Discover the Deliciousness: How Does Almond Milk Taste?

If you’re a dairy-free drink lover or an animal lover, “almond milk” has been your top pick. It’s nutty, creamy texture and taste is like no other. But have you ever wondered what actually goes into making this liquid gold? Moreover, how different it tastes from the bovine-based drink we all know so well? We are as curious as anyone could be to put our taste-buds to work and discover what almond milk really tastes like! Let’s get started!

The Making Of Almond Milk

Almonds are soaked in water for several hours until they are thoroughly hydrated. They are then blended with fresh filtered water in varying ratios depending on the desired consistency (more nuts if you want a thicker texture). Lastly, everything is strained through cheesecloth (use fine mesh strainer if none available) to remove any chunky bits of almonds.

Nutrition Value

Before diving into how delicious almond milk can be let’s take a look at its nutrition value first:

Nutrient Amount per 100 gm
Calories 17
Fat 2 g
Saturates Trace
Carbohydrate <1g
Sugar None

Noteworthy Health Benefits

Almond milk has plenty of health benefits that make it distinct from ordinary cow’s milk:

  1. Low calorie count: This low-calorie alternative suits people who intend to maintain their body weight by consuming fewer calories.

  2. Vitamins content: Fortified almond milks contain vitamin E which helps improve skin elasticity among other additional vitamins such as B12 and D!

  3. Improves metabolic activity: There have been records indicating that almonds aid in regulating metabolism which, when paired with regular exercise, can enhance our fat burning rate.

The Tasting Experience

I mean who doesn’t like the taste of milk right? But does almond milk have what it takes to make us forget about cow’s lactation liquid? Let’s find out!

Smoothies and Shakes

These types of drinks are almost on everybody’s list these days. Have you ever tried substituting cow’s milk with almond milk in your smoothie or shake recipe? If not give it a shot! Blending various fruits or adding some cacao powder with almond milk will provide you an all-new dairy-free healthy treat. Trust me; you won’t even realize that there was any dairy missing.

Cereal and Oatmeal

Many people cannot start their mornings without indulging in a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. For the rest – substitute sugar for honey or agave nectar if you’ve add quite enough sweetness to your cereals already. Bet nobody would be able to spot any difference between an atheistic ‘cereal-milk’ and its nut-based counterpart (of course 0nly those who know how both products taste) . Moreover, Almond Milk blends well into hot/ cold oats too! Add your desired garnishings i.e., banana slices et al alongside soaked chia seeds as toppings for added nutrition value.

Now let’s talk about other factors that might influence how Almond Milk tastes:

Sweetness Levels

Almond milk is naturally sweet so unsweetened packages are recommended unless one enjoys their sweet beverages very much. Manufacturers often mix up a small amount of sugar alternative such as Stevia (derived from herbs), Xylitol (a natural alcohol based ingredient commonly used in producing sugar free gum).

Variants Available In The Market

Over time new flavors continue making their way into the market as they grow popular demanding more variety from consumers. For chocolate lovers, almond milk comes in a delectable non-dairy Chocolate flavor and for those who adore vanilla – Vanilla-Almond Milk is our top pick!


Almond milk consumed within the first five days of purchase to maintain texture and taste intact compared to previously opened bottles.

The Final Verdict; How Does Almond Milk Taste?

Almond milk has its distinct nutty flavor. Its creamy consistency packs an absolute knockout punch when integrated with desserts or morning drinks such as smoothies or small cinnamon-laced oatmeal bowls. While it may not mimic the exact cow’s milk texture/taste, after noting factors like sweetness levels, freshness etc., we can confidently say that drinking almond milk certainly makes for one tasty experience!

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