed makeup on top create magnificent fallout concepts awestrucking several amazed faces simultaneously still achieving success(!).

If you secretly admire anime conventions Comic-Cons always dreaming up unique intricate designs becoming costumed superhero wearing pinstripes leading your very own band of masterful talented cosplay geniuses wow mid-size crowds cheering loudly applauding with excitement congratulations! You are definitely a cosplayer little.

The Empathetic Little

Empathy is defined as the ability to share and understand the feelings of others, and that’s exactly what empathetic littles do best.

They listen patiently while nodding understandingly, always seeking peaceful resolutions while ensuring everyone’s needs met (even possibly calming irate screaming customers for no reason at all times). They may take on other people’s emotions and feel very affected by them but can then turn around give heartfelt advice/being there when most needed makes true hero comforting souls needing it.

So if you find yourself naturally drawn towards processing other people’s emotions or simply practicing in active listening during conversations arising spontaneously rarely taking things personally received from trusted confidants, well done congratulations! You could be an empathetic little!

Whether you’re a princess/prince, adventure-seeker, shy, nerd or creative whatever traits appeal is purely up to personal preference leading us towards fulfilling lives so why not explore identifications surrounding self-discovery via inner child perceptions?

Speak your mind freely on this particular topic using open-minded frankness guided by heart & soul welcoming every potential outcome waiting out surprises unique only to own hidden slightly different identity realizing one simply enjoyed being human without having to apologize for it.