Discover the Best Places to Live in Orange County

Are you tired of living in a dump that even ostriches would turn down? Are you looking for a place with soaring air, friendly neighbors and mind-blowing weather? If yes, then this is the article for you. Welcome aboard as we take you on an adventurous ride through Orange County’s best places to live.

A Quick Introduction

Orange county is situated at the heart of Southern California and has a population of over three million residents who are mostly young professionals. It boasts Disneyland one of the world’s most visited theme parks and having several beaches along its coastal region which makes it famous among tourists.


If there was one word truly fit to describe Irvine, it would be affluent! With some top-notch schools such as University Of California (UCI) continually producing bright minds coupled together with low crime rates thus making it safer than your regular grandma’s house; who wouldn’t want to live here?

Some incredible amenities found within Irvine include:
– The 45-acre shopping center where you can shop till you drop.
– An urban park spanning five acres known as William R Mason Regional Park perfect for outdoor activities like picnics or playing ball games

Huntington Beach

Huntington beach reputedly referred to as ‘Surf City’ because various surfing acts competitions happens here every year but don’t worry; non-surfers can also catch fun moments lounging lazily under umbrellas or pigging out at Ruby’s Diner. This region has colorfully painted houses giving off eucalyptus oil scented air from blooming Eucalyptus trees around Pepperdine Lane.

Fascinating sights in Huntington Beach are:

  1. Doryman’s oceanfront bar: One fascinating thing about Doryman’s is its location right beside Huntington Pier coupled up with an average sunset-producing mindblowing magical moments.
  2. The camp: A fun center for the artsy few that love outdoor events usually uniting bands to play and art-sharing.

One thrilling experience about Huntington Beach is attending a city-planned event called “Surf City Nights” which showcases vendors who sell from local organic produce to top-notch street food while you take in some classic surf music acts.

Why Choose Orange County?

We know there’re several good places out there, but do they match up with what Orange County has to offer? Here are some reasons why living here may be the next best thing after an Elongated Vacation:
– Young Professional Friendly – Get ready to rub shoulders with other professionals as over 90% of Orange county population is made up between the ages of 25-55 years old.
– Weather- This one needs no convincing – sunny blue skies are not just during summers but also throughout the year
– Job opportunities – Are available aplenty, major employers include University Of California (UCI), Kaiser Permanente and more!

Newport Beach

If you seek a laid back lifestyle coupled together with serene beach vibes then Newport beach would be your spot! With the bizarre presence of yachts on display at Balboa Island Marina like Ron Burgundy’s house, stunning ocean view restaurants and a friendly populace culminate into making life peaceful enough like sipping margaritas all day without being judged.

Some great hotspots found around Newport Beach includes:

  • Blackie’s by The Sea: Famous amongst locals for its seafood fair thoughtfully prepped using fresh samples gotten right off boats from nearby dock markets
  • Lido Theatre: A landmark location built-in 1938 perfect better than any drive-in theatre still around today thanks to its authentic appeal complete with endearing chandeliers illuminating interiors
    addition that makes it highly attractive.

San Juan Capistrano

If living with history is your thing but don’t want to sacrifice on modernities then San Juan Capistrano would undoubtedly be a good choice, you’ll experience the authentic style of Southern California way back in time through featuring its late 18th-century missionaries making everything fit as though it were stuck in Hollywood’s western movie scene. Experience all that and more by checking out these sites:
Mission San Juan Capistrano – The most prominent landmark found in this area tells an amazing story about California’s past
Zoomars Petting Zoo: Perfect for families with tiny humans, every pet here remains hungry for attention from their human handlers.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach offers visitors lush landscapes and serene views giving off nothing short of paradise-like experiences thanks to its positioning. Supposedly surrounded by ravishing hills and overlooked by sky-blue ocean waters while offering several facilities like museums or restaurants also makes it key attraction thus a must-visit place!

Some things you need to check out when at Laguna beach include:

  1. Heisler Park Shoreline Walkway – One perfect point anywhere around Orange County famous for taking romantic walks.
  2. Las Brisas Restaurant – Renowned locally as one of the best Mexican restaurant options!

Wrap Up

No doubt, deciding where next to call home can be quite challenging considering many factors such as basic amenities available proximity among others…We know what matters, we’ve deliberated on various attractive aspects unique only here so now sit tight soak up each word written herein meticulously till our paths cross yet again because Orange County awaits!

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