Diabetes software 2017?

As a person living with diabetes, managing your blood sugar levels is no easy feat. It takes an enormous coordinated effort to keep you healthy and energized throughout the day. The good news is, technology has got us covered! A barrage of diabetes software solutions existents in the market today that promises to take care of most kinds of operations required managing blood sugar levels.

Why Do You Need Diabetes Software in 2017?

Living with diabetes can be a bit overwhelming at times; from tracking glucose readings logs, checking insulin dosage requirements and determining nutrition intake needs- not counting balancing it all out for physical activities scheduled during the day! Without trustworthy support systems like technology enabled applications and tools driving diagnostics insights at our disposal- that are needed every step of the way – we may lead ourselves into riskier situations than necessary. But how do you choose which one best suits your need?

Top Three ‘New’ & Most Popular Diabetes-Specific Applications:

  1. One Drop: This application covers everything – mood swings management included! One drop welcomes its users via friendly text message alerts following hourly or periodic data inputs indicating specifically how well (or poorly) they’re adhering to their suggested treatment program routines by measuring against optimal threshold goals set-up initially on sign-in.

  2. MySugr App: This app helps transform daily diabetic tasks into joyful steps towards better health management through gamification effects triggered as motivational memos sprinkled across user end-points providing positive reinforcement incentives!

  3. Glooko More so personalized-coaching style training approach focuses on high-school students rather than technical features boosting adoption rates among teenagers everywhere who break down inside frustration reason being unable reaching desired results due constant fluctuations added bonus widget-packed interface highlighted themes portraying major life events happening concurrently every month leading to proactive lifestyle tweaks modifying habits while supporting even emotional intelligence regimes!.

Recommended Equipment Used With Diabetes Management Software:

It’s always good to take advantage of available specialized wearable medical devices in the market. By integrating these devices with your software or mobile applications, you can bolster insights about your body that enable us to make targeted decisions based on those readings or data visualizations.

According to board-certified endocrinologist Dr. Kenia Nana, compatible tools include advanced glucose meters that sync readings automatically up-to-date stored information shared directly with assistance of insulin pumps, continuous monitoring systems able alerting you if signs low blood sugar level detected early reaction!

Latest Developments In Diabetes Technology Industry:

The Diabetes technology industry has seen a significant surge lately with more big names entering the marketplace as so-called start-ups join forces with mega hardware brands like Apple’s “AC Wellness”, which is expecting exponential growth over forthcoming months especially concerning diabetes-specific technologies thriving off it currently benefiting markets seeing similar trends today!.

One major breakthrough by Harvard University researchers unveiled earlier this year could spurring creation higher-performing artificial pancreas devices helping manage catastrophic drops drastically reducing instances hospitalization visits while stabilizes patients’ A1C levels steady ground 24/7 daily living-cycle adjusting correctly according each individual profile settings coexisting zero need human intervention!.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Diabetes-Specific Applications

Just like most technological advancements out there come advantages and disadvantages when using them- diabetes specific application are no exemption expect depending on customer feedbacks being overall positive since often exceed standard expectations delivering results users happy changes within their lives all thanks simplified routines saves time complexities remembering keeping straight pages paper logs before receiving alerts accurate dosages schedules administered schedule timings right place now skipping ads hurdles alleviate issues affecting timeliness maintenance purposes therefore avoiding common pitfalls relating mismanagement recurring illness caused uncontrolled spikes sugars system disturbing homeostasis balancing act we work hard every day achieve towards normalcy across daylight cycle journeys away from sudden comas!.

However not all people preferences aligning application-based usage format types which involves technological proficiency active mobile plan required weighing considerations before joining in on this app based solutions!

What To Look For When Choosing Diabetes Software

To get most out of any diabetes management software or tool you choose, one should look for key features such as:

  • Ease of Use: reliable easy-to-use data visualization services with custom dashboard metrics summation reports highlighting key information at a glance ensuring up-to-date analysis decisions
  • Integration Compatibility: if able to collect logs directly from compatible wearable personal devices like heart rate monitors apple watch etc operating system connections unobtrusively.
  • Customer Support Quality – often being overlooked but going above beyond initially providing extensive levels satisfaction product usability technical support 24/7 telephone line adding valuable user experience good measure keeping customers coming back year after year.
  • Affordability Factor getting all necessary and essential functionalities without skyrocketing cost penalties driving online traffic away benefitting competitors bartering competitive pricing models stymieing market growth potential.


With so many options available at our disposal, selecting the right diabetes-specific applications means finding the perfect balance between ease-of-use and advanced capabilities that deliver effective results enabling healthy lifestyles even under strict schedules transforming them into sustainable lifelong habits!.

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